We’ve gone from the Jones boys to the Simmons boys. Andrelton Simmons led the team with two hits and two RBI, Shae Simmons pitched 1 2/3 crucial scoreless innings to bail out a homer-happy Mike Minor, and the Braves just barely held on to beat the Mets. In all, the Braves Bullpen pitched 4 2/3 innings, 8 strikeouts, no walks, one hit, and no runs. Jordan Walden and the Kraken finished the game out by striking out the side in back to back innings. That’ll get it done every time.

If Mike Minor would just stop giving up homers all of the time, he might be an effective pitcher — it’s hard to dislike five strikeouts against just one walk in 4 1/3 innings, but it’s really easy to dislike the fact that he gave up two two-run homers in less than half a ballgame.

But the Braves are in first place by a half-game, they’ve won six in a row, and their offense is starting to resemble a major league offense, sort of. In May, the Braves scored 3.4 runs a game; in June, they scored 4.0 runs a game. I’m not saying that Tommy La Stella is the only reason for that, but when you take Dan Uggla out of your lineup, good things happen. Losing Evan Gattis for two weeks will hurt, but last night, Christian Bethancourt got his first major league RBI. So that’s nice for the kid.