Cubs 3, Braves 1

That was pretty crappy. The Braves lost an opportunity to clinch the NL East in the 8th when the bullpen imploded and the Cubs plated 3 runs.

It’s too bad, too. Kris Medlen was excellent again. He went 7.1 more solid innings and only allowed 1 run – a Scott Downs Grybo – while striking out 6. He has now allowed 4 runs in his last 35 innings, a lovely span that has also brought his season’s ERA down to a respectable 3.24. Medlen is pitching better than all other Atlanta starters right now, and it’s not even close.

But that’s about all the good I can see from this game. The Braves offense sucked, the bullpen coughed up the lead, and the manager continued to demonstrate a frustrating reluctance to use situational relievers situationally. Washington, meanwhile, was rained out. As a result, the Braves still hold a magic number of 1. Julio Teheran will try to shut the door tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. While Medlen was indeed Gryboed, Downs was double-Gryboed with a stuck landing by Carpenter. Don’t leave him out.

  2. The great thing about our position is that yesterday’s game fell into the ‘Annoying’ category, rather than ‘Hair-Pullingly Frustrating’ category.

    Edit: Can we find some way to blame Francoeur for yesterday?

  3. I suppose we could always resort to chaos theory and hypothesize that the energy vibrations caused by Francoeur violently swinging and missing at a pitch in the dirt back when he was still playing triggered subtle air pressure shifts that circulated endlessly until they finally swirled to Wrigley Field yesterday and caused Rizzo’s double to stay fair instead of slicing foul.

  4. Since his July 2005 debut:

    2005: started season without Francoeur; made playoffs
    2006: started season with Francoeur; missed playoffs
    2007: started season with Francoeur; missed playoffs
    2008: started season with Francoeur; missed playoffs
    2009: started season with Francoeur; missed playoffs
    2010: started season without Francoeur; made playoffs
    2011: started season without Francoeur; missed playoffs
    2012: started season without Francoeur; made playoffs
    2013: started season without Francoeur; made playoffs

    So since his first MLB appearance in 2005, every season the Braves started with Francoeur in right field, they failed to make the postseason, and every season without him except one, they made it there. The 2011 collapse is the exception.


  5. Also, Francoeur’s best full-season OPS (.805) came in 2011. Evidently the universe can’t allow both Francoeur and the Braves to be good for an entire season in the same year.

  6. Marlins up 2-0. It would be sort of weird to have lost today but still celebrate on the field when it’s over.

  7. Just checked Fangraphs. Justin has 1 defensive run saved when playing right field, but his DRS when playing left is a ghastly -8.

  8. Goddamn, hitters getting time granted when the pitcher is into the effing wind-up is pretty far up there on things I hate. Sure if he has a bee in the eye that would be tough luck, but that’s maybe 1 in a 1000 occurrences of batters stepping out.

  9. Heyward losing balls in the outfield. (It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes. Just not starting next week, alright?)

    One more inning to go in Washington.

  10. Zimmerman strikes out looking. Two down.

    Edit: Werth pops out. Ladies and Germs, Your 2013 NL East Division Champions!

  11. Before the season I said that there was no way in hell that Andrelton would hit 20 home runs, a little over 10 with a good season was my claim.

    He sure has shown some nice power, though I still think he maybe has tried to hit it out of the park a little too much at times.

  12. @39

    I hope we’re saying the same thing at the end of October. Nothing less is appropriate for him.

  13. The second wild card sure ruined what would have been an exciting battle in the NL Central. Imagine the second wild card did not exist, it would be three teams fighting for two slots. Now with that fallback…yawn.

  14. Braves clinch Yanks effectively eliminated – if You could take one more moment and arrange for a Cardinals loss, Lord, it would be divine.

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