malaise. [ma-leyz, -muh-; French ma-lez] noun.   a vague or unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness, lethargy, or discomfort.


Our Braves are now formulaic. Two games of a four game series are quite enough to predict the third. And the fourth. A certain pecking order has been established, a major disparity in performance, and one wonders how long forty thousand people are going to keep coming to watch and pay. For now they are very loyal and almost embarrassingly hopeful. Heads are about to roll, a major distraction is necessary, there NOW must be an addition of real consequence in the next 48 hours. In a real sense it doesn’t matter who he is and how he hits for us, the point being we can say they tried. A bat it must be, an expensive pitcher now would be laughable. That is not the base problem, we can’t hit.



Trying to break out of this awful funk last night there appeared to be two possible routes in. Max Fried was back on the mound after a highly successful rehab stint with no blisters found. We were then told that our 3,4 and 5 hitters were all, incredibly, 7 for 11 against Alex Wood who had an awful ERA against us and no wins. Well now.

The first hope was realized. Max brought a healthy young arm to the fray and excited us all with his promise against a power hungry line up. He ended up at 5 plus innings, 2 hits, three walks and seven strike outs. Superb, and great hope for the future. Fast ball up to 97 astonished us, and a  lovely curve that he will soon be able to throw where he wants it.

We do NOT have a starting pitcher problem, we are in excess in that department. Our bullpen is a major embarrassment and entirely predictable and either Snit goes or Freeman, Moylan and company must be dispatched for good. Why we are practically in August and this has still not been done is hard to understand. Fuel for the fire.

Our second hope lies in tatters in the box score together with the rest of the offense.  Forget 7 for 11 times three, try 0 for 9 from the heart of the order. Pathetic, Freeman included, ( I worry for his wrist). Alex Wood for pete’s sake!

To summarize, this is first and last a hitting problem, a power problem. Do with it what you will AA, from within and without, but do it now.