Atlanta Braves Top Prospects by Braves Journal, #15-11

In case you missed the first 4 installments of our Atlanta Braves Top Prospects List, you can find them here:

A reminder that this is a cumulative list from 3 Minor League followers, Karl Ehrsam (snowshine), Matt Pocza (@Braves_Rumors), and Ryan Cothran (@baldheaded1der), and the rankings might not be reflective of each person’s opinion, of which I hope they’ll share their thoughts in the comments! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Braves Journal’s Prospect #15, Alex Jackson

(Ryan) For someone that was once a top catching prospect turned outfielder, traded, made a return back to catching, and has adjusted very nicely back to the position, Alex Jackson is nearly a total afterthought in the Braves system. Originally drafted 6th overall back in 2014 by the Mariners, Jackson’s a good receiver that holds his own in framing and has an elite arm that keeps base thieves thinking. His hit tool is likely what it’ll continue to be as he hits the ball a long way… when he makes contact (crushed 28 HRs with an .846 OPS at AAA in 2019 but with a 34.2% K-rate). His path is anywhere between fading out of baseball in a few years to MLB backup catcher, to a Mike Zunino clone as a ceiling. With the defensive side seemingly in control, I’d like to see Jackson decrease his K-rate in the upcoming season all the while maintaining the power. As a fan, it’s frustrated me that he hasn’t received more of a chance at the big league level and maybe that’s going to have to happen with another team.

Braves Journal’s Prospect #14, Huascar Ynoa

(Matt) Since being acquired in the Jaime Garcia trade in July 2017, Ynoa has worked his way through the Braves system. Most people forget that Ynoa made his big league debut in 2019. He pitched 2 scoreless innings on June 16th, then gave up 6 runs in 1 inning exactly a month later. Overall it was not a great season for him, but his slider, fastball and changeup are all above average with decent command that showed improvement and velocity over 95 at times. He’s on the cusp of the top tier of Braves pitching prospects, but he’s not there just yet.

Braves Journal’s Prospect #13, Michael Harris

(Snowshine) A local kid from Stockbridge, Harris was the 3rd round pick in this year’s draft. He is a great athlete with many teams preferring him as a pitcher but the Braves think he can be a plus in centerfield. He killed it in the GCL and then came back to earth after a late promotion to Rome, although, to be fair, he was dealing with an injury. Will start the year back in Rome. With his tools he could be a fast mover for a HS pick should he keep hitting.

Braves Journal’s Prospect #12, Trey Harris

(Ryan) Harris is one of those guys baseball fans love to love. A 32nd round pick in 2018 out of Missouri University, he hit the ground running playing in 53 games, carrying an OPS of .843. Still, he was 22 playing in Rookie ball and Low-A so it was worth tapering expectations. But 2019 sealed the deal that the Braves might have gotten a 32nd round steal as Harris played in A-, A+, and AA and beat the cover off the ball: .887 OPS with 14 HRs, earning himself Braves Minor League Player of the Year.  A major component of Harris’s makeup is that he’s a natural leader and dedicated player. When he was drafted, he put a TON of work in revamping his swing to increase over the fence power. I think it worked. 2020 is a HUGE year for the 5’8 215 pound Harris and while his season more than likely starts at AA, I could see him getting pushed to AAA early.

Braves Journal’s Prospect #11, Jasseel De La Cruz

(Snowshine) The no-hitter a week after I wrote him up earlier this year was nice, but this guys calling card is a heavy sinker paired with an unfair slider. The change worked better this season and is the key to a role in future Braves rotations. He will move up to AAA and may see some time in Atlanta next summer.

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Author: Ryan Cothran

Ryan is the site editor and manager of Braves Journal. Follow him on Twitter.

35 thoughts on “Atlanta Braves Top Prospects by Braves Journal, #15-11”

  1. Any details on the Bryce Wilson tidbit, Ryan? Don’t betray confidences, but don’t prolong the suspense either.

    I’m enjoying the prospects. Y’all keep up the good work.

  2. Yes, thanks so much for the prospects updates. Still quite impressive to see the quality certainly the Top 15 or so, after a bunch of guys have graduated.

  3. So, Trey Harris is physically like Kirby Puckett.

    In about 1985 or 86, at the beginning of the year, Kirby Puckett said he was going to hit over 20 homeruns. Bob Kostas was doing the NBC pregame show and said “If Kirby Puckett hits 20 homers, I am going to name my son Kirby Puckett Kostas.” Well, Puckett did that and Kostas had to backtrack because his wife wouldn’t let him do that.

  4. @1
    What I passed along is literally all that I know…and truthfully have no idea if it’s valid. However, if it were medicals each team’s waiting on, it’d make sense that nothing’s been heard on it and that players have been informed.

    I will also say this…my 2 other (for sure, real sources) have both told me they thought something big might go down by week’s end.

  5. @3
    I was going to comp Puckett, but felt like it was premature. That’s a great story on Puckett and had no idea that happened!

  6. @ 4,

    At appropriate value and none of it being counted on for WAR production this year (no Fried, for example) I am great with getting Bryant. Could structure a PTBNL depending on whether it is one year or two. Like Wilson for one year, add Riley if 2 years.

  7. I am NOT in on getting Arenado unless it is basically for nothing. Maybe if it is permissible to put in a major cash payment contingent on Arenado NOT opting out, then something a little less than for Bryant in a package. There is NO surplus value in that contract.

  8. My three sources tell me absolutely nothing is going to happen until May 5th…

    at which time Bryant gets a DUI and the whole deal’s off.

  9. There is NO surplus value in that contract.

    You’re darn right. And not only is there no surplus value, there’s also the non-monetary component that he has an opt-out that makes evaluating your franchise that much more difficult.

    Why did they make that deal?

  10. @Ryan. Didn’t Trey show out well in the AFL, too? I thought he was the only Brave to do well this year.

  11. I would hate to see Bryse go. As I’ve said before, I think he has more upside than anyone but Anderson.

  12. Baseball Trade Values, thanks to Brent, is my new favorite toy. I’m just not an early adopter by nature; I’m sorry.

    Bryant has $27M in trade value. Bryse Wilson has $15M. So throwing in someone like, say, Sean Newcomb at $13M balances the scales. If Cubs want major league talent, that’s a deal both teams would want to do every day of the week.

  13. We look really good 11-15 in the system. I love Jackson, Trey Harris, and de la Cruz being worse than the 10th-best prospects in our system. This is a tier of the system where I think we have more depth than a lot of other systems.

  14. Seeing the other options, I’m changing my tune a little on what I would give JD. I’d offer something like this: 4 years $85 million broken down as follows:

    2020: $25m
    2021: $25m
    2022: $20m
    2023: $15m

  15. Just been told by an insider that Donaldson is waiting out the Braves on a 4th year that they’ve been unwilling to give him.

    This isn’t the same insider on the Bryse news, and that one looks to be changing the script so might not be anything behind that after all. Still…some people whispering about that rumor as it’s going to happen this afternoon but I’m skeptical.

  16. I think they need to offer him the 4th year if another team like the Nats has. We could use his bat in the lineup and I’m not super worried about the 4th year, especially if we have the DH in the NL by then.

  17. You worry about the fourth year after the third year. It seems crazy that we’d roll the dice with Riley and Camargo at 3B rather than pay JD in 2024.

  18. Julio to the Angels, like it for both. Best of luck to Julio and I’m really gonna have to start rooting for the Angels in the AL.

  19. @18 Agreed. Give the man the four years and the money. We need him to win the World Series next year.

  20. Also the series from July 3-5 where the Angels visit Atlanta looks very attractive. Simba, Trout, Rendon, Ohtani, LaStella, Pujols, Julio, maybe Adell by then…

    Should probably go ahead and get tickets.

  21. So….one of my sources has now nailed 2 signings. He told me Tuesday at 8:17 that Angels were signing Teheran! Maybe I’ll stick with this guy!

  22. @coop and sdp

    I wouldn’t fret too much if Braves miss out on Donaldson. There are other things being explored that are freaking exciting!

    The “source” did tell me that Donaldson has 4 year offers from 2 other clubs and is waiting the Braves out. However, I have feeling the Braves are discussing a whole lot of 3B options with other teams.

  23. I think the Bryse Wilson thing will happen as soon as Donaldson signs with a team that’s not the Braves.

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    was a merry old soul
    and a very rich prole was he
    he seemed the type
    to laud by Skype
    where he flaunted his GED.

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