Braves 7, Nats 4

Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals – Box Score – September 23, 2011 – ESPN.

Get out to a big lead and then try to hang on. It’s not like it’s symbolic of the season or anything.

The Braves jumped up 3-0 in the first, sending eight men to the plate. Dan Uggla singled in Michael Bourn, Freddie Freeman did likewise for Chipper Jones, and Uggla then scored on an error. The Nats got a run back in the second, a two-out single off of Tim Hudson.

But in the fifth, the Braves seemingly got a safe lead. Uggla doubled home Bourn, then Brian McCann doubled him home along with Chipper, and it was 6-1 while Tim Hudson was cruising.

And then suddenly he wasn’t. After getting the first out in the sixth, Hudson allowed hits to four of the next five batters and it was 6-3 with the tying run at the plate. Cristhian Martinez finished the inning.

Eric O’Flaherty allowed a two-out single in the seventh, but that was all. He never causes any trouble. The still clearly not-right Jonny Venters allowed a leadoff homer in the eighth, but that was all. And in the top of the ninth, the Braves stole a run when Bourn singled, stole second, and then got into a rundown on a Chipper grounder; Ryan Zimmerman dropped a throw, Bourn and Chipper were both standing at second, and in the course of chasing Chipper back to first they let Bourn go all the way home because nobody was covering. Craig Kimbrel allowed one of those leadoff singles to right but that was it, striking out two.

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  1. I don’t care what the recap says. No way we win this game. Not with Strasberg pitching. Best pitcher ever.

  2. OK, it’s a 3-game lead with 5 to go.

    Amazing how fast things changed in the space of 24 hours, with one bad Cardinals 9th inning & one good Braves 1st inning.

  3. I’m sorry for being so negative. I was wrong. I can admit that. I just had a bad feeling about this. I’m glad I was wrong.

  4. 30,

    Naw, Smitty wasn’t first.

    Can anybody at BYU dig up some golden tablets containing offensive schemes or instructions on how to wrap up tackles? Can’t wait to hear about how great we are BECAUSE WE BEAT UCF.

    No, I’m not over that Utah game. Why do you ask?

  5. And just to make the night perfect, Chris Young just doubled in a run to bring Arizona into a tie with the Giants, 1-1. A D-Backs win all but eliminates the Giants (5 behind us with 5 to play) and gives Arizona the NL West.

  6. And all four (mathematically alive) teams chasing the wild-card leaders losing, while we win and the Red Sox were rained out. Every game result will end a race or make it less competitive. Weird.

  7. Aubrey Huff pops out. Giants lose 3-1. Diamondbacks win the West. Giants one loss or one Braves win from a lot of golf.

  8. Ha! I told you guys the Cubs would take at least one from the Cardinals! Firmly back in control! Now let’s keep it that way, and pray to God that Hudson is alright!

    In answer to the Hanson question, they are acting as if it’s possible that he would be back for the NLDS, but if he can’t get through a damn instructional league rehab game three weeks after being shut down before, I really don’t see that there’s much hope of that happening. And even if he does get through an instructional league game, without a Major League game under his belt, would you really wanna start him in a playoff game? Even over Lowe?

    Medlen is good and unexpected news though, and hopefully makes up for the loss of Moylan. Apparently Sherrill will be back for the playoffs, too, and despite all the crap we give him around here, we have definitely missed him.

  9. They did that last year, too. I actually think it’s kind of cool. Certainly a nice gesture, anyway. And incidentally, if they did it the same as last year, Hamilton left later and they proceeded with the standard booze shower.

  10. Crazy sidebar, but I just now watched the Sheen Roast that I’ve had on the DVR for awhile, and one of the co-producers was former MLB player Todd Zeile. Turns out that he and Winning are really good friends.

  11. Sucks that my favorite website on the planet, after a win by my favorite team and a loss by the trailing wild card team, still has a troll dominating the posts.

  12. All the Emma hate around here is getting really annoying. Live and let live… as long as he refrains from insults and unnecessary profanity (profanity after a Braves loss, however, if perfectly acceptable to me).

  13. The spelling correction was a tad annoying, and if it had been anyone but Emma, I think Smitty wouldn’t have dropped the douche-bomb.

    Anyway, compared to what we saw several weeks back, I’d say Emma is improving in his etiquette.

    That looks odd, doesn’t it?

    Anyway – how ’bout them Bravos!

  14. Iwas at the game. The Nats were hitting shots all night, a lot of which found gloves. Uggla hit the shit out of the ball a couple of times and the play Wilson made to keep the ball in the infield saved a run. (But, yes, why the hell was he batting behind Freeman and in front of Heyward?) The team played well, got some help from Ryan Zimmerman who, unusually had a terrible night defensively. But if Strasburg hadn’t left, the Braves wouldn’t have scored any more; he was beginning to cruise. He really is good. I think you could say Bourn manufactured that run in the 9th. What I don’t like about going to Braves games in person, though, is I can’t fast forward through the 9th inning. So, instead, I got up and walked around the conoourse after Kimbrel gave up the hit on an 0-2 pitch. I couldn’t stand to watch. I did actually see the two strikeouts from right behind home plate.

  15. There’s much too much focus on Emma Lawson. Just ignore him if you are as annoyed about him as I am but please, let’s stop talking about this guy.

    You gotta feel bad for Moylan. That means he’s probably pitched his last game for the Braves. He was, well is, one of my favorite guys on the team.

  16. According to Wren, Moylan has been pitching with a small tear in his rotator cuff for a while now. They said his outing went fine the other night but he couldnt even play catch the next day. They mentioned the tear has worsened. Dont see it being a small issue, but I hope thats the case.

  17. Well, he probably wasn’t coming back next year anyway, so yes, his stint with the team is likely over.

  18. @myself

    Never post at 2:00 in the morning after listening to you favorite band and having a plethora of beers. It sucks that my own post annoys me.

  19. I don’t get this tweet from DOB:

    “Hot-as-fire beef szechwan at 1:45 a.m. from restaurant in Chinatown. Saw a table full of Braves fans there. They used chop stix. Impressive.”

    Because Braves fans are provincial redneck morons who one can’t assume able to manipulate a couple of small pieces of wood as eating utensils? Am I misreading this?

  20. Well, DOB did follow it up with this tweet.

    •I used a fork, because I never could get hang of chop sticks. No patience. RT @trwinstead: @ajcbraves Kimbrel used a fork. He’s advanced. 3 hours ago

    I guess he was just impressed. I hate chopsticks and dont understand why anyone would use them. Its like using a hammer and a nail to build something instead of a nail gun. When technology improves something just go with it.

  21. @62
    Jerry Seinfeld: “I tell you what I like about those Chinese people. They’re hanging in there with those chopsticks. Oh, they’ve seen the fork…and the spoon. I don’t know how they’ve missed it. Chinese farmer goes to the field in the morning…HELLO! Shovel! You’re not plowing 20 acres with a couple of pool cues.”

  22. Recently I was the only one in a group of like 11 to use a fork instead of chopsticks. I tried but dammit I just couldn’t use the chopsticks!

  23. Chopsticks are more civilized than stabbing your food at the table. (The fork was a compromise by the Euro-barbarians from just bringing their daggers to dinner to spear the meat.)

    If using a knife and fork, at least have the good graces to use the knife in the right hand and the fork in the left, as if you’ve had *some* small semblance of schooling.

  24. I was pretty swift on the uptake when learning to use chopsticks and enjoy using them quite a bit, and I’m also from the South. Apologies to DOB if I found offense where none was intended.’s front page has a subheadline about today’s game that indicates our starting pitcher is named “Brandy” Beachy. Now, I’ve known a lot of pretty girls who could use chopsticks named Brandy, but no dudes with that name.

    Great first inning by Brandon, btw. Efficiency AND strikeouts!

  25. Wow. Rick Ankiel sure comes up big against the Braves. You’ll see that highlight after pictures of Werth handing Ankiel his sunglasses in the field on SportsCenter.

  26. Beachy is unbelievable. He might have a Javy Vasquez-like, under-performed periphals kind of career, but he’s still really fun to watch. I’m a sucker for strikeouts.

  27. At least the Cards are losing (1-0 in the 6th).

    Dan, if you really want to cheer yourself up, consider how badly Hudson pitched in the 6th after he tweaked his neck/ shoulder.

  28. Just saw where Manny is talking about wanting to play again. Assuming he’s allowed back into the league, wouldn’t any team that signed him have to play with a 24-man roster for 100 games?

  29. So a team can’t replace a player for 5 games while he’s suspended for beaning Cody Ross, but they can replace a player for 100 games for shooting HGH?

  30. I’m pretty sure, John. When Ramirez was suspended for 50 games in 2009, the Dodgers brought up a player (Xavier Paul) to replace him.

  31. And in flipping back and forth, I noticed that Prado’s flyball would have scored a run had Bourn not been thrown out stealing.

  32. There’s a run lost because of a really stupid steal attempt. Either Fredi or Bourn has lost his mind. The Braves are down three not two.

  33. Wow. Just wow. I know that you control your own destiny, but Marmol is a supreme goat right now that just gave the Cardinals a game, and HOPE, all by himself.

  34. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the that Cubs-Cardinals game was rigged by MLB to keep it interesting. Three straight walks and a wild pitch with two outs.

  35. @137 But you know better. If MLB was rigging games, it wouldn’t go down like that. The Cardinals would just win the game. Marmol hasn’t been particularly good this year, and control has always been his achilles heel.

  36. Seriously, our playoff odds decreased from 83 percent to 14 percent in one DAY, how is that even possible?

  37. @139, but wouldn’t a good and decent manager just CHANGE PITCHERS AFTER THREE STRAIGHT WALKS? Quade is going to so deserve his firing.

  38. Seriously, our playoff odds decreased from 83 percent to 14 percent in one DAY, how is that even possible?

    You tell us, you’re the only one making the claim.

  39. @140

    You’re using a formula to which none of us are privy. Explain with actual numbers and data, please.

  40. @141

    My guess is that Marmol is his closer and he just rolled with him. It’s not a fix. Quade is probably just in love with roles and deviates from his pre-determined decisions very, very slowly. Like, well, certain other managers we all know around here.

  41. i can’t imagine they had better options waiting in the bullpen. they’re the cubs, after all

    Any option is a better option than a pitcher that refuses to throw strikes.

  42. Pitching, hitting, and the quadratic equation do not work that way!


    (At least we’re still up by two…)

  43. @148, really truly, I have no problem with what you are doing – I just think it is lame beyond belief at this point, and that you are still at it is one of the saddest things I’ve seen on this site.

  44. @155

    How does your formula incorporate the Cardinals having lost two of their last three with their only win in that span being gift-wrapped by a wild closer?

  45. it doesn’t matter how they got it. They have 4 games left, 1 against the Cubs and 3 against the Astros. We have 4 left, 1 against a surging Nats team and 3 against a Phillies team that is due for wins

  46. Well, that last 3 hours of baseball totally sucked ass. Cubs are bad for many reasons & Marmol’s one of ’em. Two up with 4 to go. (At least the Dawgs won.)

    Often, when you’re on a crowded subway car & a “crazy person” gets on your train craving attention in an infantile way (screaming, babbling, whatever), you’ll ignore him—even when he’s five inches in front of your face. You treat him like he doesn’t exist.

    And when the entire subway car does this, he usually leaves the train & tries his annoying act elsewhere.

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