Phillies: 3 Braves: Cap Tippin’

The first pitch was, by far, the coolest thing that happened at SunTrust Park Tuesday night:

Other than that, the Braves just had to do a whole lot of cap tippin’. Aaron Nola was on, limiting the Braves to one run on five hits in eight innings. He got six strikeouts, and the Braves could never really figure him out. They tried to mount a modest rally in the 9th, but it fell short.

Jaime Garcia held his own and pitched a pretty good ballgame. He went 7.2 innings and gave up three runs on eight hits, striking out four. He’s lowered his ERA to 3.21, and has been one of the bright spots in the rotation. He was just plain outpitched tonight.

This game fell into the 1/3 every team loses on a season. It happens. If the Braves can win the next two, they will split this series. If they can win just one, they will at least not get swept. It’s the small joys in life you have to focus during rebuilds. Somehow, the Braves are still in a tie for second place in the division. The NL East is absolutely wretched.

Losing-against-terrible-teams-like-the-Phillies delenda est.
Natspos delenda est.

29 thoughts on “Phillies: 3 Braves: Cap Tippin’”

  1. ‘Rissa, thank you.

    We the commentariat
    opinions that will vary at
    the very latest whim
    conclusions, set in stone, we now say were prelim.

    Johan Camargo
    has been offered the lead in the new Fargo
    they liked he can shoot from either side
    throw a knife precisely across a great divide.

  2. Newcomb made his last start Friday. I’m concerned about him going more than a week before his start, which will be his ML debut no less.

  3. Camargo’s not your average John.
    Of what he’s shown we could grow fond.
    Yet despite what he has done,
    We celebrate he’s not Swanson.

    Thanks, ‘Rissa. As ever, well done.

  4. the NL East
    of the many it is certainly the least
    it doesn’t really matter
    October fame by any route will predictably flatter.

  5. Are we going to get some comment on Newcomb call-up this morning?

    Not a hoax, surely!

  6. There’s no reason to call him up now, especially given that waiting to call him up on June 10th would almost surely have Newk miss the Super 2 cutoff in the case that he pitches well enough to never go back down.

  7. If anybody missed the videos of the one-armed catcher, they need to go to YouTube and check it out. I do wonder how he hits.

  8. I really like the move of bringing Adams up. That means that Santana will get some ABs at 3B, and Lane will be the back of the bench. And of course, that means Ruiz will get the lion’s share of the ABs at 3B. Just great for everyone.

    I feel like the lineup, top to bottom, is good enough where aside from Kemp or Adams, I wouldn’t mind someone getting a 2-3 week tryout. If Swanson/Phillips went down, then Camargo would get a longer look. If Markakis or Inciarte went down, Adams would get a look. I like all of those things.

    I don’t think it’s been mentioned on here, but Sean Rodriguez took BP last week, and he took grounders this week. According to Bowman, Snit said that he could play in a “couple months”, so early August. That’d be really cool to get Rodriguez actually playing games.

  9. I haven’t looked but I’d guess that Markakis isn’t being very productive in the 3 hole. Time to change it up


    Would appear to be more productive

  10. Stuck in FLA this week and Braves broadcasts are few and far between. Where was the pitch that Dansby went deep on?

  11. Yeah, that’s a silver lining for him struggling with sliders. When he gets a hanger, he gets to tee off on a 85MPH spinner.

  12. Joe had just said that Dansby ought to try to hit it to right. Instead he killed the rally with a no doubter to the left field bleachers.

  13. Joe did jokingly say “or hit it out” or something like that. I think he acknowledged that the actual outcome was a lot better.

    Folty is due up 3rd in the 7th. He’s at 94 pitches. Interested to see if they let him go out for the 8th.

  14. Definition of pressure if you’re a AAA slugger just called up…first at bat, bases loaded.
    False equivalence – platooning Ruiz/Camargo, equal time. Assuming you want to win.
    Matt Adams is rolling over a little too often – we know that stroke.
    Dansby’s homer…that right foot shot back like a firecracker.
    Ender, bases loaded, you just knew he was going to ‘serve’ it. And he did.
    Nuke on Saturday! And no superstar mound opponent.

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