I didn’t have the opportunity to watch this one (caught most of the early innings on the radio, though), but Aaron Blair‘s line was not very promising: 3 IP, 5 H, 5 ER, 5 BB, 3 K. It’s not surprising that Blair pitched poorly for multiple reasons. He hasn’t ever pitched well consistently at the big league level, he hasn’t pitched well at AAA, and he hadn’t pitched a full outing in 12 days. His last start was July 15th.

I don’t think that Aaron Blair or Matt Wisler were ever locks to be major league pitchers, but at this point, it’s really hard to see how the organizations view them as anything more than organization filler and widgets to make spot starts while Coppy plays the trade market. But the ironic part is that it could be Atlanta’s own fault that this is the way it is. If young pitchers are, by description, difficult to develop and volatile, then why exacerbate that problem by forcing them to the big leagues when they had minimal upper minors time, send them back and forth between AAA and MLB, and throw off their rhythm and throwing schedules by having them pitch with weird rest and out of uncomfortable roles. Obviously someone had to pitch innings in 2015 and 2016, but wouldn’t it have been worth ruining someone else’s careers with less potential vs. assets you just acquired by giving up real talent?

But I digress. At the end of the day, Blair pitched poorly, and it could easily be his last opportunity to pitch in Atlanta. But the bad pitching wasn’t done with Blair. Luke Jackson continued his struggles after his early success by allowing 2 runs in his one inning, and Ian Krol continues to prove that middle reliever are fungible parts, unpredictable from year-to-year, and the athletic equivalent to underwear. His ERA is over 6, and if they had anyone better to plug into his spot, I’m sure they would.

And more importantly, Dansby Swanson was optioned to AAA after the game. As of this morning, no corresponding move as been announcced. The beat writers speculate either Jace Peterson or Micah Johnson getting the call.

Off day today. This concludes a difficult stretch of games against top tier teams by going 8-11. All told, there’s not much to be disappointed about there. This team was not meant to contend, and they held their own against the top teams in baseball. Julio Teheran vs. Jeremy Hellickson, and it’ll be streamed on Facebook Live. Neat.