Ernie Banks is credited with frequent use of a phrase in his career. Something to the effect of “It’s such a nice day, let’s play two.” Well, it wasn’t such a nice day as a subtropical or tropical or whatever storm entered the Redneck Riviera and pumped a lot of water up over Cobb County and all parts nearby.

I have never had to recap a doubleheader. I am “double” restricted in that I also saw none of Game 2 and only a little (but the worst and best parts) of Game 1. But we have electronic media for that sort of thing.

I haven’t taken time to check, but Talking Chop has a thing where people try to guess the highest WPA for any Braves player before the game. If there was money on this and somebody had Charlie Culberson, such person probably got a good multiple on those dollars.

So, Max Fried got a chance to show his stuff. The stuff he showed in inning 1 was, to quote Hoyt, not too good. HBP, error by Swanson and all safe, K (YAY!!!), passed ball, BB to Bautista, walk, K of Jay Bruce (YAY!), BB to Devin Mesoraco for a run. But that was it for Mets first.

Then, in inning 4, the Mets strike again. Mesoraco singles and then something called a Luis Guillorme doubles him in. Meanwhile, Fried has been getting strikeouts and his curve looked like Steve Avery‘s used to look.

Fried got through 5 getting 6 K’s, giving up 4 BB’s. and giving up 2 runs. One was earned, but the first one wasn’t, although Fried did create a lot of the chaos in that first inning.

Inning 7 saw Tyler Flowers bang a long one. 2 to 1 Mets. That inning ended Jacob DeGrom’s day with only 1 run scoring. In came Seth Lugo (and weren’t we glad).

Bottom of 8, Ozzie Albies gets a bunt single, Freddie Freeman singles Oz to 3rd. Neck sac fly (2 all) and Freeman moves up on the terrible throw. This is where I started watching. From 2nd, Freddie gets to see Tyler Flowers and Preston Tucker strike out.

Top of 9. Shane Carle gives up a solo home run to Mesoraco. Then he settles down and it is 3 to 2 Mets going to the bottom of 9.

So, Johan Camargo walks, Dansby Swanson lines out and Charlie Culberson clobbers a ball to right center for the win.