Braves 4, Phillies 2

Not a lot to say about tonight’s game. The Braves jumped out early, with Freddie Freeman launching a three run homer off Braves nemesis Kyle Kendrick in the top of the first, then doubling home Andrelton Simmons in the top of the second. Kendrick settled down after that and pitched well enough to win, but didn’t because the Braves pitcher was just a bit better.

Julio Teheran went seven innings, running into trouble in the 4th, giving up a lead off triple to Ben Revere, who scored on a Jimmy Rollins groundout. A Simba error led to the second Phillie run, as Ryan Howard had hit a double play grounder, but The Defense rested, and didn’t catch the throw to force Chase Utley.

Evan Gattis left after striking out in the first with some sort of muscle cramp, and Gerald Laird spent the next nine innings chasing various pitches to the backstop.

With the Natspos losing to the Cubs, the Braves climbed back into a tie atop the NL East. The teams play a split doubleheader tomorrow.

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  1. I think that was probably more a matter of the Phillies playing 14 innings on Thursday and there being a doubleheader today.

  2. Spike I was in the car listening to the broadcast on Sirius and heard the call live. It was darn good.

  3. It always feels nice beating the Phillies, but especially when you’re struggling. Here’s to a swept twin bill.

  4. Lots of trash among the eight-figure salary portion of the roster.

  5. Tom Hart: “Dominic Brown has been terrible on defense this year.”

    Chip: “That’s surprising, because he was so good on offense last year.”

  6. Never heard Mark DeRosa speak before. I said hi to him and shook his hand while exiting a Springsteen concert back in the day, so his thick Jersey accent doesn’t come as a surprise.

  7. Justin’s lollygagging cost us an extra run there. But his bat got us two, so that’s something I can live with.

  8. Chip’s not the only one who does it, but I wish professional announcers at least wouldn’t pronounce Ryne Sandberg’s name as if it was Ryan. His parents went to a lot of trouble giving him that goofy name, it should be pronounced correctly.

  9. It’s weird doing something overwhelmingly beneficial to your team’s chances of winning that is relatively commonplace for the better teams in the league. I like this “scoring lots of runs” and “putting the game away”, as they’re called.

  10. I agree. It’s kind if interesting though that upton with his prodigious power can’t keep up with him. Upton just has too many extended slumps. When he’s on, he’s an XBH machine.

  11. Sounds like a roster move could be coming before tonight’s game. Gattis to DL, maybe Bethancourt coming up? Braves live is teasing us with that as a possibility.

  12. @ajcbraves: Fredi didn’t divulge catching plans for Game 2 but threw out “roster stuff” as possibility.

  13. I really like the lineup makeup right now. If you toss Gattis in the cleanup spot after he gets back from this injury and move everyone else down a spot, it would be perfect.

    Also, with Simmons in the 2-hole the past two games, he has a .400 OBP with 4 runs scored. Small sample size, I just think it looks pretty nice.

  14. They optioned Jaime to make room for Bethancourt. Gattis is day-to-day. I would assume the OF’ers are just getting some rest.

  15. Simba, you don’t have to swing at ball four just because it’s above the bill of your cap.

  16. Surprised Hale has been in this long with Schlosser available to piggyback, but it’s working out.

  17. Let’s hope La Stella can pick up another RBI. This kid looks so much more comfortable batting in the lower end of the lineup than he did up top.

  18. La Stella is where he needs to be. The guy can straight up hit when he is at the bottom of the lineup. For some odd reason, it just does not carry over with him at the top of the lineup.

  19. Why does fredi continue to use uggla with RISP? It’s like he’s made up his mind Uggla is a valuable bench bat and no amount of contrary evidence will convince him otherwise

  20. Andrelton goes 0 for 5 tonight, which is quite an accomplishment because he only saw three pitches all night.

  21. Okay, I will bow down to the wisdom that Simmons does not belong in the 2-hole after evaluating the last 3 games. I listened to this one the radio, and it was hilarious listening to the broadcaster. “Simmons to the plate. First pitch, and he pops out.” LOL

    I will say that La Stella belongs in the 7-hole though. He is just so valuable down there. His at bats look so much better.

  22. Hale looked like he was much more comfortable as a starter. Kind of like Alex Wood in that regard. Nice to sweep the doubleheader, now let’s sweep the series.

  23. @70
    Unless he gets traded, Hale should be our 5th starter next year. Dude has earned it.

  24. Sunday lineup

    BUpton CF
    Pena 3B
    Freeman 1B
    JUpton LF
    Heyward RF
    Simmons SS
    La Stella 2B
    Laird C
    Harang P

  25. Harper hit 3 HRs last night in his last rehab start for the Nats’ AA team. He’ll be activated Monday. It will be interesting to see how Matt Williams juggles playing time in their crowded OF. Starting this week the Nats will be at basically full strength – NL East race is officially on.

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