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  1. A worthy kickoff to the season. Or is it a worthy opening pitch? Or is it a worthy openging pitch?

  2. Btw, Rob, all credit where it’s due: this is an incredibly good opening day thread for this turkey of an offseason.

    Thank God being a Braves fan means I get to watch Ronald Acuna and Ozzie Albies and forget about the venal morons in the executive chambers who are too busy four-putting the Sharper Image smart greens on the master suite Persian rug while short-selling frozen orange juice concentrate futures to be bothered improve the team.

  3. Judging by this quote, Minter thinks he pitches for the Phillies.

  4. @4 – Framed executive John Coppolella returns from disgrace to combine forces with interloper Alex Anthopoulos to bring down an evil corporation in: “Trading Salary Obligations.”

  5. @5 — It’s like he couldn’t decide if he wanted to go with the “We’re the champions, so we’re favorites until someone beats us, they’re chasing us” line of optimism or the “We’re underdogs, no one believes in us, but we’ll show them” line, so he just kind of switched off halfway through.

  6. The idea that there are real, otherwise-functioning adult people out there who thought the Braves would be holding onto news of a Kimbrel signing until they could announce it via 680 The Fan’s social media account…


    You do it to yourself, you do
    You and no one else
    You do it to yourself, just you
    And that’s what really hurts

    Hey, I think we made it through an entire offseason with no RNRHOF discussion.

    Want to feel better about the Braves? Janet Jackson is going in, and the recently departed Dick Dale remains out. Quite a world we live in.

  7. @9 I’ll admit that the thought briefly came to my mind, and the only defense for the idea was that since Kimbrel perhaps has a closer relationship to the Braves, and has had an offseason he really didn’t like, maybe this was something to make it more exciting… or something. But then I quickly realized that that had about 0.0001% chance of happening.

  8. @9 — It’s probably only a matter of time until a major league team tries to turn a signing into a social media event. Video games are already at the stage where they do teasers for announcements of announcements of livestreams of announcements, and MLB has consistently been 10-20 years behind the curve.

  9. Maybe if they sell enough of those sandwiches, they can afford to extend Freeman and Acuna.

  10. @13, Maybe for the ASB.

    Alex, while thinking about rock Keltner criteria, I found a guy who beat you to the punch. The website isn’t letting me post a link, so google “Keltner analysis of undiscussed Rock Hall Artists: Sonic Youth.” I like some of his criteria, but I want to suggest more improvements.

    I would also do a Keltner for Dick Dale so that more people understand how obvious it is that he’s an inner circle HOF’er.

  11. Darren O’Day to the 10-day DL. Lopez DOA’d.

  12. Radiohead is the only thing in this world that has done nothing even remotely bad for the past 25 years. There’s only one Streak in my life, and it started with the My Iron Lung EP and (firmly excluding the drummer’s solo work) continues to this day. I even enjoyed the Suspiria soundtrack. Eat it, Braves.

  13. @17–your list is probably #1, but Bringing it all Back Home–Highway 61 Revisited–Blonde on Blonde is in the argument. And Astral Weeks–Moondance–His Band and the Street Choir–Tupelo Honey ought to get votes.

    Notice that all the artists I cite are pushing 80. I have a bad case of Baby Boomer tunnel vision.

  14. Only you lot would be fangirling over Thom freaking Yorke an hour before first pitch.

  15. Always depends on your age and what you listened to that made a great impact on your life. For me it’s: The Smiths/Meat is Murder/The Queen is Dead.

  16. AA didn’t even trade for Luke Jackson. He must like something. He had a 3.55 FIP last year. He’s a long reliever, an innings eater, and he probably doesn’t even see the mound much with the off-days. His FIP last year is a hair below Cristhian Martinez’s career FIP.

    With that said, RHB had a .793 OPS off of him last year (.624 for LHB). Yikes. Personally, other than the FIP and the K rate (10/9), I’m not sure what the big deal is. But he plugs a hole for now. Whatever.

  17. Shall we get a prediction thread going? I’ll start

    Braves W-L: 93-69
    Team leaders:
    Wins: Wright 16
    Losses: Julio 12
    Saves: Viz with 22
    HR: Acuna 35
    RBI: Acuna 109
    Runs: FF 105
    SB: Inciarte 16
    Date Austin Riley debuts: Jun 26
    Date Christian Pache debuts: Sept 2

  18. 22 — DOA? That’s extreme, they only had to cut him from the roster.

    *insert eye roll for “dad joke” here*

  19. If you want to fill in the last couple hours before we start there is a tasty morsel available at 1, Mets(De Grom) / Nationals.

  20. I love this thread!

    Braves W-L: 88-74
    Team leaders:
    Wins: Julio-10
    Losses: Wright 12
    Saves: Viz 19
    HR: Freeman 31
    RBI: Freeman 99
    Runs: Acuna 100
    SB: Swanson 17
    Date Austin Riley debuts: May 20
    Date Christian Pache debuts: July 2020

  21. Black Sabbath
    Master of Reality
    Vol 4
    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

    What do I win?

    Strawberry Jam
    Merriwether Post Pavilion

    My Aim is True
    This Year’s Model
    Armed Forces
    Get Happy!!

    Wanna feel sad? Part I

    Five Leaves Left
    Bryter Layter
    Pink Moon

    Wanna feel sad? Part II

    Figure 8

    Wanna feel sad? Part III

    Spirit of Eden
    Laughing Stock
    Mark Hollis


    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    The Life of Pablo


  22. I think we are going to regret not adding a front end starter and another bat.

    I really think we are going to regret not adding bullpen help.

    I think the Braves were foolish for putting so many eggs in the Minter, Vizy, O’Day, McCann and Donaldson basket. Those five have significant roles on this team and seem like a long shot not to miss lots of time.

  23. Pat Boone( my music?)

    On a day like today
    we wait to watch them play
    happy ball players fronting the stand
    how we laughed when they tried
    to much improve their slide
    but wept over those who’d been canned.

  24. @30 you pre-empted me, dangit. I’ll have to go (in addition to the Ramones):

    A Tonic for the Troops
    This Year’s Model
    Eat to the Beat
    Dance Craze (Ska compilation)
    That Summer! (soundtrack w/punk compilation 1979)

  25. Braves W-L: 92-70
    Team leaders:
    Wins: Folty-15
    Losses: Julio 10
    Saves: Viz/Minter 20/20
    HR: Acuna 35
    RBI: Freeman 105
    Runs: Inciarte 95
    SB: Inciarte 30
    Date Austin Riley debuts: Sept 2019 or with the first IL stint of Donaldson
    Date Christian Pache debuts: May 2020

  26. Braves W-L: 85-77
    Team leaders:
    Wins: Fried 14
    Losses: Newcomb 12
    Saves: Kimbrel 25
    HR: Acuna 33
    RBI: Acuna 118
    Runs: Albies 106
    SB: Inciarte 28
    Date Austin Riley debuts: June 17th
    Date Christian Pache debuts: August 13th

  27. Braves W-L: 162-0
    Team leaders:
    Wins: Teheran 25
    Losses: Everybody 0
    Saves: Minter 2
    HR: Acuna 80
    RBI: Acuna 320
    Runs: Albies 210
    SB: Inciarte 1
    Date Austin Riley debuts: His HS girlfriend
    Date Christian Pache debuts: His Elementary School Girlfriend

  28. Braves W-L: 85-77
    Wins: Gausman 14
    Losses: Gausman 11
    Saves: Minter 25
    HR: Donaldson 28
    RBI: Acuna 88
    Runs: Acuna 105
    SB: Albies 23
    Riley: June 10
    Pache: 2020

  29. I don’t like making predictions much beyond W/L, but I like Roger’s prediction. I think 92-70 will be it. I like Acuna for at least 35 homers.

    I do think Julio Teheran will lead the staff in losses, but that’s because I think Julio will give us the most innings and will also be worth close to 4 bWAR this season. There’s my prediction.

  30. If I were going to do a prediction post, I would certainly predict the team lead in saves going to Craig Kimbrel, just to troll you lot.

  31. Braves W-L: 89-73

    Team Leaders
    Wins: Folty 16
    Losses: Newcomb 12
    Saves: Kimbrel 21
    AVG: Freeman .304
    HR: Acuna 34
    RBI: Freeman 108
    Runs: Donaldson 93
    SB: Albies 27
    Riley: August 3rd, for a new team. Traded for a big name upgrade after a Donaldson extension.
    Pache: May 1st 2020

    New Sandwiches Sold: 401,528

  32. Braves W-L: 88-74
    Wins: Folty 13
    Losses: Julio 13
    Saves: Minter 22
    HR: RAJ 30
    RBI: RAJ 94
    Runs: Inciarte 93
    SB: Inciarte 28
    Riley: September 19
    Pache: 2020

  33. Just finished installing a new water-closet in my master bathroom, I’m remodeling, and I still have almost ten minutes until first-pitch. It’s a good day.

  34. Braves will finish 86-76, one game behind the Phillies for the second wildcard, after Realmuto has a monster season.

  35. Revised from #45:

    Braves W-L: 77-85
    Team leaders:
    Wins: Fried 10
    Losses: Julio 18
    Saves: Kimbrel 20
    HR: Acuna 29
    RBI: Acuna 99
    Runs: Albies 88
    SB: Inciarte 16
    Date Austin Riley debuts: Who Cares?
    Date Christian Pache debuts: Not Soon Enough

  36. Julio is looking good out there. Fastball is sitting at 92 MPH. He got robbed on a couple of strikes. One to McCutcheon that I believe set Julio up to go upstairs again but a little less than on the first pitch.

    The ump had better get comfortable with belt high pitches or we’re in for a long game.

  37. I’m almost as excited by the walk by RAJ as if he had hit a line drive. Showing that kind of patience in his first AB of the season is a very good sign.

  38. Nola can’t get Acuna out of his head. More throw to first than pitches to Markakis so far.

    6 throws to first. 1-0 count to Kakes.

  39. It’d be great to run Nola’s pitch count up, and maybe knock him out early. I like the patience.

  40. People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm —> Low End Theory —> Midnight Marauders

    ATLiens —> Aquemini —> Stankonia

  41. The winner of the best predictions, based on my unscientific math, will win a copy of Ballplayer, Chipper’s book. Feel free to amend your answers since the stakes are INCREDIBLY high

  42. @85 You are dead right with that Tribe Called Quest sequence. Such an amazing run there.

  43. Julio is walking a tight rope with a guy on 3rd. Lots of pitches but is getting the needed K’s to end the threat.

  44. @88 was that book written with the crayons they give the kids to play with at Hooters?

  45. Are those runs earned or unearned with the error to start the inning? The box score has them as earned for some reason.

  46. STFU, Ender. Take the call and stop complaining. Sure glad you’re seeing the most plate appearances today.

  47. If you assume a single minus the error, he’s on first. The wild pitch would’ve moved him to second and the two walks would’ve loaded the bases. Therefore, the results would’ve been the same without the error and all runs are earned.

  48. I really don’t like sending Freddie in that inning. Don’t give away an out against this guy, especially with RAJ at the plate.

  49. The first appearance by the Braves pen this year yields a leadoff walk. Plus ça change.

  50. I know one off-season acquisition is basically earning his pay today… it’s good to have McCann back behind the plate.

  51. Well that home run pissed somebody off. Braves baseball is having some technical difficulties…

  52. Heh, Carle got annihilated so badly it caused technical difficulties. That’s got to be an omen.

  53. Three of our four walks scored and one of their five walks scored. Now that is what pisses me off. Markakis stretching and Freeman stealing are not going to get us to where we want to be.

    Julio did not pitch as bad as his line today.

  54. I’m in a bar. Drinking. BY MYSELF. Watching Julio Teheran start Opening Day against AARON NOLA while Justin Verlander and Blake Snell started on the other TV.

    Where have I gone so wrong in life?

  55. With all that financial flexibility, the only flexibility that truly matters is in the body flexibility the team’s bullpen pitchers have to avoid getting hit by screaming line drives back up the middle.

  56. @132 You just come on up to Huntsville any time, and you won’t have to drink and watch the Braves alone, buddy.

  57. Don’t worry, Jackson’ll give ‘em back. Mean-spirited of Snitker to deny Robertson a save situation here.

  58. @137 Means more to me than you are.

    And when you yell “Yahtzee!” in a bar when Joyce goes yard when no one else is watching the Braves… you really have some explaining to do.

  59. And with a single wave of his arm, Big Bad Luke flung two Phillies from one side of the diamond to the other.

  60. The only shot Jackson has of getting of those inning scoreless is if Jeff Francoeur comes up the next 3 hitters.

  61. Rhys Hoskins is not Jeff Francoeur.

    I don’t think Nick Markakis is gonna walk us off this year.

  62. I’d rather play with a 24-man roster than have Luke Jackson on the team. The guy could find a way to make a 12-0 deficit worse.

  63. Hopefully this is Luke Jackson’s swan sing, like Wisler’s last year in Boston. Is Snitker just screwing with AA?

  64. *It’s baseball ™

    BUT… and I don’t think that Kimbrel is really all that good anymore and probably wouldn’t pay him anywhere what he want(ed), but for this to happen to this craptastic organization is *very* fitting.

    My only wish is that it had been a home game so the cacophony of boos was so loud that even they could have heard them.

  65. @164 I think Fried was in there because his start is far enough away that he was just “getting some work in”. And he looked damn good doing it, too.

    Plus Kimbrel
    Minus Luke.
    That is all.

  66. The Brewers are likely to step up for Kimbrel soon because Knebel is going the way of TJS.

  67. Somewhere AA watches, remembering how he didn’t acquire a single pitcher all offseason, and is thinking “at least we have our financial flexibility.”

  68. How about this:

    Both teams had 7 hits, 6 walks, and 9 Ks. You’d have thunked it might have been closer.

  69. @172 — Clearly the problem is that we didn’t have enough Financial Flexibility. Time to cut payroll some more. I vote for starting with Luke Jackson’s salary and going from there.

  70. Y’all are too inflexible… financially…

    Or maybe that’s the joke that AA is sending over Liberty’s head. He keeps saying “financial flexibility” when really that’s code language that he is being held captive! That’s it!

  71. Lest we think history will not repeat itself. Inciarte = 0/4 with 3 Ks. It’s hard to start slower than that. I wish we could learn from history and “expect” a slow start from Ender.

  72. the individual Philly skill that hurt the most to watch..

    Realmuto…not his bat, his throws to second…not only dead on line but arriving to hit the dirt for the first time directly alongside the front of the bag and into the wating glove. Jealousy.

  73. Three things we ought not see on Opening Day:

    1) Julio Teheran
    2) Luke Jackson
    3) Interleague play

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