Spring training contest

As Yogi Berra said, “Predictions are hard, especially about the future.”  (Like so many Yogi Berra quotes, he didn’t actually make this one, which appears to be an old Danish saying. And as Damon Runyon actually said, betting against someone’s prediction is a good way to get an earful of cider.  (Just Google “earful of cider” if you’re confused.)

And as hard as it can be to predict the future when there is actually some rational process by which a prediction can be made, some things are sufficiently random that almost any prediction has a reasonable shot.

Predicting baseball outcomes are hard; predicting spring training outcomes are impossible, particularly at the beginning of spring training when nobody even knows who’s going to play.  So, to prove me wrong, we have a contest!  The rules are simple:

Follow the Rules Like Good Schoolchildren for this Spring Training Contest

Name three Braves (not necessarily on the 40 man) numbered 1 through 3.  The first Brave to hit a home run in spring training listed as the #1 player on at least one entry will win a Braves Journal t-shirt for the entrant.  If more than one person submits that player at #1, the contest continues for all such entrants until a Brave listed at #2 hits a home run in spring training.  If necessary, we will go to the #3 player. 

All entries must be unique to ensure a winner. First posted, first served. (Note that only one player, or the order of players need be different to qualify as a different entry.) All entries must be submitted by February 15th.  We’ll post a complete list of entries then (without posting email addresses.)  The winner will be notified by email. Snit is not eligible to enter, but anybody else can…. I’d love to see RAJ’s entry.

In the case of split squad games, there may be some question as to when a particular homer was hit.  (The first SS game is February 28th, so we’ll probably have a winner by then.)  The opinion of the judges, while free to be ridiculed, is final. 

Let’s have some fun, shall we?