‘When the Hurley Burley’s done’….Braves12 Cubs14

‘When the battle’s lost and won.’

As things worked out we did end up in a real battle this afternoon -Freddie at the plate as the tying run – which you certainly wouldn’t have expected half way through. Till then it had been awful Braves pitching, starting and from the pen,  we were down 10-4 after 4 innings. Fortunately their pitching deteriorated, and stayed that way, to the same level so despite our pen throwing 4 more runs on the fire theirs added 8, innings 7 through 9. So what had looked to be a dull, processional and wasted afternoon turned into a fun ball game.

If you could somehow excuse our pitching. Sims, whom I like, pitched well until an at bat appeared that really mattered and then seemed overwhelmed by the occasion maybe and threw a hanging slider down the middle. Rivera’s GS on a 0-2 pitch was the worst example but there were others. In between he looked OK!   3IP 6H 7R 4BB 4K 2HR.  Krol and Jackson then gave up three runs each, Sam and JJ one apiece. And so it went. And we lose by 2.

Let’s talk about our hitting, much the brighter picture. With the notable exception of the first inning where the middle bats managed to almost exactly duplicate Friday’s effort – they again were handed a 2 on no outs situation in the first and got no one in – things started to look up and in response to their GS we hit back to back homers to pull within one and then Rio hit another. From then on we were always somewhere near almost all the time as we really pasted their vaunted pen – Wilson, 1/3 of an inning, 3 runs.

Individuals who did well:

Ozzie…great game, 3 for 4, 2 walks and a rocket out to RF. He grows by the game

Freddie..finally, hitting the ball hard..2 run homer, 3 hits, 3 RBI walk.

Matt Kemp …followed Freddie with a homer of his own , 2 hits, 2 RBI

Cakes 2 hits, 2 RBI..has been very consistent of late..made one extraordinary catch at the ivy.

Suzuki  couldn’t get the long ball going but still 2 hits, 1 RBI

Dansby…3 for 5, one was a double. Fielding and base running mistakes , maybe, see below.

Rio..  Home Run (left handed off Lester!) Remember, he buried one in the ivy, yesterday.

Question for the experts. Very close to the end of the game when we were in striking distance they put 2 runners on in scoring position and Snit called the infield in. The batter hit a ground ball to Dansby’s left, he dived over the top of it as best i could see and both runs scored,- not at the time but ultimately that was the winning margin. My question is does an infielder, playing in, discard his normal semi-crouch position leaning forward on the balls of his feet or does he for some good reason stand up which is what Dansby did?

In the end a good game to watch, we battled back manfully. Yesterday it was our batters that sucked and wasted our good pitching. Today, exactly the reverse. Maybe, possibly, tomorrow, could we, ya think??

12 thoughts on “‘When the Hurley Burley’s done’….Braves12 Cubs14”

  1. Max Fried
    there is quite obviously a need
    to throw strikes
    assuming you covet those per diem hikes.

  2. Reading all the stuff about Freeman’s wrist today, seems like a competent management team would shut him down for the season. We kept Matt Adams after all, let’s use him.

  3. Gohara getting called up to pitch Tuesday it seems. I was perusing the minor league box scores earlier, saw Mallex Smith, the guy we traded for Gohara, playing for Durham. I thought maybe it was an injury rehab but apparently not. He’s been down there for a while. That’ll put a dent in his HOF cred, for sure.

  4. Mallex is not a lucky duck. Came up with San Diego who now has Margot in CF, gets traded to Atlanta who has Ender Inciarte, then to Seattle who has Jarrod Dyson, and then to Tampa Bay who has Kevin Kiermaier. So the two teams he never actually played for have sub-par CFs, and the two he did play for have 4+ WAR CFs. It’s gon’ be hard for him to pass Rock with this luck.

    It was funny, there was this string of tweets a few weeks ago that went like this:

    Rays: Mallex Smith will be at GTE Federal Credit Union signing autographs!

    Rays: Kevin Kiermaier activated from DL.

    Rays: Mallex Smith optioned to Durham.

    Rays: Jumbo Diaz will be at GTE Federal Credit Union signing autographs!

    Poor guy. But that’s on him though. Even when he was up, Peter Bourjos was playing center, a 30 year old with a career .682 OPS. Take good routes, Mallex!

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