Dodgers 2, Braves 1

I called an old friend of mine just the other day
No congratulations, no respect paid
All she did was wonder if the rumors were true
I said, “No, I ain’t dead yet but, uh, what about you?”
I can count my friends with a peace sign, one, two
It was Sunday night, instead of doing what I usually do, I

I scan my computer looking for a site
Somebody to talk to, funny and bright
I scan my computer looking for a site
Make believe it’s a better world, a better life
(A better life)

The Braves may never score again.

10 thoughts on “Dodgers 2, Braves 1”

  1. My high school girlfriend and I could not agree on music. Thompson Twins and A-ha for her, Zeppelin and Hendrix for me. So we listened to “Purple Rain” over and over again.

  2. So somehow I was able to watch today’s game… up until the 8th inning and then I had to leave the place where I was watching. I apologize to everyone.

  3. Hap, come on man.

    You owe us better than that. We go back. Way back. At least 2 threads.

    Don’t do us dirty.

  4. Thanks for the link ububba and all the Prince memories. I was in the fifth row for one of the Sign of the Times shows and it was glorious. Afterwards I rode the bus home with my then-girlfriend, now wife and forgot my tour shirt on the bus. My wife actually called Paisley Park and they sent me a new one. True story. I’m just listening to the soundtrack of my life all day and all night and thinking about how short it all is.

  5. 10 games without a home run. On pace to hit about 33 as a team in 2016.

    At least we’ll hit double digits, which is more than the 1917 Pirates could say. Any idea of the record for most consecutive games without a dinger?

  6. Saw they’re considering bringing up Blair for Saturday. A young ground ball pitcher in front of this infield defense….that should end well. I think the post game quote from Fredi today regarding Garcia’s defense was something about his position being “hitter”

  7. This is the kind of game that BAd Teams will always lose. Matching Kershaw inning for inning, watching runners die endlessly in scoring position. The surprise is merely when the loss will occur: you’re just waiting for someone to kick one or a fastball to be grooved.

  8. Them bums ain’t the ’27 Yankees, but Danny handled ’em. The Braves have some parts, but waiting for deferred gratification is not gratifying. I want dominance NOW.

    Meanwhile, Dansby Swanson appears to want a promotion. Patience, grasshopper. All things in their time.

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