I took my wife to see “42” today, so I missed the game. I was a little surprised to see the Nationals forfeit the game after reading these quotes:

“Honestly, I think our lineup’s better,” Steven Strasburg said. “They’re hot right now. It’s early and it’s not about how many wins you necessarily finish up with in April, it’s how many you have at the end of the year.”

“They’re good, I don’t think they’re better than us,” Danny Espinosa said. “They’re a good ballclub, they have talent. They’re hot right now, they only lost one game, but they’re hot. It all evens out.”

I guess that is Nattitude for you…

…Now that I check ESPN, it looks like the Nats didn’t really forfeit.

Paul Maholm continues to make Frank Wren look good (as has the rest of this team) going 7 2/3 of shutout ball.

Chris Johnson went 4-5, BJ was 3-5 and JUp and Andrelton Simmons both went yard.

I know it’s early, but this was a big weekend. Anytime you can go to the division favorite’s house and sweep them, with two of their “studs” pitching, it’s big.

The Braves have now won seven in a row against the Nats, who now fall to third place in the NL East. Like I said, it’s early. But this is a lot of fun.