Where do we go to consider the weekend of discontent? The Barves were embarrassed over and over. Then, today we have Mike Foltynewicz. Surely he will give us a good performance. Not quite. He Barved it up to 5 runs, all “earned,” in 4 innings.

Why the Burmese Railroad. Although “Bridge on the River Kwai” is fictional, it does give you the gist of what happened. Thousands of British troops surrendered to the Japanese in the fall of Malaya and Burma. If a few of you are “young un’s” now they call Burma, Myanmar. They were hauled off in humiliating style to live in horrible conditions. They were killed if they didn’t jump up and go work as ordered.

Among those orders were to complete a railway to allow Japanese attacks toward India to be supplied by a railroad from Rangoon. To do this required construction through an area with high ridges intersected by many swift rivers. So it was blast, pick, haul dirt and rock out, bridge, and start blasting again. The Barves experienced this humiliation by being beaten 4 straight times by a team that seems to be a lesser force than the Barves less than mediocre crew.

After getting only 1 run through 6 innings off of something called Nick Pivetta, the guys seemed to lift up their lunch pails and swing them a little in the late innings. 3 in the 7th made it 7 to 4. Then, 1 in the 8th and 1 in the 9th.

It appears that the FO (that’s Varsity speech for a frozen orange drink, you know, naked dog walking, etc.) couldn’t trade any of our rentals for anything that they thought was worth more than the right of its patrons to continue to see Kurt Suzuki, Brandon Phillips, and several more players.