i’m sorry to admit that i cannot wait for this season to be over….(Mets 4, Braves 2)

Braves quit, Braves quit, Braves quit!
While i try not to lose interest or be disgusted, it is a struggle to find any positives. There were some so let’s start in the 8th inning when Joey Terdoslavich singled, Emilio Bonifacio singled, Phil Gosselin singled, and Freddie Freeman came up to the plate. He took the first strike swinging, then a ball, then took the second strike looking. Clearly it was low and away and the disgusted look on Freddie’s face told me this was all over. Too many expectations, too much emotional strain, too much
disappointment, too much to make this into a real rally,… the kind that championship teams know how to ignite. To my surprise, Freddie took the next pitch right up over the middle and there we were with 2 runs on the board. Wow. That really happened, one small moment of sheer joy. What’s more we had only ONE out, runners on first and second and we found ourselves in the middle of an actual rally.

However, it was just a faint glimmer as Justin and Chris Johnson grounded out end the inning.

Mike Minor came out in the first with a shoulder strain. I’m not sure what to think of Mike Minor…. Does he need to move on? Is he done? Will he recover the promise he had when we drafted him 7th overall in 2009 out of Vandy. Hmmm..

David Hale came in in relief and promptly gave up 2 runs on 4 hits. He settled down in the 3rd and the 4th and the only other Mets run came on a Curtis Granderson home run off David Carpenter.

It was painful, but not as painful as getting blanked. At least we showed some level of professionalism.

We’ve talked about this a lot, but i have not seen a Braves team play like this since the Dale Murphy era…well…that is excepting the September collapse of 2011. We have a core of talent but with only one division title since 2005, we need to seriously rethink our strategy. Mark Bowman writes that changes could include Freddi, or perhaps Frank Wren.

18 thoughts on “i’m sorry to admit that i cannot wait for this season to be over….(Mets 4, Braves 2)”

  1. Thanks for braving the tide of disgust to write up the game anyway, ChasT.

    Some positives to take away from today’s game for anyone who’ll be watching:

    -Bonifacio has the craziest looking face. He’s got a smile that droops sharply on the bottom, and he’s always chewing gum, and it seems like he’s suffering from one of those illnesses that badly conceived secondary characters in bad comedies always seem to have.

    -Freddie Freeman finally getting his chance to prove to the world that he doesn’t need any other good hitters in the line-up to carry this team to victory.

    -No Heyward today, which means no one has to be disappointed by his pathetic 2014 season.

    -Johnson and Simmons still neck-and-neck for the GIDP crown. Who will win?

    -Santana remains lovable despite allowing 5 runs in 6 innings, mostly one sliders that only make the gentlest breaks.

    So stick around!

  2. Anyone see Rosenthal’s report that Scheurholtz might go after Dayton Moore to replace Wren? Haha. Ha. Ha.

    If that’s actually on the table, then I think it highlights the fact that Scheurholtz is the real problem with the team. This is the same guy who left the cupboards completely bare on his way out leading to the dark days of ’06-’08. Fire Scheurholtz.

  3. The lack of energy is just so obvious on the players’ faces at this point. Almost as bad as listening to Smoltzie and Joe talking about sabermetrics.

  4. Well, this is too painful to watch. I have been following the Braves since ’91. This is the worst season to be a Braves fan since.

  5. Bowman saying org changes could come before end of the season (Wren gone) and that Fredi may get one more year with a different support cast around him (Walker and Fletcher gone)

  6. @8 That was quite the statement for Joe to make. They’d been toeing the company line with such vigor this entire month. But none of them have touched the fate of Fredi/Wren yet.

  7. @9 Just read the Bowman article. I’ve seen the speculation about Dayton Moore over the past few years, but if the Braves really fire Wren and hire Moore…

    I can’t even finish that sentence.

  8. If Fredi gets another year and Wren doesn’t? Cox.

    The problems go to the top. Schuerholz and McGuirk.

    Lest we forget Schuerholz cleaned the cupboards before handing the job to Wren.

  9. Cox is the only reason Fredi could possibly survive. It’d be disgraceful if they let him manage the Atlanta Braves in 2015.

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