Sevierville, TN… Tennessee sports bars are most accommodating! …. Five big screens ,  despite conflicting local interests they readily switched  one of them to the Braves game an hour before the first pitch… Embarrassingly helpful … Great fried chicken  and buffalo chips, Oktoberfest beer… What is going to happen tonight? Cliff Lee??

Huddy  gets no more than his due, pre-game… Such a shame that’s as much as we shall see of him. Fox shows Medlen, since Hudson’s injury he’s 8/2. Marlins firing at will in their front office.

Reed Johnson (LF)  hits 2nd, Uggla 8th, Gattis catches for Mac – how’s Mac? Great pictures here but no sound.

First 5 outs of the game were caught in the outfield. FF first hit of the game in the 2nd – lead off.

CJ  hits Lee with hard grounder, Lee OK apparently.

Uggla, 2 outs, runners 1st and 3rd, takes yet another called strike 3.  Why is it that hitters mired in dreadful slumps, add to the misery they repeatedly inflict on us by doing this….See BJ also.

Medlen  lucks out on strike 3 to  Rollins, walks Uttley, K’s Ruiz.

After 4…. Lee getting 3rd strike on Braves’ hitters with 93 mph fast ball- just outside.

We need to get a run for this guy – Medlen is pitching beautifully thru 6, Gattis throws out a very rare base runner. Lee after 6, 80 pitches, 11K’s… we’ve had a grand total of 3 hits so far in this game -all singles.

7th…. Heyward  RF,  BJ CF, JuP LF (Reed OK?).  Uttley 1 out single, Ruiz obliges double play -2 hits each.

Lee’s current 52/1  K/walk ratio is absurd . FF strikes out, last 2 highly doubtful. Gattis battles, full count, flies out.

After 8, Medlen  at 100 pitches, 1-2-3 including the dreaded Asche – we can’t let Kris lose this game — in the dugout hand shakes all round, he must be coming out. What a performance!!!


Scary catch Janish, 1st out in 9th. Kimbrel 1-2-3, totally dominant.

What a wonderful baseball game.


and  Gentlemen in Georgia now abed

Shall think themselves accursed they were not there.