Mike Foltynewicz had a good night, but the game ball probably goes to the newest Brave, Nick Swisher. It’s way too soon to say whether the CJ-for-Swisher-and-Bourn deal will turn out as well as the Callaspo-for-Uribe deal, but it was an auspicious beginning.

Folty walked four and only struck out three, which isn’t great, but the important thing is that he didn’t give up a home run. Homers are pretty much the story of his year. In his 12 starts, he has given up a homer in all but three; of the 46 runs he’s given up this year, 23 have come via home run. Basically, if he can tamp down on the taters, he’ll go a long way toward realizing his potential.

It continues an offensive boomlet for the Braves lineup. Through the first three games of this Marlins series, the Braves have 34 hits, 22 runs, and, three wins. Remember, we’re basically the single biggest reason that their season went to hell: we’re 10-2 against them with a +23 run differential.

Goodness knows they’ve done it to us. It’s awfully nice to give them a taste of their own medicine.