Braves 3, Mets 0

Matt Wisler was masterful tonight, toying with Mets hitters like a cat toying with mice. He went 8 innings and only allowed one hit, a blooper to center field in the 5th to Asdrubal Cabrera. He struck out four and walked two. One hit by a pitch and a Freddie Freeman error accounted for the only other baserunners the Mets had. There were a couple of hard hit balls the Braves outfielders managed to track down, but Wisler appeared to be in control the whole time. He had an incredible game. His pitch count did not allow him to try to seal the shutout himself, but Arodys Vizcaino dominated the 9th and got Wisler his win, so it all worked out. Braves pitching was quite encouraging tonight.

The hitters finally managed to get their act together enough to give their pitcher a chance to win. They had baserunners all over the place for the first four innings, including having runners on second and third with no outs in the 2nd inning, but Matt Harvey managed to wiggle out of trouble without allowing any damage, and it began to feel as though the Braves would lose the game 1-0 in the 12th. I have a dream that one day I will see the Braves throw a perfect game, or at least a no hitter (I had not been introduced to baseball when Mercker threw his, so that is not a joy I have ever been able to bask in). I had the thought tonight that this will probably be the season a Braves pitcher throws 9 perfect innings, but loses the game in the 10th. The Braves offense is just that special.

Tonight, though, they came through. In the 5th Mallex Smith hit his first big league home run, thanks to instant replay. The Braves then tagged on two runs in the 6th, when A.J. Pierzynski doubled home Kelly Johnson, then came around to score on a wild pitch. With how well Wisler was pitching, those three runs looked to be an abundance of riches.

Harvey vs. Wisler, and a shutout was thrown. I was expecting to type those words, but not in the way I thought. This is why they play the games.

Braves baseball is fun when the team wins, y’all.

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  1. Don’t get too excited about Wisler. We were calling Shelby Miller an ace about this time last year.

  2. If Wisler brings us 2 team top 10 prospects and an immediate starter at any position I will be okay with that.

  3. Mallex Watch:

    Since beginning 1-15, he is hitting .295/.354/.500 and playing a reasonable centerfield.

    Maybe Adonis Garcia is the right-handed utility bat we’ve needed all season. I’d guess Tuiasosopo will be DFA’ed when Inciarte comes back.

    In other news, Lucas Sims gave up 8 runs tonight, and Ozzie Albies is hitting .059 in AAA. Swanson has a 1.051 in 12 PAs in AA. I let myself watch some hype videos for Swanson and… I’ve been sucked in.

  4. Interesting nuance to the Gwinnett/Toledo game tonight: Cameron Maybin starting in CF for the Mudhens, on a “rehab assignment” now stretching into the many dozens of ABs…facing best Braves bud Jace Peterson, starting at 2B for the Braves. They went a combined 1 for 8.

  5. From previous thread…

    No, didn’t make it out to Flushing tonight. But apparently the ol’ doppelganger tricked his way onto TV.

    But, hey, a win tomorrow wins the series & sends Mets fans into at least one day of lacerating self-doubt, which… is nice.

  6. Saturday night, we get to see Shelby Miller vs Jome Julio. We missed by one game getting to see Shelby vs Blair.

  7. Wisler’s Mother
    has just watched him throw a near nother
    My portrait is his inspiration
    not of woman born the Dark Knight requests Administration.

  8. the opposite field
    does not generally yield
    to the baptismal blast
    of one who must now abandon his fast.

  9. in scoring position
    we eschew the tradition
    of bringing them round
    if some other form of scoring can be occasionally found.

  10. My guess…..When Inciarte returns this week he goes back in CF. Mallex shifts to LF and Adonis back to 3rd. Tuiasosopo is sent back down and Brignac goes back when Beckham returns.

  11. The Braves now have a .667 win percentage in the last 3 games. If this continues we will surprise some people. :-)

  12. @16 – You think D’Arnaud stays? He looks like the worst of the 3 and that’s saying a lot.

  13. As I look at it, I think Bonifacio replaces D’Arnaud on Saturday. Considering his poor performance of late, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Castro go back down and Brignac stay up when Beckham gets back.

  14. Yeah, the only question is which one of those three retreads gets DFA’d, as opposed to optioned — those are definitely the guys that Bonifacio, Beckham, and Inciarte will replace on the 25-man.

  15. I think Castro stays because of defense.

    Suddenly, the highest ERA among our current starting pitchers is 3.72.

    EDIT: Forgot about Folty. But other than him.

  16. Good luck guessing at what Fredi will do with the lineup. Not sure he would have Inciarte, Markakis, and Freeman all together up top

  17. What does everyone think of Folty? I love a pitcher who can throw 97, but will he ever create a 2nd pitch?

  18. TD, I honestly had forgotten about D’Arnaud. I think Stu is right that D’Arnaud, Brignac, and Tuiasosopo could all be DFA’d if we don’t need any fillers at Gwinnett.

    I think Castro stays since he’s still our best SS option on this roster.

  19. @24, It’s worth waiting on him to see if he can. I mean, what else have we got going on for the next couple years?

    We are heating up and right now we might be the best 7-win team in baseball, but I think we can afford to give young guys extended looks and have patience when they struggle.

  20. David, see this thread starting around post #40.

    Braves 4, Cubs 3 (by coop)

    I’m skeptical that he can stay around as a starter, but he’s got to command that fastball and start making his offspeed pitches competitive to stay in any role.

  21. I think Stu is right that D’Arnaud, Brignac, and Tuiasosopo could all be DFA’d if we don’t need any fillers at Gwinnett.

    To clarify, I don’t think they’ll all be DFA’d, at least not yet. But the Braves will need a spot on the 40-man for Bonifacio, so one of them will have to be.

  22. @29

    I think the market had communicated that to them for some time, and they’re just happy to draw a prorated major league check for as long as possible.


    Today I think Folty could still be a starter. He did settle down pretty well after Homer Fest, but I think 5-6 starts of this will lead me to believe he’s better in the pen. He didn’t give up a single home run in AAA.

    Even if Folty is a slightly above average reliever, you really have to be happy with the way the pitching is coming along. I now feel like we have a shot at a win night-in, night-out, and when a starter gets bombed, there’s at least the hope of development taking place.

  23. Why do we want a reliever that can’t locate and gives up tons of dingers? I’m not sure how moving him to the pen helps much. Let him figure it out by throwing 150+ innings. It’s not like he’s ruining our playoff hopes.

  24. #9
    It’s possible, I guess. In between sips, I was scribbling away in my C.S. Peterson’s Scoremaster book and, at one point, the SNY crew was ranging about in the section above.

    But I was oblivious, listening to Howie Rose, who at one point described the Braves’ 2016 roster approach as, “It’s a little bit like the Emma Lazarus sonnet on the Statue of Liberty: Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…”

    That guy’s the best.

  25. Markakis out of the lineup due to a family emergency. Today’s lineup is Mallex, Freeman, and the rest is redacted so I don’t vomit.

  26. I liked Citi Field better before they moved the fences in.

  27. Chacin has given up three home runs. “Heavens, heavens he’ll probably never be a major league pitcher!! Doom!”

  28. Great. Garcia and Aybar are throwing shade at each other on the field. What an awesome team this is.

  29. Ya know, it was great that you had to get to the 8 hole to find a hitter who is hitting below .200. That’s when you know the Atlanta Braves are going places. It’s like the ’27 Yankees out there.

  30. I would say that Atlanta’s chances of coming back from an 8 run deficit with this lineup are similar to their chances of winning the World Series this year.

  31. Chacin may have pitched a terrible game, but at least he can hit. Without his hit, we would be looking at a no-hitter right now.

  32. Hey — I’m working on a piece about what it’s like to be a Braves fan this year, and I’d love to interview some of you all, particularly the old-timers. If you’d be willing to talk to me on the record about it, please email me at the above email address. Thanks!

  33. Touki Toussaint starting for the Rome Braves tonight. What are the chances he has a better outing than Chacin did today?

    @46, what I just said is a microcosm of what it’s like to be a Braves fan this year :)

  34. Come June if the Braves want to sell any tickets we would see this lineup:


    Geez, we have a ton of LH hitters. I do think Markakis gets moved for a RH bat in RF at some point. Garcia will become a bench bat with Frenchy, Bonifacio, and KJ. Aybar will be shown the door.

  35. I think about our lefty situation frequently. Ruiz being a lefty hitting 3B makes it more problematic. It becomes essential to get a RH power bat in the corner OF. Someone like Justin Upton or Yoenis Cespedes…

  36. Jose Bautista is a FA, but I’m not sure we’d sign him to an OF spot for 4-5 years.

  37. I’m not sure we’d want JUpton (and his contract) or Cespedes either. FA isn’t what it used to be from the armchair GM’s perspective.

  38. Sitting next to Alex Wood’s mom while he’s pitching at the Trop. She’s just as amped up as she was on television. Cool lady.

  39. Well, we might be pretty far away from the postseason, but I’d posit that we’re still in a much better position than the Falcons, and…the…Hawks…omfg.

  40. Chacun a son trois
    le premier innings, n’est ce pas?
    quelle horreur mes amis
    departez Gwinnet si vous plait, toujour on dit.

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