One thing most everyone agrees with about Dansby Swanson is that he’s not a Super-Sub. I guess that can have a couple of interpretations…

Now 25, Swanson has 1229 career plate appearances under his belt, with a career .243/.314/.369 batting average / on base % / slugging %, including a .238/.304/.395 in 2018. Dansby added 14 homers and 10 stolen bases in 478 at bats, and played through a wrist injury most of the season. Baseball Reference has last season’s 1.7 defensive WAR as 10th in the National League at any position, and part of an overall 2.3 WAR.

Dansby will miss some early spring training time as he continues to recover from the wrist injury, but the Braves expect him to be ready for opening day. Still young enough to have upside, a healthy Swanson should claw back to or exceed the career .243 batting average, and 20 homers would be a nice stretch target.

It would be easier to be patient with Dansby offensively if the Braves could be bothered to upgrade right field and/or catcher, so it will be interesting to see how much latitude the Braves give him if the team struggles to score runs.  2019 would be a great time for Dansby to demonstrate the awaited upside.

Fun facts: Swanson’s most similar batter through age 24? Andrelton Simmons. (Andres Thomas is 3rd.)