39 thoughts on “Braves 7, Reds 2”

  1. Don’t worry, AAR. If we *never* recap the wins, there will still be plenty of entries.

  2. @1 – I’m not sure about that. Getting DFA’d from the Twins is almost as bad of a sign as getting DFA’d from the Braves. In 114 PAs this year Arcia has a -.5 WAR compared to .3 WAR for Francouer in 151 PAs. Obviously Arcia is only 25 and has a higher upside, but do you really want either player going into 2017?

  3. Arcia is 25, and Francoeur is not. Arcia has been good as recently as one might expect for someone to be good in the future. If we’re playing a video game, I’d probably rather have Arcia. In real life, I think I would just stick with Francoeur and get a real outfielder down the road.

  4. There was a comment on MLBTR from a Twins fan that this was David Ortiz all over again, and I bet you Twins fans have debated to know in whether it was justified to move on from Big Papi. If you look at his stats at age-26 (when the Twins let him go), I’m not sure I wouldn’t have moved on too.

  5. The thing that struck me about him and Ortiz is this: the Twins, historically, have not been good at developing power hitters. Tom Kelly’s long gone, but Terry Ryan’s still there, and it has been a long-standing historical weakness.

  6. I kinda like what we’re doing here with all of these long relievers. We know a young pitching staff is going to be bombed out of the stadium frequent enough that you need fringe prospects like Gant and Kelly there to put in 3-4 innings on the regular to keep your team from getting destroyed.

    MLB Network Radio was talking about the impact a Clayton Kershaw (or Arrieta, Wainright, etc.) makes. He allows you to use up your relievers the day before his starts, save them during his start, and then have them refreshed the day after his start. He impacts decisions in 3 of 5 games. If we had a true ace when we had O’Ventbrel, we may have won some playoff series.

  7. Our farm system is struggling at all levels. Good thing the major league club is heating up.

  8. I’m pretty Neck’ed out.

    Good for Gant. I really like him, and I hope he works out. 5 IP, 1 ER, 4 K so far.

    ManBan is pitching a half-way decent game so far: 4 IP, 0 ER, 4 H, 3 BB, 5 K.

  9. I find my self disagreeing with 90% of the stuff Joe Simpson says. While we’re delenda’ing…

  10. Joe is by far my least favorite announcer. The dude seriously just has way too many axes to grind.

    Don Sutton, by the way, is fantastic on radio play-by-play. Really love that guy.

    Chip has officially grown on me. I’ll never get over “Line drive base hit! Caught out there!” But he’s good in my book.

  11. I hope Gant doesn’t lose it here. I don’t think he’s been throwing 90+ pitches a whole lot.

  12. Pretty clear Withrow ain’t got it .. get him out please .. looking at Mississippi Braves stats .. Swanson plummeting towards the mendoza line .. getting used to playing every day tough compared to college .. hope all it is . Hope the pitchers aiMt already found the hole in his swing ..

  13. And whattaya know, it did go well. Never doubt Chevanka.

    Man, Poetrygate must have cleared this place out. We might have a winning streak people! Stand up on your feet!

  14. @12 .. yeah I noticed that .. thought we were supposed to be top 5 in majors for farm talent .. somebody missed it huh

  15. AJP has to be the most snakebitten hitter I’ve seen this year. Not sure if the the stats bare that out but to the eye he has been hitting it right at guys all year.

  16. BREAKING NEWS: Erick Aybar now has a batting average above .200. Had AJP’s hit just snuck through, he would have been above .200.

  17. 19—Rob, Don is a great radio (or TV) color guy, but he’s brutal as the PBP guy. Big fan of Powell, though. They work very well together.

  18. Don, I felt, gave a good amount of color within his play-by-play, if you could say it that way. I felt like he called the action well, but did it in a very entertaining way. Admittedly, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a “good” P-B-P guy vs. a bad one, but I do know when the P-B-P guy adds a dimension to the experience.

  19. Freeman’s beating everything out! He’s now sporting a 1.100+ OPS in June. I don’t feel like doing the math based on today’s results, but he’s up there.

    Inciarte also has an OPS above .700 in June. That’s also not terrible.

    Folty, according to the broadcast, is throwing to live hitters.

    Beckham should be back next week. Between Beckham, d’Arnaud, the need to get trade value out of Aybar, and the dead cat bounce of Jace Peterson’s career, you almost have choices.

  20. As hard as we had tried
    we had not yet won a game on an illegal slide.
    For the Mets, chant nunc dimittis
    they’d showed us what a perfect, funk submit is.

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