Colorado 8, Atlanta 4

The 2019 Max Fried Experience had its first hiccup and the Braves fell back below .500 as the Rockies doubled up Atlanta.

The Bravos opened up well, when Ozzie Albies worked an 8 pitch walk to open the bottom of the 1st, and was promptly doubled home by Josh Donaldson. Freddie Freeman moved JD over to third with a grounder to first, but Ronald Acuna Jr couldn’t bring him home with a weak grounder to Nolan Arenado. Nick Markakis walked, but with two down Johan Camargo hit what was definitely NOT a weak grounder, but Arenado showed why he has a fistful of Gold Gloves to end the inning.

Things stayed at 1-0 until the 4th. Fried was using more off-speed pitches to the Rockies, much to the disapproval of Jeff Francoeur up in the booth. Despite this he was racking up the strikeouts, eventually finishing with 7 against no walks. But the wheels wobbled in the top of the 4th when Trevor Story and Arenado homered on back to back pitches. Acuna almost made a run saving catch on Story’s dinger that we would’ve been seeing for the next 20 years, but couldn’t keep the ball in his glove as he was balanced on top of the fence.

Atlanta got the equalizer in the bottom of the frame, Nick Markakis doubled to lead off, went to third with one out when Tyler Flowers singled to left, and came in to score when Ender Inciarte dumped a broken bat single to center. Fried struck out on a bunt attempt and Albies grounded out in an at-bat that lasted all of 3.1 seconds (compared to his Avengers:Endgame length game opening walk) to end the threat.

Fried gave up the lead for good though in the sixth, with Story and Arrenado back in the middle of the action. Story led off with a ringing double to rightfield, and Arrenado did the same thing. Daniel Murphy then doubled Arrenado home, 4-2 Rockies. Fried rallied to strike out David Dahl, and Josh Tomlin came on to retire Ian Desmond and Ryan McMahon.

Markakis led off the 6th with a single and was erased on a double play, which was especially painful as Tyler Flowers followed with his second home run of the season to cut the lead to 4-3.

Tomlin served up the 5th Colorado run in the 7th, when he gave a lead off double to Drew Butera and one out later Charlie Blackmon singled him home. Chad Sobotka came in to stop the Story-Arenado Pain Train.

Jesse Biddle came in for the 8th, and showed he really needs some time down at Gwinnett to figure out what’s wrong. Single by Murphy, a Donaldson error, and an infield single to Desmond loaded the bases, and a McMahon single plated two. Jacob Webb relieved Biddle, and Butera sacrificed the runners to 2nd and 3rd, Mark Reynolds drove in Desmond with a ground out, but Webb got Blackmon to pop out. All in all, that wasn’t a bad performance after Biddle had pooped the bed.

Flowers finished off the scoring with his second homer of the night leading off the 9th. Anyhow, Mike Foltynewicz makes his season debut tonight against Jon Gray.

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  1. Yes, it was the double play before the first Flowers homer that was excruciating to consider, a huge lift for the Rocks. Thank you Painter, precise detail when it is needed.

  2. Thanks, Seat Painter. I believe that Biddle is out of options. So rather than Gwinnett, I suspect he will be placed on the IL. I’m no doctor but I can diagnose ineffectiveness syndrome when I see it.

  3. a slow curve
    despite its ability to swerve
    is feast or famine-
    giving the hitter far too much time to examine?

  4. Jesse Biddle
    right down the bloody middle
    might have been worse
    for those who a walk define as the ultimate curse.

    He will be back, you see. Too much good in him.

  5. I resent the term “ineffective” being used for others besides chronically and deeply ineffective people such as myself.

  6. @2 Biddle is indeed out of options. But also, other than Minter, he’s the only lefty in the pen. We’re stuck with him until Venters comes off the IL. But who goes down when Folty is recalled. My money is on Parsons, right now. He is really struggling even more than Biddle. Parsons has 6 walks in his last 2.2 innings (Biddle has 4 walks in his last 2 innings). Sobotka has recovered a bit, so he’s likely to stay. Bryse and Webb looked good in garbage time so they should get a chance to stay.

  7. OK, well, they could put Viz on the 60-day IL. I wish we knew what the status of O’Day was.

  8. Thanks for a nice recap, seat painter.
    Looking forward to Folty’s season opener.
    Go Braves!

  9. Wilson sent down to make room for Folty after pitching great in his one relief appearance. Stupid. Meanwhile, guys like Sobotka still are here.

  10. I was being facetious about the ineffectiveness list. On the other hand, I’m not surprised. They couldn’t keep Biddle on the 25 man, but they’re not quite ready to cut ties with him.

    It is true that he took a shot to the nether regions last night. That’s pretty convenient as an excuse for the injured list.

  11. When the ball left the bat, I thought Biddle had a chance to get two, but it turned out Desmond did.

  12. @12 I know, right? I don’t understand the thought process. Wilson’s the guy with options, I suppose.

    Meanwhile, I guess we’re going to hold onto Parsons, Biddle and the rest of the gang. Baffling. What does it matter if you expose a guy to waivers if he absolutely sucks?

  13. @8 At this point, I don’t even know that handedness matters anymore. It’d be fortunate to see a reliever take the bump who can just get outs.

  14. @12 @13 What that really means is that Wilson was sent down to make room for Carle. That is even more ridiculous.

    @15 ROFL

  15. I’m guessing they want Wilson to start, but at some point, these guys that are able to are going to have to relieve.

  16. Wilson IMO is a lower tier prospect in comparison to some of the other guys. His velocity clearly played up in a short stint. We need help now in the bullpen, why not leave him there? In the event he eventually needs to start again, it’s not a huge deal to stretch him out again.

  17. “The league has figured Biddle out”? Yeah, just stand there, he’ll put you on without you doing anything.

  18. Folty literally knocked the bat out of the light hitting Wolters’ hands while Chip talks about how “good” Wolters is.

  19. Doesn’t it seem that the Braves have a lot of very hard hit balls lately that have been right at someone? I know the data is available somewhere, but I don’t have the time or the interest to look.

  20. Folty knocked the bat out of Wolters’ hands again.

    And struck him out twice but Blue blew it.

  21. I don’t understand Camargo’s insistence on sliding into 1st when it’s not a tag play.

  22. Dansby had the night off last night, and his hand came off the bat on a foul ball just now. Hopefully that wrist isn’t bothering him again.

  23. I think we won the Luke Jackson for Tyrell Jenkins trade.

    As far as I know Jenkins has been out of baseball for awhile now.

  24. Nice to have Folty back. Outside of the solo shots, he was awfully good. And Luke put out just enough of the fire to keep the lead.

    This could still get better.

  25. That Fangraphs article that someone posted noted that Luke has become a ground ball machine by increasing his slider usage. More grounders tonight.

  26. The Braves have big problems in the bullpen, but remarkably enough Jackson is not one of them.

  27. They should just keep pitching Jackson until he gives up a run. Close the game tonight, then starting pitcher tomorrow. Ride the hot hand.

  28. Inciarte had a -0.4 dWAR coming into tonight. He has lost several steps apparently. This concerns me more than the annual slow start with the bat.

  29. We are going to lose every game like this until they address the bullpen. This organization is a joke and is getting what they deserve

  30. We aren’t far from seeing Luke Jackson, Closer.

    Minter has walked a Biddle-like 6 men in 8.1 innings.

  31. What is this team’s ERA for the year? Feels like they give up 6+ runs almost every night.

    Also, this game gives me flashbacks to one of the worst losses the Braves had in 2018: When they had a 3-run lead over the Rockies at SunTrust in the ninth. Minter was pitching, had two outs and no one on, and lost the game.

  32. Some of Us, Last October: Hey that was a good run. This team can make some noise next year if they fill some holes, especially the bullpen.

    AA: We will improve the bullpen.

    More of Us, in November: Wonder who we get to fill out the pen?


    Lots of Us, In February: Hey, um, now’s the time to get that bullpen rounded out.


    Literally everyone, since March: This bullpen blows. Do something.


    Chip Carey: You know, lots of teams are having bullpen issues.

    Me: Not helping, Chip.

  33. Seriously, AA, go get an arm. Who could you possibly be hoarding that makes that trade impossible. Like, who is he holding onto right now to put up with this?

  34. One arm doesn’t even get it done. This pen is at least three solid arms from being worthy of a playoff team.

  35. They just sent down a guy who was a potential help in Bryse Wilson because they are afraid to label him a reliever. Unbelievable.

  36. Is there a significant discernable difference between Minter and Kimbrel? Both throw fastball/cutter/slider, Kimbrel average 4-seamer 97.1, Minter 96.6, similar deliveries, and Minter’s left-handed, so you’d think Minter would have the advantage. Kimbrel walked 4.5 BB/9 last year, so he’s no control artist, but it just seems like he attacks hitters, and Minter nibbles on the corners. I don’t get it. McCann is setup on the corner during a 2-0 count. Why not just rear back and make them hit it? Yeah, he left that pitch up to Dahl, but you’re going to tell me you couldn’t have knocked the bat out of Ian “.181 BA” Desmond? Instead he walks him. Just go after them. Sheesh.

  37. Kimbrel has a breaking pitch. Minter throws the same speed every time. Either our pitch calling is just atrocious, or Minter has only one pitch. So. Frustrating.

  38. @64.

    Yes. Kimbrel was great is probably now good.

    Minter was good and probably now sh*t.

  39. @66 Minter has a FB and splitter that don’t have enough speed difference. He was beginning to use a changeup last year and got a swing and miss almost every time. That really is the key. Kimbrel has the knuckle curve that is as much as 20mph different from his FB. He needs to use that changeup much more than he is.

  40. Minter’s cutter isn’t much different than his fastball velo wise. He has seen some success with his changeup but I don’t think he threw it at all tonight.

    His biggest mistake was walking Drew F. Butera with 2 outs bringing up Blackmon.

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