Braves/Mets…rubber GAME THREAD…the other catch

we had an awful game to watch Tuesday, we’d all rather have been down the pub…on the other hand had we been there last night and subjected to the usual rabble we would have wanted to be home to savor what we saw this time…in a game of memorable images, woo-hoo feats, there was one i woke up with this morning above the rest.

if you watch a couple of hundred baseball games a year these images have a short life, almost always…but you never know, so here’s mine…

if i had attended the Centuro Educalivo in San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican and finally found myself, age 25, in the majors last year with a bad team but a Major League team none the less who got me in the free agent draft back in ’06…and they had called me up last year and i had made an impression to the extent i was their starting CF this new season i would have gone to Atlanta as such with a good deal of pride…

and then in the first inning  our man – our main man now the other guy’s gone down- is getting smashed around the park in the first innings…the crowd’s roaring, there’s some guy called Freeman up and he’s hot…crescendo noise as he smacks it over my head, i’m on alien ground…and i turn and i chase and i catch it high on the torn wall and the crowd is silent…

what impacted me in all this was not the marvelous catch per se but the look in his eyes as he took his position on the field…smouldering, FU!…this is what i can do, were you watching, did you see me?  there was not a trace of hot dog in any of this, it was all in the eyes, pride…he had done something remarkable, on foreign soil, something he was intensely proud of and he wanted to be sure we Atlantans knew that he was.

So i close, again, with Philip Larkin, and celebrate with Juan Lagares...

‘What calls me is that lifted rough tongued bell
(Art if you like) whose individual sound
insists I too am individual. ‘

that was his art i saw last night…and i thank him for it.

51 thoughts on “Braves/Mets…rubber GAME THREAD…the other catch”

  1. Apparently Chipper is on the field talking to BJ about hitting right now. Can’t hurt.

    Also, Lagares’s catch was amazing. We were treated to some pretty incredible defensive plays last night. I’d much rather see that every night than a few home runs. I guess that’s what growing up watching Andruw Jones every night does to you.

  2. For reasons you saw last night, the Mets really want Lagares to be their CF.

    He’s off to a fast start at the plate, but he never really hit in the minors, so the Flushing front office isn’t really brimming with confidence either.

  3. @2

    your sources in the Mets clubhouse remain impeccable, clearly!

    can we therefore assume they all escaped the current post-Madoff clean up?

    cheers, always enjoy your stuff on NYC.

  4. @9

    And Ryan Doumit catching and throwing the baseball into right-center field.

  5. #5
    It’s all by osmosis.

    I live 2 express subway stops from Flushing, my Long Island office is loaded with Mets fans and, of course, there are more sports-media outlets here than anywhere in America. Interest in baseball remains huge in NYC. Can’t get away from it, even if you wanted to.

    Madoff Dept: If you look at the overall reduction in their recent payrolls (they went from spending $120 M to about $80 M last year to about $89 M this year), it’s safe to assume that the Mets are still smarting from the Madoff debacle. It was reported that the owners took out a $250 M loan, which had stipulations that the club couldn’t expand payroll. Then, they reportedly got some “re-financing” that allowed them to increase spending a bit.

    Still, for a New York baseball club with its own TV network to spend only $89 M does not sit well with Mets fans.

  6. I’ll take Jason’s tardy stroll to first over Dan’s presumptive bat flip after a called third strike on a 3-2 count.

  7. Interesting: the current top two teams by record in the National League are the Nationals and Brewers, each with two losses on the young season. All four of those losses came at the hands of the Braves.

  8. Hale’s bunting “attempts” bring back memories of Tommy Hanson.

  9. Chip was certainly impressed. But not a word about giving away outs in the bottom of the sixth inning.

  10. So we pinch hit to try and sacrifice bunt. Please tell me why our pitchers are unable to do this task. Such a wasted AB and pinch hitter.

  11. Taking out Avilan to put in Pickles. Goddamn. Fredi is like some kind of drunken gambler that never knew the odds.

  12. This game is turning into a master’s class in game mismanagement. Step 1: start playing for one run three innings too early. Step 2: Pickles. Step 3…

  13. @34 Unfortunately you called that in @29. Is a Moylan the designated Gryboski who actually (usually) does what he’s supposed to?

  14. I think Pickles throws a stinker, not a sinker. There was a good chance we were done scoring anyway

  15. Doumit sucks at catching

    Fredi sucks at bullpen management

    Half the lineup is useless

    Schafer suuuccckkkkssss

  16. Watching Kyle Farnsworth baffle our hitters is like rubbing pickle brine in an open wound.

  17. First bad outing of Hale’s career.

    Using Schafer to PH bunt is one of the most annoying decisions Fredi can make. Not letting Avilan finish an inning is a close 2nd.

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