Nationals 7, Braves 4

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves — Box Score — May 25, 2012 — ESPN

Hudson gave up four two-out runs in the first and three two-out runs in the seventh, when he should not have still been in the game. He actually looked really good in the other innings, I thought.

Prado had extra-base hits in his first three PAs. Diaz had three RBIs; Heyward had the other with a long homer in the eighth. Ross pulled his groin; McCann finished the game but is obviously not well. We’ll probably see JC Boscan up to start tomorrow.

…when, by the way, Mike Minor squares off against Stephen Strasburg. LOL.

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  1. Miguel Montero is about to get a 5/60 extension. Dont be surpised if Boscan gets a callup and start tomorrow. Bmac didnt have enough strength tonight to warmup the pitcher in between innings tonight. It would be hard for him to play in 96 degree weather tomorrow with the flu. Ross looked like he was hurting pretty good.

  2. I was at the Gwinnett game, which was awesome. Boscan was pulled from the game early with no explanation.

  3. The worst part is that Fredi is just sitting in his office going “I told you so” while DOB holds his hand and tells him how nice his motorcycle is and how smart he is and we’re all too dumb to deserve Fredi.


  4. Now for the good news — Bourn and Prado are tied for the highest WAR in the NL (BBRef version).

  5. That game was just….

    Freeman seems to have stopped hitting HRs and is now just striking out. I’m not sure why Diaz was trying for 3rd in the 6th inning. Down 4-3 with a runner at 2nd and 1 out and two in has me feeling pretty good.

    No problem letting Hudson start the 7th, but common. You’ve got to pull at some point while the game is still 4-3.

    Prado is juts so locked in right now. It’s great to watch.

  6. You know, we probably would have seen Gattis if he wasn’t on the DL…

    I had forgotten what it felt like to watch your season go down the drain, seeing as it’d been a whole half year since this team plummeted.

  7. Gattis has only played 8 games in the OF. What is the organization thinking? I guess he is trade bait.

  8. Smitty – Bethancourt was on the DL. The M-Braves got their catcher back about the time Gattis was injured.

  9. This losing streak does have a familiar feeling to it. Key offensive players not on the field, others struggling, and starting and relief pitching not quite good enough to get it done on their own. It sucks to run into the Nationals at this time.

    Thankfully, there’s a lot more baseball to play, and Chipper and McCann will come back strong. Sounds like Wren has an innings limit in mind that lets Medlen stretch out to start around the ASB or something. Lots of good reasons to stay positive.

  10. Ladies and gentlemen,
    We now have a new worst lineup of the year!

    Prediction: Strasburg Ks 15+

  11. I’m in no way advocating moving Prado to SS, but how many here think he could handle it better than Pastornicky? The new Prado is much thinner and looks to be pretty agile and quick in the OF. He’s even stealing a base or two this year.

  12. My concern with trying to move Prado to SS is that he seems to really be thriving now and I’d hate to put even more pressure on him.

  13. Pastornicky is the worst defensive SS in MLB. Dont think Prado would be that much worse.

  14. If the Braves thought Prado could play shortstop, they would’ve dumped Yunel for something else.

  15. @25
    Prado’s body style really changed just this year. It’s apparent most in his great defense in LF and stolen bases of which he has 6, 1 more than any other full year in his career.

  16. He’s a good athlete, but I wouldn’t call him nimble. He’d probably be worse defensively than Pastornicky, I would think.

  17. Two points:

    I think Diaz was correct to try to get to third. Being on third with one out is significantly better than being on second. You don’t make the first or third out at third base but I think you should be aggressive with one out. The Nats made a good play.

    Second, certainly the Braves will be better when Chipper and McCAnn get back. But that’s sort of the problem; the need to rely so heavily on a 40 year old heading to retirement and struggling to stay on the field does not auger well for the rest of the season or the future. Some of these guys need to pick up the slack.

    Right now, the Braves seem like a good team when they have everyone healthy but it seems unrealistic to expect that team to be on the field very often. You can’t really expect Chipper to stay healthy for the rest of the season even when he gets off the DL. With McCann, it’s more bad luck but, at best, he misses one game a week.

  18. Chip Caray, apparently watching Minor’s last 6 starts blindfolded, called today’s game a great pitching matchup.

  19. Of course, no one thought we would win tonight with Minor vs Strasburg and today’s Braves lineup but seriously, Minor, come friggin on!!

  20. I would be willing to bet that Minor either goes to the fake DL or gets sent to the Minors within the next 2 days.

  21. Well, I was debating between going to the pool and watching the game. Thanks to Mike Minor and this… ‘special’ lineup, I think I can safely go to the pool.

  22. Fredi will let him go 5, no matter how bad this gets.

    Wren needs to send him to AAA. It is time to end this nightmare.

  23. I must be hallucinating. I could swear I just saw a controlled swing and alert baserunning from Juan Francisco.

    Nah, couldn’t be….

  24. Redmond goes to night in AAA. I would send Minor down and call up another hitter and send Boscan down when it is Redmond’s turn next week.

  25. Minors next start comes on an off day. It will get skipped no matter who gets the call. Id stretch out Medlen during this time and call up Gearrin.

  26. @57

    csg, I would love that, but I don’t think they will do it at this point.

    I think Moylan will take Durbin’s spot soon, wo that will help

  27. Wren has already mentioned that the Braves have a better starter in their pen (Medlen) than they could find on the open market. I wouldnt be surprised to see them make that decision.

  28. DOB –

    Don’t have the $ from what I hear RT @bevanceBSU: @ajcbraves what are odds braves go after grienke before deadline if pitching woes continue 8 mins ago

  29. This is the problem with the Medlen thing. You can’t say he’s so useful out of the bullpen then NOT USE HIM. Jesus.

  30. #70 – Diaz is available. Freeman cant see but he’s still a better chance over Minor.

    #71 – Exaclty. Durbin gets more high leverage situations than Medlen. Medlen is more valuable to this team than in the bullpen.

  31. Maybe they should trade jobs. I’ll take Joe as manager, Fredi on play-by-play, and Chip providing “color.”

  32. Jonny, there’s a bus to Gwinnett in your future unless you admit that you’re hurt.

  33. If Jonny’s not hurt, then he needs a refersher in AAA, as he’s simply not performing at a major league level.

  34. His velocity looks fine but hitters are squaring everything up. Even the outs are hit hard.

  35. Whatever Jonny did to get so many ground ball outs last year, he’s elevating it this year, on top of what seems like some really bad luck.

    Seems like fewer fastballs and more changeups too.

    We’re still talking a 2.93 xFIP vs 2.88 last year.

  36. McCann just needs to walk into the dugout and throw up all over everyone and walk away.

    That would adequately express how this team has made me feel for the past week.

  37. Funny game.

    You can go from a dominant power-house looking team to absolute bums in the span of one week.

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