mea culpa…the days wither down to a precious few…eyes and thoughts are diverted to other games occurring simultaneously whose results may affect us…but Sunday morning still finds me in possession of memories from our game that are deeply etched so let me spin them out….now that i have realized it is my turn.

Anibel…18 million to 1.4…has ever man adjusted so well to a drop in pay…love the guy, love his attitude, his care for other teammates and above all love watching him pitch….if we allow him, ever, to leave the state of Georgia opprobrium must be poured on our heads. 6 innings, 3 hits, 3 walks, 7 k’s…yeah, that’ll do…again and again and again.


Dear Jonny. For the first time since he joined us(his first two pitches then, hard sinkers diving into the bottom left hand corner, like darts, side by side) I was embarrassed for him. Are we using him too often? Surely that must be it.

Touki proves he can relieve, eh? That was good to see.

Offense. We bowed to Mister Nola. His turn. We’ve had ours with him a time or two.

Enjoy your Sunday and one sixty two.

Better late than never?  Humor me please.