That was impressive!

I know the Rockies play baseball on the moon and a lot of their stats are hyper-inflated, but they are a good team with very good hitters. They were totally dominated by Braves pitching this weekend.

Julio Teheran sent another message that he is one of the top starters in the league. Here we thought we didn’t have an ace.

El Oso Blanco decided that hitting the other way for singles is nice, but it is more fun to pull the ball and hit home runs. He had so much fun doing it, he did it twice. Justin Upton saw how much fun it was and joined in. Joe Ted Williams doesn’t know what he is talking aboutSimpson couldn’t even argue.

I work with a guy from Boston who is an actual life long Sox fan. He is really annoyed with all of the bandwagon jumper fans. He calls them Pink Sox fans. I am sure The Ted will have a pink hue over the next few days.

Enjoy your Memorial Day! Watch Patton, remember what the day is about, eat a hot dog and stay safe.