The last few days, the Braves have been hinting through the media that they might be even more aggressive in promoting a shortstop than they’d indicated this offseason. Instead of giving the job to Tyler Pastornicky, who has no major league experience, they would give it to Andrelton Simmons, who doesn’t even have any AA experience. The reasons would seem to be that the team is struggling in spring training, Pastornicky is 3-26, and Simmons has hit okay and has a great glove. Now, you all know what I think of spring training results, and I think that basing player decisions on a few dozen PA in an artificial situation is dumb.

There is an argument for Simmons. Basically, it’s “we don’t have a shortstop candidate who can hit, so let’s just put the best glove out there.” The scouts are pretty unanimous that Simmons has a great glove. And it’s not like this idea can’t work. Compare what the Rangers did in 2009 with [sob] Elvis Andrus, whom nobody thought was ready. And Andrus hadn’t hit as well anywhere as Simmons did last year. On the other hand, Andrus was two years younger, had much more minor league experience, and had a season at AA.

I’m not optimistic. But then, I haven’t been optimistic about the shortstop situation for some time.


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