Braves 15, Phillies 13 (11 innings)

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – May 02, 2012 – ESPN.

Not what you expect from Tommy Hanson versus Roy Halladay, especially the latter. Hanson struggled from the beginning and was out in the fourth inning with four runs allowed and two runners on base. Cristhian Martinez came in and got out of the jam, but then he allowed two runs in the fifth and it was 6-0 and surely the Phillies would win.

But in the fifth the Braves got three straight singles from Chipper Jones, Eric Hinske, and Tyler Pastornicky to load the bases. Juan Francisco popped up, but Michael Bourn and Martin Prado each singled, two runs in and the bases loaded. After Freddie Freeman popped out, Brian McCann homered to tie the score.

In the sixth, Jason Heyward‘s pinch-hit single scored Hinske and Pastornicky, and knocked Halladay out. But the lead didn’t last long. Eric O’Flaherty allowed a three-run homer to Carlos Ruiz in the seventh to make it 9-8. Then in the eighth a three-run double off of Kris Medlen made it 12-8 and the Phillies looked pretty safe again.

But the Braves came back in the bottom of the inning. Pastornicky singled in Dan Uggla to cut it to three, then Bourn drew a bases loaded walk to make it 12-10. Prado singled in two to tie it, and then Freeman’s sac fly scored Bourn, making it 13-12.

Craig Kimbrel by all rights should have gotten the save, but a two-out infield single by Shane the Unclean One Victorino tied it. The Braves left the bases loaded in the bottom of the inning. Jonny Venters threw a perfect tenth, but the Braves also went in order. Chad Durbin got through the eleventh without a baserunner. And with nobody out in the eleventh, Chipper hit a two-run homer with Uggla on board to win the game at last.

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  1. Epic game and we still got upstaged on the highlight shows this morning by the Weaver no-no and the Bryce Hunter hype-fest in DC. Chipper wasn’t even the oldest player yesterday to hit a walk-off homer. Giambi did it too.

  2. No shock, Chipper and Bmac sitting


  3. Check out our line-up on BaseballReference. Every hitter except Jack Wilson has an OPS+ over 100.

  4. Randall Delgado, time to see what ya got kid. He has a chance to make a BIG impression today.

  5. It is ridiculous to talk about any game as “must win” at this point in the year, but last night’s game felt like a huge momentum swing after several wins in a row by Philly. It sure would be awesome if the momentum continued in our direction today.

  6. I agree with others on last night’s thread: I think Fredi made a lot of good choices. And obviously, most importantly, our guys kept coming back, which means that Fredi is presiding over a pretty high-optimism clubhouse, and I believe that they’ve been handling Pastornicky just right — they made the guy earn his job in spring training, and though the defense is a bit iffy, his plate approach has been really solid.

    I am super duper happy with this team and the entire world right now.

  7. Maybe they think it’s Halladay on the mound today, and that they beat up on Blanton yesterday.

  8. Blanton’s averaging fewer pitches per AB than Halladay at the same point.

  9. Oh, I see, there are more posts now. Crazy internet. I’ll blame it on some kind of caching.

  10. I was really bummed I missed the game last night since I was flying cross country. Thanks for the recap, Mac. And now I get to wake up to a 9 AM PT game on a Thursday? Bizarre.

    How long until the Philadelphia papers and bloggers show concern about Halladay with the headline “What’s Up, Doc?”

  11. I like being able to spend my lunch break watching part of a game. I’ll lose some weight this way.

  12. I was just thinking that. 8th inning, and it doesn’t look like he’s lost a thing. Nice.

  13. Okay, Braves, you have 9 minutes to take the lead before I have to quit watching. Go.

  14. You’d think the getaway day flight was to Tokyo the way this is going.

  15. We gave up the moment Gonzo put in Livan to try and keep us in the game…

  16. You put one Braves killer against another, and that happens.

  17. Why doesn’t someone put a ball in that douche bags ear already? And no, I don’t mean Livan

  18. Not like they were going to score 2 runs anyway, but now they will so we can here Chip and Joe talk about the important add on runs the Phil’s scored in the top of thd inning

  19. Just shows there is no such thing as momentum in baseball. Good teams do not get discouraged by tough losses. In the 90s the Braves would often do just what the Phillies are doing after a tough loss. But it’s discouraging that the Braves seem so dependent on a 40 year old part-time player.

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