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  1. at least there was 1 and hopefully 2 future brave hall of famers in that lineup.

    @1, note however that he didn’t touch (or put in play) at least 6 strikes.

  2. #4
    I’m fine, thanks. My “problems” are relatively small.

    My office has no power and, at the moment, I have no way to get there if it did. Trains still aren’t running & my car is at the office.

    Of course, I have plenty of friends who’ve been in the dark since Monday night & there are some folks in the Rockaways & the South Shore of Long Island who really got walloped, so I’m pretty lucky.

    I’m just hunkered down at home with my gal, doing as much work as I can, given the crazy situation.

  3. With Joe Terd’s success at the plate and his lack of success at third base, do the Braves trade him this offseason to a team in need of a first baseman/DH. If so, what do the Braves try to get in return?

  4. Well he needs some success at AAA before he’d have enough value for a system bereft of hitters to trade him. I’d buy an OF mitt if I were him.

  5. My family and I rode out Hugo in 1989. Births in Charleston increased the next year or so. Electricity is definately taken for granted. Glad to hear you are doing ok ububba.

  6. Back briefly to the discussion on the previous thread, anybody who hires Bobby Petrino has lost their freaking minds. How many times does the guy have to prove he’s a complete snake for reputable teams to refuse to hire him? Why would anybody what that horrid excuse for a human being representing them in any way? I’ve already been there once as a Falcons fan, and never again will that happen. Consequently, if Tennessee hires Bobby Petrino, I will no longer openly root for Tennessee football, at least not until he’s no longer the coach. By the way, after dealing with Kiffin and Pearl, I can’t imagine that the Tennessee athletic department would be that freaking stupid. I’ve been wrong before, though.

  7. I couldn’t agree more.

    Martin Prado should be awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in the field of baseball.

  8. I know I shouldn’t complain. I didnt lose my house and no one was hurt, but the 4th night of no power really starts to blow, and now the temp is dropping.
    It is amazing what we take for granted.

    P.S. Frank, please re-sign Bourn.

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