Mutts 6, IWOTB 2

Jaime Garcia pitched four strong innings, and Matt Kemp hit two solo shots, and the Braves almost won their second game of the year but then Garcia went out for the fifth and sixth and gave up two-spots each time, and Chaz Roe brought his gasoline pail and gave up a two-spot in the seventh, and since this April offense could no sooner surmount a four-run lead than a paramecium could surmount Everest, that was that.

39 thoughts on “Mutts 6, IWOTB 2”

  1. Alex,

    Would you give me 2 to 1 odds on Braves 4 spot versus paramecium? And, you can’t use previously fossilized versions.

  2. Roe has made a tremendous impact on the two losses. I don’t doubt he’s on a short leash, especially after a poor spring. Trade Roe for Mo!

  3. O’Flaherty looked good last night. If Roe is the only bullpen piece we have to banish and our starting pitching stays this competitive, I like our chances of exceeding expectations.

  4. I’m hoping Collmenter really comes on so we can have a Ro’Flahermenter phenomenon in the pen.

  5. If 7 guys in the lineup hit in the .100’s then things aren’t going to go well.

  6. You might think our players see how small the umpire’s zone is and take some more pitches.

  7. Collmenter is struggling. However, given the weather today no pitcher should be judged based on today’s game.

  8. what is with the cf camera angle in pittsburgh? you cannot see the plate. this isn’t normal, is it? can’t say i’ve noticed this anywhere else but now it’s all i think about

  9. @19, that’s pretty close. I don’t remember what I’ve predicted, but it wasn’t above 74 wins. A fluky season resulting in 80 wins is on the tail end of the bell curve, but it was never more than a longshot scenario.

  10. The team is bad.

    Until they spend money on big name FAs that can hit 30+HR per year or established pitchers in their prime when they hit FA, they aren’t doing anything but pretending and treading water.

  11. @21 not going to disagree that this is not a good team, because i don’t think anybody reasonably expected good. but to make the judgement that they are bad, 4 games in, with game 4 being played at near freezing temps seems a little harsh

  12. After 4 games we know absolutely nothing more about the Braves than we did during spring training. The pessimism around here is incredible. Given our road schedule to start the year, I will be happy with 4 and 7 or better to start the year.

  13. To be fair, I think the pessimism is the same now as it was 5 days ago. We thought we were a 72-win team before the season started, and not much has changed after a 1-3 start. If anything, I’m more optimistic, because Colon looks like he can still pitch and Matt Kemp looks like he’s lost 30 lbs and wants the CBPOY award.

  14. It’s not pessimism – the offense is bad and the pitching has major question marks. Nobody anywhere has predicted much more than 75 wins except for the lovable diehards that think we’re winning the division every year.

    Here’s what will make me less pessimistic: put better players on the roster.

  15. I feel like our relief pitchers will be average to slightly above average. Unless we get some injuries and have to rely on our horrible bench, I think our hitting will be average to slightly below average.

    The difference between 70 and 85 wins lies with our starting pitchers IMO. We either need our current staff to find the fountain of youth or one to two of our prospects to step up by June. I still say it’s way too early to tell whether our wins will be north or south of 75. The pessimists saying that we are going to be horrible after 4 games are incredibly predictable.

  16. Yeah, and the caricature that us optimists (when did that become a negative term?) actually think we’re going to win the division. No, we just don’t live in the ghetto of the bell curve, broski.

  17. krussell is probably a doomsayer, but I’m just thinking we need another year before we are talking about being a .500+ team, and any team projected to finish above .500 has a fighting chance at a wildcard. There’s nothing wrong with having a realistic outlook. I’ll probably watch at least parts of 140 games this season. I’m enjoying watching the rebuild progress. You don’t have to be a delusional homer to enjoy baseball, and we will play more competitive baseball this season than we did for most of the last 2 seasons.

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