No Gattis – shame…in this Park on this day the exception should not prove the rule.  Good to see Jason gets a reprieve.

Andrelton, slow across, surely not?   Freddie the leaping salmon.  Alex, 2 hits but saucy…hope he’s around for ever, attitude.

You get the impression with Simmonds the batter that he operates in the fourth dimension, one of his own creation – the regular playing surface disdained he tries to land the ball somewhere across another one, twenty five feet up in the air.

Alex strikes out the side – on the mound before the first pitch,he was cap off, head bowed…in these instances you can’t help wondering who/Who is being addressed  and whether the propitiatory stance stems from a position of strength or weakness...Lord, thank you for my unhittable fastball or Please, where has my control gone?

Freddie leaves a couple, we have been spoiled.   Scoreless after three.

Uggla strikes out – he’s a dead ringer for the spooky Billy Bob in Tuesday’s sensational premier on FX of Fargo, Coen brothers and all…what boggles the mind was the formal assurance up front that the events that followed actually happened and they name a time and a place…we are truly a strange lot and maybe our baseball fetishes are not that idiotic after all…

3 double plays in the bank…don’t know how to look it up but would hazard a guess that  fewer ground balls are being hit Andrelton’s way this season..SSS or something slightly sinister?  (Alliteration in the sixth degree – (seventh) (eighth ) )

Scoreless through six.. Wood 5 hits, c.72 pitches… we execute a pick off play perfectly… surely Burnett needs a sleep?   our BABIP today .000, seemingly…  Breaking News – our short stop strikes out…

CJ…another fine play and throw for third out…we talk more nonsense about this player than any other on the roster…he’s regressing a good deal more slowly than those who would delight in the correctness of their woeful projections…use your eyes…

Bastardo for Burnett…( in the fifties my parents bought a 1932 Rolls Royce whose original owner was formally named in the papers that went with it as ‘James Bastard Smith’ – apparently back in those days if you were one you had to be named one, charming)… Laird stranded after one out double.

With one out in the bottom of the seventh Philly bunts  Brown to second, their first batter of the day to reach scoring position…he better not score(he does)…pick off play at second, CLOSE!!  can you appeal a play like that, why not?  Howard walks, 2 out, 2 on, pinch runner…Alex leaves one up, Brown scores..Alex at 100 pitches… inning over, pity about that one bad pitch to Revere…

Top of the ninth…Pimplebum (plagiarist!) …don’t care who’s up, want to see Gattis…Freddie, no depth…Justin K’s from 3-0 count…CJ K’s to end the game, he’s clearly regressing…  where was Gattis??

We won the squeaker last night and the melodrama two nights before…so grant them this…                    do we have to?


‘But O how bitter thing it is

To look into happiness through another man’s eyes.’         W.S.