10 for 10’s: The 2017 Atlanta Braves Season

SunTrust Truist Park by MattLangford.net
Photo by Yours Truly, Matt Langford

SunTrust Park! The name wouldn’t last long (Hello, Truist), but the Braves had new digs (and I got to be there)! While the Cobb County location didn’t immediately lead to winning ways (3rd place, 72-90), the team was starting to come together to finally turn things around. In today’s 10 for 10’s, it’s the 2017 Atlanta Braves!

2017 Atlanta Braves Offseason

The Braves said goodbye to longtime pitching coach Roger McDowell and removed the interim tag from Brian Snitker.

They made early splashes in free agency, signing old guys R.A. Dickey and Bartolo Colon. A few weeks later, they added Jaime Garcia in a trade with the Cardinals (bye John Gant). Sean Rodriguez was signed and embarked on an interesting Braves career.

2017 ATLANTA BRAVES Bartolo Colon
Mets starter Bartolo Colon delivers a pitch in the second inning against the Braves.

They ended the offseason by making a slew of transactions. Mallex Smith and Shea Simmons were sent to Seattle for Luiz Gohara and Thomas Burrows. Alex Jackson, Anthony Recker, and Jacob Lindgren were all brought on board as well. Finally, as Spring Training was starting, they acquired Brandon Phillips from the Reds.

2017 Atlanta Braves Opening Day Lineup & Roster

Pitchers: Josh Collmenter, R.A. Dickey, Bartolo Colon, Mike Foltynewicz, Jaime Garcia, Jim Johnson, Ian Krol, Eric O’Flaherty, Jose Ramirez, Chaz Roe, Arodys Vizcaino

Catchers: Kurt Suzuki, Anthony Recker

Infielders: Chase d’Arnaud, Jace Peterson

Outfielders: Emilio Bonifacio

That bench is…ouch.

In Season Updates

Still rebuilding, the Braves didn’t shy away from tinkering with the roster. Guys like Ryan Howard, Danny Santana, James Loney, and Matt Adams were brought in with varying amounts of success.

Bonifacio, d’Arnaud, O’Flaherty, Phillips, Rodriguez, Garcia, Recker, Roe, Colon, Loney, and Howard were all released, DFA’d, or traded.

The Braves were hardly contenders, but began to show hope for the future. Every starting pitcher who made 14 or more starts had an ERA ranging from 4.26 (Dickey) to 4.79 (Folty).

Jaime is Grand

Before being traded away, Jaime Garcia has an incredible moment (especially for a pitcher).

Freddie Moves to 3rd

While some assumed it was a move to increase the potential trade value of Matt Adams, Freddie Freeman unselfishly agreed to move to 3rd. While he didn’t embarrass himself at the hot corner, it was a short lived experiment.

Ender Gets 200

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Ender was good in 2017. Excellent defense and 200 hits are hard to overlook.

Ozzie Gets the Call

While some called for him to be traded, Ozzie was just being Ozzie in the minors. He earned his call up and took hold of second base, moving Philips to the 3rd base carousel and eventually to the Angels.

The End

Washington Nationals9765.599
Miami Marlins7785.47520.0
Atlanta Braves7290.44425.0
New York Mets7092.43227.0
Philadelphia Phillies6696.40731.0

At the end of the day, the Braves ended up 3rd in the NL East. While not a great season, the foundation had been laid. The rebuild was coming to an end. Everything was pointing up!

Wait, what!!‽

Coppy and Hart

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Braves were the main October story despite not being in the playoffs. John Coppolella and John Hart had gotten much too bold and aggressive in the international market.

2017 ATLANTA BRAVES John Coppolella
Alex Brandon, Associated Press

While it appears impropriety wasn’t exclusive to the Braves front office, the high level may have been. An investigation was launched, Coppy resigned, and reports began to swirl that the hammer was about to be dropped on the Braves.

Author: Matt Langford

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  2. A Braves fan hopes to see 29 teams surpassed,
    With pitching and defense and runs by the score,
    Securing their victory in each game to the last,
        A Braves fan hopes.

    ‘Mid winter unceasing, he wishes for more:
    To see cheating cheaters whipped at the mast —
    Luhnow, La Russa, rotten to the core!

    We do not seek justice. We’ve won in the past,
    And October justice (Brewers win?) would be such a bore.
    We but seek our heart’s dream: all Nats fans aghast.
        A Braves fan hopes.

  3. Ah, the offseason, where we transition from the Bringer of Rain to the Reign of Parodic Verse. Well done….

  4. I like how Ozzies homer just cleared the wall, making it easy to retrieve without worrying about bargaining with a fan.

  5. Triple post. Is it just me or does it look like Ozzie has put on some muscle mass since that 2017 callup?

  6. @Rob
    It was 100% injury risk.

    And yes, Albies is much larger. Really ramped up training after broken elbow.

  7. Rusty – Shows how miserable a rebuild is when a partial season pitcher can provide one of the biggest highlights…as a hitter!

    Rob – I like videos too! And yeah, I believe Ozzie has gotten some man strength.

    Rusty, part 2 – I don’t remember them saying it at the time, but considering what he said today about his arm/elbow, that would make sense.

  8. How could we have a post about 2017 without mentioning “the wrist”? Everyone should go back and look at what Freddie was doing in April/May and wonder what he would have done over a full year. It could have been a historic season. One has to winder if coming back from the hamate and then trying to play 3B all had something to do with the later elbow issues. Even after his dreadful 2nd half in 2017, he has been no better than the combined output of 2017 since then. Looking at the statistics makes you wonder if Freddie is past his prime. If this elbow procedure really turns back the clock, this season could really be something to behold for Freddie.

    At the end of the 1st half in 2017, the Braves were a nearly .500 team and had a decision to make to try to compete or continue the rebuild for one last year. Trading Jaime Garcia was the straw that broke the camels back on 2017. Matt Kemp’s decline in the 2nd half didn’t help either. Keeping Garcia while adding Ozzie, Camargo, Minter, and Winkler could have turned that year very positive. They could have used an OF bat in place of Kemp (I always thought that Lane Adams should have been given more of a chance). I thought they could have competed for a wild card.

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