Braves 8, Marlins – Newcomb shines again

This started out as a pitcher’s duel. Sean Newcomb and Jose Urena had pitched well through four and a half. Newcomb put runners on second and third in the second — one run scored — but that had been it.

But second time through the order, the Braves offense took over. They put four across in the 5th, two in the 7th, and two in the 8th. Kurt Suzuki hit a solo home run in the 7th, and Freddie Freeman hit a two-run homer in the 8th. Ender Inciarte, who in the month of May is hitting .266/.338/.500 with 4 HRs in 71 PAs, had another three hits today. All told, spots 6-8 in the lineup produced 5 hits, 3 RBIs, and a walk. Johan Camargo contributed two hits, and he’ll now be the Braves’ every day third baseman with the release of Jose Bautista.

And Newcomb dealt again. His scoreless streak ended at 21 innings, but he still went 6 IP, giving up one run. In 52.2 IP, Newcomb’s ERA is significantly lower than last year, and his FIP is a full run better than last year. You would think that would be because he’s cut down significantly on his walks. They’ve improved (5.1/9 last year to 4.1 this year), but he’s been much less hittable. He had a 9 H/9 last year, and it’s down to 6.2/9 so far this year. He’s also cut his home run rate almost in half (0.9 down to 0.5). During all this, his K rate has stayed steady (9.7 last year; 9.9 this). Very, very impressive so far this year.

1:35 start. Teheran vs. Chen.

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  1. It’s the end of May, and the Nats have Murphy, Zimemrman, Wieters, Eaton, and Kendrick on the DL. Oooof.

  2. @1 I think all that tells me is that they’re old and prone to injury. Kendrick is out for the season so that’s not even a concern for his returning production.

  3. Oh, totally agreed. I was just exclaiming at their misfortune. Getting Murphy back will help a lot.

  4. Haven’t seen this posted, but Ezequiel Carrera who was awful at Gwinnett was released a few days ago.

    The Gwinnett outfield is now Dustin Peterson, Xavier Avery, and Danny Santana.

  5. I think it’s time to swap Inciarte and Acuna in the order – actually Inciarte #1, Albies #2, Acuna #6. 6th man should have more power/RBI capability than Inciarte. And Inciarte’s spark plug capability is better used at the top. Right now, Acuna is a black hole in the lineup at #2. Better to let him function in a lower leverage part of the order.

    I am still confused/wondering why his defense is so poorly rated in LF. If we had good LF and 3B defense (and 1B too), we might be the best defensive team in the league.

    That being said, only Flaherty has positive defensive results at 3B. I hope, with regular playing time at 3B, that Camargo’s stats will improve, but they’re negative now.

    Also, with regards to 3B, we have two players with a chance to grab the reigns at 3B – Camargo and Riley – and two and a half months to do it. I give Camargo 2 weeks to a month at 3B before I consider bringing up Riley, if Riley begins bashing the ball not just hitting it. I have been predicting a Riley call-up around the first week of June and I think that’s still in play depending upon Riley’s performance (he must force the issue).

    This was about the predicted end time to the Bautista experiment based upon the timeline I outlined and was somewhat driven by Dansby’s injury which allowed Camargo to start at SS. While I realize that Rob et al is correct about Camargo’s BABIP, his ceiling is still about an Eduardo Nunez with better defense and less power. Even if he regresses to a better BABIP, we will still want more performance at 3B. I have argued for a Moustakas/Herrera trade, but I would vastly prefer Riley coming up and shining in order to avoid bringing in a Moustakas or Beltre.

  6. Juan Soto, a 19 year old OF, was promoted by the Nationals. He supplanted Acuña as the youngest player.

  7. 5 — Correction: I forgot about Bourjos, who is the everyday CF. Avery is the 4th OF.

  8. No matter how different the iteration of Braves lineup over the years, they always seem to struggle against a soft tossing lefty.

  9. Bourjos might be coming back if that’s a serious injury. Damn.

    Edit: He’s staying in the game for now. Hopefully he just got the wind knocked out.

  10. Can anyone tell me what happened? You guys say that Inciarte got injured but gameday says the ball went to LF. Also, what’s the deal with the balk? Hard to believe he balked with a man on third and none on first.

  11. 14 — Inciarte ran hard into the wall after failing to catch a deep fly ball, right side first. It was straightaway center.

    Teheran dropped the ball for the balk.

  12. I would go to a 6 man rotation or plainly skip Julio when it was his turn to pitch at home.

  13. Way ta go .. Snit .. plainly Teheran didnt have it … you left him in … game out of hand now .. time to go outside and hang out … thanks

  14. Oddly, the HR was on Teheran’s fastest pitch up to that point – 92.5mph. Last two pitches to Castro were 93, 93.5.

  15. Note to self: The Braves knew something you didn’t about Sean Rodriguez, and drop Ian Kinsler from your fantasy team.

  16. whats up Rob … raining had to come back inside ,, Braves are not slowing down this guy at all .. letting him pitch at his pace … looks like they trying to get game over … id step out and then back in and back out .. slow him down … but again looks like they dont like playing at home … bad record at home …. Suntrust definately not home field

  17. Chen hasn’t pitched more than 83 pitches in a game all year. We might be able to get him this inning.

  18. @6

    Or you could just ignore defensive metrics, especially with this small a sample size… I would highly recommend it.

  19. Because you can’t assume a double play, that run is earned. That is stupid.

  20. Teheran’s Jeckel/Hyde act just gets so aggravating. You can just write off 40% of his starts as hot garbage.

  21. And yet the other 60% are so good that he ends up being at least a league average pitcher. Very maddening.

  22. That 2-run homer hurts a lot right now. I wish they could figure out something that works with Sims.

  23. In 917 previous at bats, Miguel Rojas had compiled a .339 slugging percentage. He’s gone deep twice. Today is one of the 60…

  24. Of my very young life, this is the most fun being a Braves fan that I can remember.

  25. DANSBY!!!! What a rally!! That makes up for the Cubs game……

    Not a single extra base hit. Last year’s team would have never made it.

    I luv this team.

  26. Oh, shut up about Brad Ziegler. Good teams hang around until they find a vulnerability. They still had to execute. I don’t care about Brad Ziegler. Cheap.

  27. Just watched the replay video – funniest walk-off celebration I’ve ever seen. They should know Dansby has speed when they’re chasing him….. LOL

    What a fun team so full of spunk and joy. The FO should do whatever’s necessary to help them keep winning.

  28. You basically threw your 5th starter per performance, your long reliever, started your backup catcher, lost the CF, and still found a way to win. Ran out of position players. 12 hits, 6 walks, and no one hit a home run. Saw a total of 167 pitches. Just straight up wore them out. I’d rather see that than the roster that went ice cold for all of 2014.

  29. @55 yes sir…. plus these guys just don’t quit. One good at bat each and they win the game. Snit has his issues, but these guys play hard for him and are never out of it

  30. Fascinating that this is the anniversary of the Brooks Conrad walk off grand slam.
    There have been many comparisons to 1991, but this season is somewhat reminiscent of 2010, isn’t it? After four seasons in the wilderness, finally competing for the division and the playoffs. And the exciting 20 year old outfielder.

  31. It doesn’t hurt that the Phightin’s and the gNats both lost today. A good day. A really good day.

    Can someone validate for me that @12 Chief was joking?

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