Braves 8, Giants 0 (by spike)

Come and listen to my story bout our second Fat Juan
Drew a walk in the second with Neck Markakis on
Nicky came around to score on a booted double play
But Simba got a hit cause we’re playing by the bay

Well the next thing you know the Braves scored a couple runs
Juan cracked a double and he still wasn’t done
He tacked on a dinger just to put the game away
And keep us from a sweep in the city by the bay.

Starting pitching
They were great
Tough luck, Timmy
let’s get one more now, y’hear?

111 thoughts on “Braves 8, Giants 0 (by spike)”

  1. I wouldn’t take any better than 4:1 odds on this one. 2015 Julio vs. ol’ Mud Bum…

    What are odds for if not defying?

  2. I’m a Realtor, and I’m being told to expect a full price, cash offer on a high-priced listing. Since we don’t have it in writing, I told the seller that the Furcal Rule is in effect. He didn’t get it. He must not be a Journaler.

  3. Julio/Alex/Folty/Los Perez with Wisler in the wings. Not bad, considering we expected Minor to at least be a fungible #4 this year.

  4. Oh yeah. That guy. Suddenly Man-Ban and Max Fried become redundant. Weird how stockpiling chits works, huh?

    (When was the last time you thought about Lucas Sims or Jason Hursh?)

  5. Cody Martin will probably never get a chance to start for us, barring another cavalcade of injuries. It’s a real shame we dicked around with Stults when Martin could’ve had 8-10 starts to show us something.

    Don’t get me wrong–I don’t see him as a significant piece of the rotation. I just think he could hold his own as a starter in the bigs, even if not for us.

  6. Sims wasn’t good last year, and he doesn’t look good this year, so for anyone looking for a little continuity, there it is.

  7. I think we’ll be able to transition a starter to reliever/closer, or trade a starter for a closer with no problem. Of course, you can always sign a guy like Grilli/Wagner. It seems there will always be a guy in his late-30s that will sign a favorable deal to be a closer.

    Power in the lineup is the most worrisome thing. We have so many spots seemingly dedicated to people who won’t hit the ball out of the ballpark. Smith/Maybin, Markakis, Peterson/Peraza, Simmons, Bethancourt, and Freeman (for a first baseman) don’t have enough power unless we have an absolute masher in left or third (or just left if we stick with CJ or put Peraza/Peterson at 3B).

  8. Watching Bartolo Colon play in the National League has been nothing but a pure joy.

  9. In the beginning, God made Chris Johnson, and he said “he shall be able to hit lefties, and he shall be able to–”

    He was cut off by Bryce Harper who called his own creation a “clown design, bro”.

    “So anyway onto the next player” spake the Lord

  10. What’s up with Teheran? He’s barely touching 90 today and most fastballs are sitting between 86-88

  11. Has anyone thought of calling the Giants catcher Busty Poser? It just seems to be too perfect.

  12. Uribe may be older and less productive but he hasn’t lost much of that bat speed

  13. Fredi deserves credit for lineup construction today. Stacking righties was a good move, esp when freddie has been so bad lately.

  14. That strike one call on Betty was absurd

    Wtf was andrelton doing? That looked horrible

  15. Teheran has the lead, why in the world would you not let Freeman or Cunningham hit for him there?

    If Fredi pulls him next inning he’s and idiot

  16. 33,

    I don’t agree with letting julio hit but our bullpen is so bad it’s understandable

  17. That was pretty ninja.

    I appreciate that Fredi is letting the starters grow like this in a make-or-break season for him. The fact that there aren’t a lot of options probably makes it easier.

  18. Well know that Freeman is in the game it would’ve made sense to let Freeman hit there for Teheran

    And now he pulls him after 1 batter.

    Fredi is an idiot

  19. I think this decision has as much to do with lack of faith in the bullpen to go three full innings. Avilan has pitched the two previous games, so I assume Fredi is hoping to go to Johnson/Grilli in the 8th/9th.

    Annnnd it looks like it has already backfired.

  20. Don’t try the Veal…

    Does it ever make sense to put in a guy to get the handedness advantage when he has an ERA over 11?

    Answer: No.

  21. Remember when our bullpen was the best in baseball? Now we got Donnie Veal pitching high leverage innings.

    We got Vealed. Fredi is neutralized by a horrible pen. It doesn’t matter what he does.

  22. We already cut Veal once… WE BROUGHT HIM BACK!

    Yes, the Veal is repeating on us. The sooner these jokes aren’t available the better.

  23. Well, it’s clear Fredi left Julio in because he doesn’t trust our horrific pen. But in that case he needs a longer leash than 1 batter. What was so stupid was pulling him after 1 hit when you just gave up a golden scoring opportunity to leave him in.

  24. Hadnt Veal been dominant at AAA? All I saw from him was a straight fastball down the pipe

  25. #61 – Yeah, I get that. However we are several years in and still watching Fredi make that same move. The pitcher hits in a big spot only to have Fredi pull him the next half inning

  26. “And Nick Markakis will have a chance to tie it up.”

    Just like I have a chance of hitting the Powerball this week. Thanks, Chip, I needed a good laugh today.

  27. Donnie Veal at Gwinnett: 16 ip, 0 ER, .165 BAA, 13 K, 3 BB

    How? He’s throwing straight meatballs. Vealballs

  28. 69- Veal’s been extremely polite. Opposing hitters ask him to help their batting averages and RBI totals, and he always does.

  29. That would have been phenomenal in the seventh. There were two defensible series of decisions, and Fredi chose option C.

  30. Recent Braves history tells us that bases loaded with one out or fewer is the worst situation we can have.

    EDIT: Well, shut my mouth, and let me use it to kiss you, Jace.

  31. Yes! With that triple, Jace Peterson has now officially made up for being named Jace!

  32. I’m really enjoying this whole make-contact offense thing. A little ABE baseball is always fun, especially when it’s against the Giants.

  33. I only have the SF feed, was Brandon Crawford awarded the Zaxby’s Indescribably Good Play?

  34. Fortunately Blanco didn’t get the message that as a former Brave he’s supposed to kill us.

  35. This team isn’t terrible. At the start of the season, I thought this trip would put us away.

    I think Peterson is going to be a very good player for us.

  36. It’s not that they’re terrible – they just have no margin for error. They can’t hit for power and the mid part of their bullpen is a train wreck.

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