The Braves gave up the same number of runs on Tuesday as they did on Monday, but this time the offense was able to squeak out a few of their own and emerge on top. Newcomb limited the Rockies to three runs over six innings at Coors Field, an accomplishment a pitcher would take any day. Each run was scored on a solo home run, though, so it could have gotten ugly quickly had the Rockies managed to get anyone on base before one of those long balls. Fortunately for the Braves, they didn’t, and the bullpen held them scoreless and gave the offense the opportunity to snatch the victory at the end.

Dansby had himself a game, and it was fun to see. He picked up a two-run double in the 2nd to give the Braves their first lead of the game, and added another base hit later on. His defense was solid too, and he looked like he was having fun. Good for him. May he keep it up for a long time.

Markakis homered in the 6th to tie the game at 3-all, where it remained until the Braves had two outs in the 8th inning when Tyler Flowers hit a grounder to third to end the inning. Only the sure-handed Nolan Arenado delivered a low throw that short hopped his first baseman, and the ball bounced away far enough to allow Brandon Phillips to cross the plate with the winning run. It was a gift that turned into a win. A win’s a win no matter how deserved. We’ll take it. Vizzy came on and nailed the save, striking out two along the way. It is nice to have a closer again.

I don’t have anything against the Rockies and know they are in the race for the wild card. I wouldn’t mind seeing them make the playoffs. But the Braves have lost so stinking much over the past month that I hope the Rockies put aside their playoff hunt for two more games. They can go on a 20-3 tear if they want after the Braves leave town, but I can’t help but hope they pick up a couple more losses before then.

Nationals delenda est.