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  1. I wonder if Eddie Perez, Bo Porter, or Terry Pendleton would do any better or worse with this bunch. I had said in mid-season that Snitker took over a different team than Fredi got, and it’s even more true now. If one of those three were in the manager’s chair, would anything be different?

  2. Don’t know about Bo, but Eddie and Terry would be pretty much interchangeable with Snit. All three are steeped in the traditions of The Braves Way, don’t you know?

    Personally, I’d give Snit the title and keep Terry and Eddie in the fold. Snit wouldn’t be the youngest manager in the league, so even a permanent gig would only be five years or so.

    Get us an ace, Coppy, and a catcher. I’d prefer Ramos to homeboy Wieters, but $$$. A bell cow starter is more important imo.

  3. You know, Fredi was also steeped in the Coxian tradition, but he never seemed to stand up to the umps for his players like Bobby did. I imagine Pendleton would be willing to go all red-ass on the umps if necessary, he always seemed like that kick butt type field leader back in the early 90s. I don’t know enough about Perez and Porter to say whether they would or not. You’s think Perez, as a former catcher would understand the necessity, but Fredi didn’t, and he was a backstop (I think).

  4. I never perceived what made Fredi a decent manager. Everyone knows it wasn’t in-game strategy, he didn’t seem to be a “players’ manager”, and his team seemed to quit on him multiple times and there was just an air of defeat that hung over the team on his watch. I haven’t seen anything out of Snitker that makes me think he’s any more of an intelligent game manager, but he seems to maintain a better atmosphere. He does have a different team, but he also oversaw rebounds from guys like AJP and Aybar.

  5. Sometimes you have to get yourself tossed. I know some may disagree, but that’s an essential part of managing athletes. It demonstrates that you support your players, it gets people fired up, and it can have an impact on how umpires perceive you and your team. Frankly, Fredi seemed out of control and a doormat, and I think there’s a benefit to fighting umpires every now and again.

    Snit also sees the value in putting people in assigned roles, and the consistent lineup is undoubtedly helping. It’s a Coxian move to even put the backup in the same spot in the lineup, and I know that used to infuriate people. I think Snit does it the same when he puts Beckham at 7th in the lineup and second base ahead of Dansby. But in the goal of keeping players comfortable, I think it’s a good move.

    At the end of the day though, aside from spots 3-5 in the rotation, Snit hasn’t had to push a lot of buttons lately. There’s a logical L/R/L/R/L/R/L/R setup to the lineup that makes every manager’s job easier, everyone is playing every day, there are no platoons, and he’s not having to make too many tweaks. He’s got 5 strong relievers to plug and play with, and he’s got a clear lefty to go to in lefty situations. He’s got clear guys to go to off the bench, and his backup catcher slides into the lineup in the same spot and can hold his own. He’s actually got a very simple roster to play with.

  6. You think UGA is going to finish the season 2-6 after this loss? I can always count on you krussell for hyperbole.

  7. I counted 7 of the 100, with 2 “Also Considered”

    Dansby #2, Ozzie #11 Allard #22 in the top 25.

  8. @10, I think you counted 7 just to be an ass and make me search through the list 4 times looking for the 7th.

    Heh. Well played.

  9. Lou Brown going to the trouble of making a strippable cardboard cutout as a motivational tactic only to make it strippable down to underwear was the least believable aspect of Major League…except maybe for the fact that the clubhouse settled for it…..

  10. @10 Everybody in the top hundred moved up, except Newcomb (small drop from meh year) and Anderson (new guy).

  11. what a fetid swamp of pitching prospects. I guess I thought one would emerge from the ooze by now and announce himself a fully evolved major league fifth starter.

  12. Aaron Blair
    Pitched it–couldn’t tell you where
    The Marlins feasted ala Hannibal Lecter
    Reversing every Blair Pitch vector

  13. 5 stolen bases off three different pitchers. Recker was getting wrecked.

    Oh well about Blair. I’m not sure what he’s going to show in AAA next year that will make any team wanting to contend willing to give him a string of starts. Plus, he wears mom jeans.

  14. Jose Fernandez passed on.

  15. Oh gosh. So awful.

    Huge blow to the Marlins, absolutely, but what a heart-breaking thing for a young man with so much to accomplish.

  16. A missed opportunity for MLB Network. I guess they’re not equippped to do breaking news. They’re playing taped highlights while ESPN is all over it.

  17. I keep thinking about how, when the benches cleared last week, Fernández went over to Markakis (whom he had hit with a pitch earlier) and tried to make peace.

  18. Also Fernandez had announced his girlfriend was pregnant last week. A 24-year-old man, father to be, with Cy youngs in his future. What an unfathomable tragedy.

  19. What a terrible tragedy. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt sad for the Marlins before, but I certainly do today. It’s a monumental loss for baseball – the most significant active player death since Roberto Clemente.

  20. Nothing good to say.

    Was watching the UGA game yesterday at a pub & the bartender (a Mets fan) & I actually had a bit of a conversation ’bout Fernandez & how much we hated facing him & how we half-expected Miami to ultimately trade him.

    Awful stuff.

  21. For his career, Jose Fernandez faced the Braves 9 times. In those 9 starts, Fernandez threw 58.2 IP, with 41 hits, 14 walks, 61 Ks – 5 wins, 2 losses (3.22 ERA). The Braves’ 6 HRs against Fernandez are twice as many as any other team managed against him.

    Of note – Fernandez absolutely dominated the Nats: 10 starts, .99 ERA, .848 WHIP, 84 Ks in 63.2 IP (7-0 record).

  22. The more I read, the sadder I get. I think we lost a potential HOFer. Also, I wonder what MLB has for preretirement death benefits.

  23. Even with all his run ins with the Braves, you couldn’t help but like Fernandez. He was everything that’s great about baseball.

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