Padres 4, Braves >0 hits

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Julio Teheran got the start today against the Padres, and in the first inning, he gave his teammates a lot of opportunities to make spectacular plays. I mean, the whole inning was like a big web gem. He clearly didn’t have his stuff, and diving stops were bailing him out all over the place. Luckily, he settled down quite nicely after that until the 6th inning. This was almost a non-thing when Evan Gattis very nearly threw out Will Venable stealing 2B with 2 outs. But he didn’t, and the next guy singled, and then Chase Headley hit one out. 3-zip. Teheran gave up another HR the next inning to give us what turned out to be the final score.

This was the final score because “Burch” Smith (I put it in quotes because that has to be his nickname or something. Right? He’s parents didn’t just misspell a tree, right?) was no-hitting the Braves. From that fact, you’d probably assume he was a LHP, but in fact he was a righty. Weird. Anyhow, the Braves did like nothing with the bats besides wave at pitches until Teheran, no doubt pissed about the whole “giving up 3 runs” thing, donked a single through the middle to lead off the bottom of the 6th. And despite Justin Upton doing the same thing a batter later, (two whole hits in one inning guys!) that was all she wrote. Freddie Freeman had a leadoff double in the 9th
that came to nothing, and that was your final.


Some random notes:

If you could combine Gattis’ arm with Brian McCann‘s quick release (I swear, it’s the only reason his one-hoppers ever look close), you’d have basically the perfect steal-preventer. Or I guess Andrelton Simmons behind the plate.

Speaking of Simmons, he booted one today. I don’t mean the usual “makes a great effort play to get to the ball in the first place and it glances off his glove” boot. I mean an honest to goodness mis-play. It was a sharply hit grounder, and on the replay, you could see it bounce of his forearm. I mean, he REALLY mis-juged it. Weirdest thing in the game IMO.

We also had a Kameron Loe sighting, and he wasn’t bad. Maybe Cameron Loe is just best experienced in small doses.

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  1. @3 I don’t think any of us is blaming Simmons on that play. I believe it’s just a way to tell how eventful the ballgame was.

  2. #4

    I hear ya. Didn’t mean to come across as a grump or a sourpuss. Simmons seemed to be just as surprised as we were. A ball like that can take your teeth out.

  3. For me it was just like, “Huh. It’s actually possible for Simmons to just plain biff a play.” It’s so rare. Most of his “errors” come on balls he goes deep in the hole, dives for, and trickle off his glove. Plays I’m not sure most SS can even get to.

  4. Washington is about to play a difficult part of their schedule. Maybe they will come down to earth some.

  5. I fear the Barves have not been focused lately. The Trolley Dodgers are 3-7 the last ten games. I expect the team will be up for the GNATS. If AZ had not traded Regression and JUpton away they may not have faded as fast as they did.

  6. @ajcbraves: #Braves Schafer is 15-for-88 (.170) w/ .240 OBP, .216 slugging% in 25 games since return from DL, inc. 1-for-20 in his past 7 games

    Elliot Johnson is now sporting a cool .246/.281/.344

    It’s time that we start giving these AB’s back to Uggla and BJ.

  7. @10 – agreed on BJ. Still not sure Uggla doesn’t lose with the defense what he theoretically brings with the offense. But I wouldn’t complain if he got back in as the starter. This team could use a run of lineups including both Uptons and a Heyward.

  8. @8

    Prado has a .327/.373/.490 line since the AS Break. He has been worth almost as much as JUpton and CJ combined over that span. So no, I’m pretty sure the D’Backs didn’t “fade” because of that trade. In fact, they didn’t fade at all. They’ve been hovering around .500 all season.

  9. So BJ’s .462 OPS in September is telling y’all that he needs more AB’s? Even swing-at-everything-Gattis is a way better option than BJ. Playing with two outfielders would also be a better option.

  10. #14 – If Gattis played CF I could understand your argument a little more.

    Ryan, when you were originally calling for that to happen I wouldn’t agree based on my hopes with Uggla coming back strong. Now, I wish we would’ve made that move as well.

  11. @16 – Heyward in CF gives us our best offensive lineup. You forfeit some corner defense, but I think it’s worth the risk. If we score 4 runs in 3 games and get bounced out of the first round I’m going to lose it if BJ’s playing all 3 games.

  12. Actually DOB just tweeted that the Braves were told they could enter the park at the usual time. Doesn’t mean they’ll play but I wouldn’t call a game doubtful at this point.

  13. @18-

    Is anyone reporting this? I’ve got tickets to the game, so….

    Is it weird that these things are starting to feel routine, even when they happen 5 metro stops from where you live?

  14. I agree that when Heyward is back that he should be in CF until the late innings. I was just stating that Schafer shouldn’t be getting them over BJ at this time. BJ/Uggla have more upside than Schafer/EJ

  15. Shootings were routine in DC long before today. I can’t imagine what it was like to be in the area during the 80s/90s when it was the murder capital of the US.

  16. @10: I said it last week — other than getting Heyward back, the most important thing is deciding your starting lineup for the playoffs. If you’ve decided on E. Johnson (which I personally feel would be a mistake, but not a huge one) give him seven innings or more in 10 of the remaining 13 games. If you’ve decided on Uggla, do the same for him. If you can’t make up your mind, either stage a competition (which doesn’t have to made public, but the players themselves ought to be told) or flip a coin — the small sample sizes won’t tell you much anyway.

  17. If it’s a toss up, I’d start my best defense and pinch hit if I got behind, the same as you would with a pitcher. The defense is on the field all 9 innings. Your 8 hitter bats 3 or 4 times.

  18. Ugg. Anyone want tickets for the 1PM game tomorrow? Got 2 and there’s no way I can get out of work…

  19. Well, we can still clinch tomorrow. Sweeping a DH and celebrating in their clubhouse would be pretty sweet.

  20. @27: I meant a toss up once you’d made the calculations for the relative values of defense and offense. But, whatever… I didn’t mean to make it a precise calculation, simply that it wasn’t obvious to management which way to go, taking into account the ability to substitute dynamically.

  21. Reds won too, so back to five out for the delusional Nationals.

    The Braves can simultaneously win the division officially, and all but finish off the Nationals in one fell swoop today.

  22. @ajcbraves: #Braves Game 1 lineup: EJohnson 4., JUpton 9, Freeman 3, Gattis 7, McCann 2, CJohnson 5, Simmons 6, BUpton 8, Minor 1

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