With the World Series receding into the background, a few final tidbits to ponder before hibernating until spring training.

The Red Sox franchise has now captured eight World Series which moves them into 4th place for most Series won. Previously they had been tied with the Giants. The Red Sox have gone 8-4 in their Series appearances which gives them the 3rd best winning percentage (minimum 5 appearances). However, their 12 appearances is only good for sixth on the list of franchise appearances.

The Cardinals have now lost eight World Series, tying them with the Cubbies for most Series lost. Previously St. Louis was tied with Detroit. The Cards have now gone 11-8 for their World Series appearances, which gives them the 6th best winning percentage (minimum 5 appearances). Their 19 appearances ties them with the Giants (NY & SF) for 2nd most on the list of franchises appearances.

The Braves franchise has appeared in nine World Series, going 3-6. They’ve captured one World Series in each city (1914 – Boston; 1957 – Milwaukee; and 1995 – Atlanta).