Braves 7, Marlins 2

Mike Foltynewicz had a good night, but the game ball probably goes to the newest Brave, Nick Swisher. It’s way too soon to say whether the CJ-for-Swisher-and-Bourn deal will turn out as well as the Callaspo-for-Uribe deal, but it was an auspicious beginning.

Folty walked four and only struck out three, which isn’t great, but the important thing is that he didn’t give up a home run. Homers are pretty much the story of his year. In his 12 starts, he has given up a homer in all but three; of the 46 runs he’s given up this year, 23 have come via home run. Basically, if he can tamp down on the taters, he’ll go a long way toward realizing his potential.

It continues an offensive boomlet for the Braves lineup. Through the first three games of this Marlins series, the Braves have 34 hits, 22 runs, and, three wins. Remember, we’re basically the single biggest reason that their season went to hell: we’re 10-2 against them with a +23 run differential.

Goodness knows they’ve done it to us. It’s awfully nice to give them a taste of their own medicine.

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  1. the Clerihew arrives tomorrow…Wiki is helpful

    meanwhile. by contrast…

    the sublime, by the guy who invented it…

    George the Third
    Ought never to have occurred.
    One can only wonder
    At so grotesque a blunder

    with a beginner ..

    Nicholas Swisher
    has welcomed the fissure
    Departing the Lake
    for sanity’s sake.

  2. Faulty was very lucky to only give up 2 runs as he was giving up some hard contact last night. His FB looked as though it had tons of movement when he first came up to the bigs, but seems pretty lifeless now. Anyone else noticing that?

  3. a Certain Smile…

    I became a Swisher fan when i noticed his smile years back, you could hardly miss it…amid the pretentious claptrap that is baseball in Yankee Stadium post George and Billy it stood out a sweet mile…

    Now we have it at the Ted…it was on second last night, chopping away, what a sight…it’s pretty easy to predict that whatever comes from his bat and his glove it will be the smile that lifts us, that will be remembered…


  4. @3
    I agree, and I’ve wanted the Braves to get this guy for the better part of a decade. Better late than never I guess!

    Question: Do you guys think Braves will put Bourn and Swisher back on waivers?

  5. The Atlanta Braves:
    no more swinging knaves.
    An offensive boomlet?
    Break out your broomlet!


    The movement’s there and gone. He really had it going on Monday night. He’s must-watch baseball for me every start because when he’s feeling it, he’s close to untouchable.

  6. Trivia: excluding the games they’ve played against each other, the Braves and Marlins would have the same record, 41-58.

  7. Michael Bourn
    has a peculiar facial form.
    He looks like a fart smeller,
    but he’s really a smart fella.

  8. Bourn again Michael
    fits baseball’s life cycle
    he’s come home to roost
    but cannot quite run like he ust.

  9. regarding this evening’s game…

    Said Prado, that son of a bitch
    that awful Foltynewicz
    my elbow is black
    there will definitely be a Fish counter attack.

  10. If we win, we’re going to be just 7 1/2 games out of first place in the Eastern Division, and there’s really just no excuse for that. Shame on the Mutts and Gnats.

  11. I’m confused about all these 5 p.m. start times on Sundays. I get it on the Sundays before Memorial Day and Labor Day (and the day after Independence Day this year), but it seems sub-optimal for all normal Sundays. And I really doubt the heat situation is that different in a game that runs from 5-8 p.m. than from a game that runs from 1-4 p.m. The sun is still out pretty much the entire time in the former. And frankly, early afternoon is a much better time for TV viewers.

    Sorry BTW, I’m not a clerihew specialist (I actually had to look up the specific factors that make something a clerihew just now).

  12. In place of a clerihew, I submit Sunday Afternoon with The Shelby Miller Band:

    Some people call him the Space Cowboy,
    Some call him the Gangster of Love,
    Some call him Maurice (rrritt-rrooowww),
    But now he speaks of mediocre pitching.

  13. How great would it be to just have one game with just Smoltz, Glavine and Maddux in the booth? I’ve seen Smoltz and Glavine in at the same time, but I’d love it if they could swing that for a game.

    Also, I kind of like watching this team.

  14. A Miller named Shelby
    Had a Tommy John-less elby
    Let’s hope it remains thus,
    Healthy pitchers are a big plus

  15. Williams Perez
    They each wore a fez
    And drove Shriner gocarts
    Powered by their own farts

  16. John Stuart Mill, of his own free will
    On a half pint of shandy was particularly ill
    Plato they say, could stick it away
    Half a crate of whiskey every day

  17. Probably the only thing on television harder to watch right now than this team is the second season of True Detective.

  18. If CJ hits .400 the rest of the year and bats over .300 next year, it will still be at least a push. He got every chance in Atlanta and proved he couldn’t do what was needed.

  19. @24: Well, Alex Wood started, so he had to do it–just wearing different laundry now. Oh, and Jim Johnson sort of looks like High Pitch Eric from the Howard Stern Show.

  20. @24 since leaving ATL, he pitched in 4 games giving up ERs in each game, blew a couple of saves and took a couple of losses.

  21. @21
    after the end and an hour to think about it i finally figured out, i think, whose baby it was…plus i couldn’t get my cc captions to work so most of the dialog was lost on me…now i perform my usual monday morning routine of reading the critics to find out what happened – that’s a job i would not want!

    but i would happily watch it all over…those slow aerials from a thousand feet up, day and night, are a new art form.

  22. Mattingly just left him out there to die last night. I have no idea what he was doing, but it was clear that Johnson didn’t have it and Mattingly pretty much let him face the entire lineup before finally pulling him.

  23. @22

    Chris Johnson, he of four for four
    we might well ask why not that before?
    apparently some heard him say
    all lefties, i could happily do that all day.

  24. That third baseman Dorn
    In our collective side, a thorn,
    Play me or trade me, demanded he,
    The latter chose Hart and elated we

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