The Bravos combined an effective start from an increasingly honed-in Julio Teheran with some timely and controlled swings throughout the lineup to prevail 6-3 over the San Francisco Giants Thursday night to open their four-game series at AT&T Park.

The Giants got on the board first via a run-scoring single by Buster Posey off a Teheran curveball, scoring Marco Scutaro. The Braves quickly assumed the lead in the top of the second when Brian McCann lined a two-run HR off Ryan Vogelsong just short of McCovey Cove, scoring Uggla ahead of him. Forgive BMac if he’s a little behind the team-wide trend of cutting down on swings – this is his April, after all.

Posey struck again in the bottom of the third, taking a Teheran belt-high spinner over the left field fence to make the score 3-2 Giants. The good guys then went through the batting order in the fifth, featuring two triples (yes, Chip, dad was a drinker, har har) and some seriously iffy Giants defense to score four times for a 6-3 lead that held up. Teheran ended up going seven innings, giving up the three runs on seven hits and no walks, striking out three. He had much better command of his fastball – his two-seamer in particular showed some nice movement, and that curveball is looking like a quality pitch (as long as it, you know, curves). The newly lesser version of O’Flambrel finished up without much incident. Good game all around. Hudson vs. Cain tonight at 10:15.

Random notes:

The Braves have found out in the last few years what the Giants have long known – cream-colored uniforms are a damned good look.

Except on Pablo Sandoval. If anyone on the Braves was disappointed with his day, it was probably Juan Francisco, who surely wanted to get to third base at least once just so he could stand next to Sandoval for a minute.

Speaking of Sandoval, he sported an odd-looking fingerless foam sliding glove. Maybe we should ask him about it, if we can’t get some of our guys to stop sliding headfirst.

The patrons of AT&T Park clearly believe themselves entitled to any ball they can reach. I went to a game there a few years ago, and while the ballpark is a real beauty the fans there don’t get enough credit for obnoxiousness.

Joe Simpson really enjoys talking about fat people. He just lights up.