“We play the Braves nine (more) games. This s*** ain’t over.” –Bryce Harper

Hey Bryce, it’s Shark Week and you’re going to need a bigger boat.

Stephen Strasburg took the mound for the Natspos for a must win game and looked sharp. On the other side, Mike Minor clearly didn’t have his best stuff. Early on it looked like it could be a long night.

The Natspos got on the board first when Adam LaRoche singled in Ian Desmond. Wilson Ramos tired to score, but Andrelton Simmons had the baseball within 180 feet of home plate. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for Desmond. He looked like the Snuffy the dehydrated seal from the commercials.

In the third Freddie Freeman singled in Jason Heyward to tie the game. In the fifth he drove in Justin Upton to put the Braves up. I think it is time to start discussing Freeman as a MVP candidate.

After the Natspos tied it up in the sixth, they looked to be poised to take the lead in the bottom of the seventh with a leadoff double. That’s when David Carpenter won the game. Carpenter was fantastic and stranded the runner at second.

In the top of the eighth April Justin Upton hit a rope over the left field wall. The Natsops threatened in the ninth, but Jordan Walden (spelling Craig Kimbrel) wiggled out of it.

It’s too early to say, “It’s over.” But I would have to think tonight’s win is a big nail in the coffin.

The Braves now have the most wins in the NL. They have won 11 in a row. The lead is 13.5. They are playing their best baseball in ten years.

Oh, and it’s Shark Week.