Braves 5, Marlins 0

Box Score

The Uggla Redemption continues. In the first inning, the Braves got singles from Prado and Freeman to bring Uggla up with runners first and third, one out. And he hit into a double play. After that, the Braves were sent down in order for five innings in a row.

Fortunately, Brandon Beachy was keeping the Marlins off the board. He had a few control problems but they took the form of deep counts, walking just three while allowing two hits, and striking out six in 7 1/3.

In the seventh, things happened. With two out in the top of the inning, Jose Constanza, playing center because the Braves, who neglected to have a real major league centerfielder to start the season have run out of fake ones, misplayed a ball badly, breaking back on it, then coming in, being well short of catching it but trying a trap; if he’d just played it straight, it would have been a single, but it turned into a double. That almost cost the game when the next batter hit a liner to deep left, but Hinske somehow caught it to preserve the tie.

Leading off the bottom of the inning, Prado singled, then Freeman singled to make it first-and-third with Uggla due up again. This time, he hit a homer to center and it was 3-0. In the eighth, Constanza singled in Brooks Conrad (after a pinch double) then scored on a Freeman sac fly.

O’Flaherty had pitched the last two-thirds of the eighth; Fredi actually pulled Kimbrel back and had Linebrink pitch the ninth with no trouble.

321 thoughts on “Braves 5, Marlins 0”

  1. Thanks for the recap, Mac!

    I’m not going to call Wren dirty names until the deadline hits, but seriously. We have a few clearly defined needs, there are pieces available that would fill those needs, and we have the best cards to deal.

  2. If Wren gets through this with a good CF and all 4 top prospects intact, while making his rivals pay significantly more, you have to give it up to the man.

  3. I’m okay with waiting. There are more outfielders than teams looking for outfielders, so as they take their guys (while overpaying), Atlanta hopefully will be left with plenty of players and no more teams left, putting them in a good spot. I hope that’s the thought process, at least.

    I will say, I’m very glad Wren did not get into a bidding war over Pence. What a fleecing. Nice job, Ed Wade.

  4. Stark now saying he wouldn’t be surprised if Braves stand pat because Wren feels they just have to weather the next 14 days. What? The offense sucked before McCann got hurt…if that is what he really thinks he is oblivious

  5. It’s posturing. Wren is trying to lower the price for OF help. We’re involved in too many rumors for Wren really to be leaning toward doing nothing.

  6. 11 – Agreed. Though I wonder what sources the GMs actually listen to. Do they have their own message board? heh heh.

  7. I’m bummed that Marlon Byrd isn’t on the market. He would have provided a real anabolic shot in the arm for this club. I’d love for us to bring in Bourn and to a lesser extent D Span, but if that’s the case, I think it would be wise to bring in a right-handed corner guy like a Willingham or a Ludwick to play on the days when Chipper can’t and/or and in RF against LHP.

  8. So the fact the Braves aren’t being mentioned with Willingham or Ludwick means they are going to get Bossman or Bourn, right? Pretty please?

  9. Good to have you back, Mac.

    So is Crisp this year’s Ankiel? I’m resigning myself to yet another stopgap solution. Though the irrational part of my brain is still dreaming of Bourn. He’s an awfully fun player to watch, and when’s the last time we had one of those?

  10. Wren is probably posturing or he may be trying to prepare the ground of nothing happens. Someone in the previous thread mentioned some players wondering why the Braves don’t make a move. It occurred to me too that the Phillies players know their names front office has their backs and will do what they need to win. The Braves players see their front office board prospects so they can replace them with cheaper players. You just wondering if that makes a difference down the stretch.

  11. If Braves players want Wren to trade two of our four and then some for Pence, I hope they become GMs of other teams one day.

  12. According to David Ross, Eric Hinske wears tights under his uniform, and they call them his Hinsketards, after leotards.

    So there’s that.

  13. I’m not saying Wren should just throw away prospects but my point is these marginal moves that he typically makes probably doesn’t engender a lot of confidence in the team. I think the Phillies grossly overpaid for Pence but at least they are looking to win, not just be competitive.

    We will see what happens tomorrow (and during the waiver period) but I have to think the Phillies players are ramped up about getting help every year. I just wonder how the Braves players feel.

  14. Well, here’s a rumor I’m starting: I heard from an anonymous source in the Braves front office that he wishes certain players would play up to their ability, so that Wren wouldn’t have to be put in a position of either making a bad deal at the deadline or doing nothing and thereby hurting his players’ precious morale.

  15. 37 – I’d prefer it be Delgado but I could live with Minor. Given the lack of any other real CF options in the org, it’s pretty important we address the position. Plus we wouldn’t have to live (suffer) through any more days of Schafer leading off.

  16. If there is one place Minor ain’t gonna hurt you for a while, it’s Houston. So yeah, I’d do it. I’d try to extend Bourn, but either way.

  17. I would drive Mike Minor to Houston, personally.

    Look, I know his value is high because he’s major league ready, young, cheap, and has pretty good stats (FIP is 2.78, small sample size, I know). However, if gets us Bourne, it’s worth it to me. Bourne is the only available player that fills multiple needs at once, and losing Minor doesn’t mortgage our future.

    When we drafted Minor, everyone said his ceiling was likely as a 3-4 starter and nothing he’s done has shown otherwise. I do not think that a 3-4 starter should hold us back from getting a piece that could keep us right there with the Phillies.

  18. @43 Agree completely. Bourn fills multiple holes and if it is just for Minor and a few other lower prospects I don’t see why the hesitation from Wren. I guess I would speculate that the price is way higher then that

  19. Oh, we would definitely lose Minor in a Bourn deal. The question is: what else are we willing to give up?

  20. Funny how the mental grip on Minor loosens more and more the closer we get to Sunday without making a move.

  21. I absolutely agree with the general sentiment around here. I have no qualms about sending a middle of the rotation starter to a cellar club in a different division (who may be changing leagues) in order to add an elite CF/leadoff hitter in his prime. Maybe we could get them to throw in Barmes as well.

  22. If we are going after bourn, we should try get barmes included. If we can get Mclouth/shafer and AAG out of the lineup with one deal I might cry from happiness

  23. Would giving up that SS prospect with Minor be too much for Bourne? I feel like that package could get this done.

  24. So… Rosenthal just tweeted: “Rival exec: #Braves have six untouchables, not previously reported four.”

    So who are the six?

    Minor, Teheran, Vizcaino, Delgado, plus… Salcedo? Pastornicky? I mean, who the hell else would you declare “untouchable”? It’s not like all these guys are Grade-A.

  25. The fact that Minor is untouchable just baffles me. Befuddles. Boggles the mind even.

  26. Sigh. Look, I get the payroll sob story that we hear before every trade deadline and offseason, and I get how cheap talent is important, but the report of six untouchable prospects — if true — is so dumb.

    Make. The. Trade.

  27. In the past three hours…

    Stark: Braves will stand pat.
    Olney: Braves working hard to acquire Bourn.
    Rosenthal: Braves won’t move six players.
    Braves Journalers: Making up trade proposals, holding Wren accountable to them, and otherwise eating up every contradictory word of it.

  28. I love that he’s playing hardball. I also don’t think there’s much point in having an opinion either way until after tomorrow.

    My guess on the other two would be Salcedo and Bethancourt. Doubt Beachy counts.

  29. I mean… I guess it depends on the rival exec. There are only a few teams who really have something I want.

    That said, if the Nats are gonna get Denard Span for Drew Storen or Tyler Clippard, we gotta get in on that. I think we might have a reliever or young team-controlled pitcher to interest them.

    I mean, hell, I’d give ’em O’Failurety. We’re gonna destroy his arm anyway.

  30. I hope you’re wrong about Bethancourt, Stu. Catchers who can’t hit are not a valuable commodity. Besides, if there’s one thing this organization has been willing to do, it’s trade our catcher surplus: we hocked Salty, Max Ramirez, and Tyler Flowers just in the last few years.

  31. I’m assuming it’s Beachy too.

    Also, the Rangers just got my favorite right-handed reliever – Uehara – for Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis. Sigh. (though it’s a steep cost for a reliever; it really is a seller’s market this year)

  32. I would like it if Wren were putting “six” out there to make two other prospects seem as valuable as the four.

    It doesn’t matter who the other two are. What matters is that Wren trades those two and not too many of our four.

  33. I think we will pull the trigger on a CF. I’m not sure T-Bone is who we want for 15 days.

  34. 63—Why Beachy? You’re saying two of McCann, Heyward, and Freeman are not untouchable? I would assume that the untouchables refer to minor leaguers.

    62—Bethancourt is like the toolsiest catcher evar — we know the Braves like tools (looking forward to punchlines) — and has the best arm of anyone in the minors and maybe the majors. He wouldn’t be untouchable for me, since no one would be, but I can definitely see why the Braves love him.

  35. 67 – You’re right, it’s probably Salcedo and Pastornicky, who is next year’s SS.

  36. Yeah, Pastornicky would be the other one in the discussion for that status. And, frankly, I hope he is — I’m terrified that the Braves plan on signing AGony to another contract.

  37. The guys on the baseball prospectus podcast were raving about Betancourts tools. I think Professor Parks rated him the highest ceiling catching prospect in the minor leagues, acknowledging how far away he is and that he may never make it, but recognizing the unique ability he possesses.

  38. @69

    I don’t think they do, but I don’t think Pastornicky will be given the job. I bet they bring in a stop gap.

  39. I thought the same thing AAR did: four pitchers plus Salcedo and Pastornicky. Pastornicky not because he’s that good, but because he’s “in our plans.”

    Honestly if it’s a move for Bourn, I don’t see why Schafer couldn’t be included. Bourn isn’t a rental, and might be resigned for a reasonable rate. The only reason you wouldn’t include Schafer is if you think you might flip Bourn in the offseason.

    Not that Schafer adds a ton of value. But you could tack him to Minor instead of having to throw in Adam Milligan or Andrelton Simmons or something.

  40. @69
    I think the Braves will retain AGony or maybe bring in a Furcal next season, while fully planning to have Pastornicky installed by the end of the season.

  41. These rumors aren’t adding up. There’s no way the Braves were involved with Pence if their top 6 prospects are untouchable. I’m not Wren’s biggest fan but that’s absurd and I don’t buy it.

  42. I don’t get all the Schafer love. Has any prospect ever been given so many chances and continued to show so little?

  43. 73 – does Furcal still have the same agents as he did the last time we tried to sign him?

  44. 75—Yes, many prospects. The Braves alone have had several.

    “So many chances” = 414 career PAs?

  45. If it is true that we have all these “untouchable” prospects, it seems like we will end up with either someone who is marginally better than what we have now or George playing center field for the next 2 weeks.

  46. Peanut and DOB have both been saying Pastornicky won’t be in Atlanta until 2013.

  47. The Diamondbacks picked up Langerhans and Marquis this week. It’ll be a helluva race for fourth place.

  48. Hey I wasn’t loving Schafer.. I was just stating that Bourn makes him superfluous here, and Houston would represent a place he could play everyday and fly or fail at the ML level. They might find value in the fact that he’s “ML Ready”

  49. DOB has been saying on twitter that he wouldn’t be surprised to see Pastornicky called up in September.

  50. Schafer deserved this chance, but he doesn’t really deserve another one. To me, you’d almost have to include him in a trade, because you wouldn’t really want him around, post-trade.

  51. 87—Agreed, as long as the trade is for a CF. If the braves get a CF who’s under contract past this season, the boat will have officially sailed on Schafer in the ATL.

  52. Hinske really isn’t a corner outfielder either. He turned a routine deep fly into a Klesko-like “hold your breath and pray” out.

  53. You may not consider Bourn ‘elite’ but he is currently 6th in fWar for CF this year, he was 6th last year, and 4th in ’09. He’s 28 now and you get him for next year too. You are going to have to give up something of legitimate value to get him. I’m fine with Minor + one from the Hoover/Clemens/Spruill tier + AAA relief pitcher/lower tier prospect/Schafer/whatever random guy the Astros like.

  54. If you believe the talking heads, it sure sounds like Wade’s trying to get more out of the Braves than he asked from the Phillies. I know that Cosart and Singleton are good prospects, but they’re Class A and at least 3 years away. But from the Braves he wanted 2 of their top pitching prospects plus more? And apparently he’s asking for something similar for Bourn.

    Methinks he gave the Phillies a “hey, I used to work there!” discount. And apparently the Braves do too, if you believe Stark.

    I mean, isn’t that collusion?

  55. Yes, a player on the DL can be traded. The team receiving the player must be aware of it and agree to accept the player.

  56. DOB Twitter:
    The general reaction from current Braves when they hear there are 4 or even 6 “untouchable” prospects is rolled eyes or surprise.

  57. @93, That was no gimme trade for the Phils, and there is a decent argument to be made that they overpaid, High A prospects or no.

  58. I imagine big leaguers don’t think much of “prospects” who aren’t, you know.. them.

    They do represent a guy who’ll come in and do your job very cheaply, and get you shipped someplace like Milwaukee. And how the club does, or can afford to do, three years from now doesn’t enter into their priorities.

  59. OMG. We are analyzing DOB’s take on players’ reaction to a sportswriter’s potentially fabricated story about a GM’s potential posturing. Stop the insanity.

  60. Mike Aviles, an infielder who has a career .296/.343/.464 line against lefties, just got traded to Boston. I know it’s foolish to overpay for guys like Pence, and that a mid-level payroll team has understandable concerns about going all in one season at the expense of others down the road, but the Braves have multiple needs right now that could be met without giving up the farm. I liked both Keppinger and Aviles as backup infielders who could spell Gonzalez.

    The Braves not only need another outfielder, but could still very much use a right-handed reliever (Moylan is more a ROOGY) and backup infielder who can play short. Lack of payroll and a high price in prospects are no excuse for failing to fill the latter two holes.

  61. Remember all that talk about Frank Wren walking with a sense of purpose and giving congratulatory handshakes a few days ago? What a crock.

  62. 100 – Actually, what you’re reading is a beat writer’s observation that dissent and dissatisfaction are growing in the clubhouse. For a franchise that has had so little internal strife over the past 20 years, that’s actually kind of interesting.

  63. @104

    No kidding. I think we will make a move, but if we don’t, there should be some pissed off players.

  64. Let’s give Wren some credit for not being stupid enough to cave to the Pence demands. I’d rather them stand pat than have made that trade.

  65. @104, Is this a trick to get me to talk about this? If so, nice job.

    Here’s what I think: For the dumber/younger players, I’m sure they were surprised. That we have six untouchable prospects a surprising notion, at face value. For the smarter/veteran players, the rolled eyes is knowing disbelief. This isn’t players’ first trade deadline, and they know not to worry about what reporters say their GM says or doesn’t say. Dealing with trade rumors is part of their job. It’s one thing for people on here to meet every bizarre or contradictory trade deadline utterance with much wailing and gnashing of teeth — although it’s not the first trade deadline for most of us either, as much as we sometimes act like it. I’m sure a good number of Braves players know better.

  66. @98– I don’t disagree, but it’s clear that neither of those guys is at the level of any of Minor, Delgado, Vizcaino or Teheran. I think the equivalent of what Wade asked from the Braves would have been him insisting that he get Domonic Brown in the deal too. But he let the Phillies off the hook, while apparently not doing the same for the Braves.

    That’s not to say that the Phillies still didn’t overpay.

  67. I think it’s standard operating procedure to keep trying to get more for what you’re selling.

  68. 107 – Not really. I just think it’s interesting that there were rolled eyes. I’m not really giving it any deeper thought than that. I’m more interested in whether or not Wren actually addresses the team’s needs–they’ve been pretty clear for a month or so.

  69. @116

    To add to what you are saying, the need for a center fielder has been there for about two years

  70. Greetings from Clearwater Beach, Fla…

    I wouldn’t imagine Chipper is particularly interested in the continued development of Mike Minor at this point.

    I know it may not be saying much, but mark me down again as being done with Jordan Schafer. He’s a 4th OF/PR. I know some folks still love him, but I think we know what he is… just not good enough. At the very least, we gotta upgrade CF.

    That said, I’m with the above-mentioned sentiment: Let’s get this trading deadline done, see where we are & get back to the games.

    Hinske’s Wisconsin, I think.

  71. hopefully some of the posters on this board which have already called the uggla extension one of wren’s ‘failures’ will start to see that’s just not yet the case. if this guy of the past 3 weeks is the guy we’ve got for five years mashing in the middle of the order next to brian and freddie and co., it is a straight-up bargain.

  72. If I hear this McKeon/Hanley story one more time I’m going to burn the world down.

  73. Yikes–Cordier has given up 8 in two innings for Gwinnett tonight–guess we know someone who is not untouchable

  74. I am ready for a DOB/Peanut tweet: “#Braves really don’t need a bat, Constanza just knows how to win”

  75. Heyward is trying to be the first player to ever hit a groundball over the outfield wall.

  76. Is there a website where I can see the probability of Heyward grounding out to second base on a particular at-bat?

  77. Pomeranz and White are going to Colorado for Ubaldo. That is a ton. No way Wren would make that deal.

    Wren would offer up Homer the Brave, Julio Lugo a Bojangles coupon for Ubaldo

  78. @140, well yeah, when your top 6 prospects are “untouchable”, you’re not going to have much luck.

  79. Everyone knows Wren has no place to put those pitching prospects and are holding out for him to crack.

  80. 146 – Not all of them. It is highly unlikely that they all pan out; each of them has enormous projected value right now, and a couple will at least provide far less value than that over the next 6 years.

  81. @116, I don’t understand the need to take out premature frustration with Wren by pretending he didn’t already make a good deal to fix the CF problem — which didn’t happen to pan out, but all the same, it was as good an effort as I could expect from a GM. I’m not bent on making up reasons to dislike the team I root for.

  82. I’m glad we’re not trading for Renteria. Marte will have far greater value in the future.

  83. 152 – Was that intended for me? I haven’t made any mention of Wren’s trade for McLouth–I find your comment legitimately unclear.

    Also, the conflation of anyone’s criticism of Wren with “making up reasons to dislike the team I root for” is a nice move, if you’re into hitting strawmen, but disingenuous.

  84. @156, I thought the CF problem was the one you were referring to, but I meant the comment to apply generally. I don’t think it’s a straw man. I’m watching ordinarily smart people devolve into bitterness and frustration over something that may not be there.

    Last time: nobody here knows what offer is on the table. I can only imagine what Ed Wade is asking for Bourn. It takes two to make a trade. It’s not like all Wren needs to do is hit a button, but his finger keeps missing, or something. And just because a sportswriter says Wren overvalues his prospects doesn’t mean that’s the real situation. In short, chill, people.

  85. My point is that the team’s holes this season have been clear for a month or so. I understand not giving up the farm for Pence – I would never have met Wade’s demands – but there at least are smaller areas of concern that should lead to some moves. I especially would like to see a trade for another right-handed reliever. And, I’m saying, I’ll be disappointed if we stand pat for everything.

  86. The Cubs are apparently telling people they won’t trade Carlos Pena (or Marlon Byrd, apparently). That makes no sense at all. They should be dumping these guys as fast as possible. No wonder they continue to suck.

  87. Lord, can we get the T-Bone experiment over with? He hasn’t hit one ball hard yet in his two games.

  88. @164

    Good point. We really don’t need to trade for a CF. It’s better that we go 9 deep in the starting rotation.

  89. Bill Shanks Twitter:
    Heard the Astros are pushing for Braves catching prospect Christian Bethancourt to lead any deal for outfielder Michael Bourn.

    Umm…that shouldn’t be a huge problem.

  90. Jim Powell just tweeted that the Astros would want Bethancourt in a deal for Bourn. Considering that Bethancourt doesn’t appear to have any plate discipline at all, I wouldn’t be opposed to including him.

    Actually, it was a retweet of Shanks’ rumor.

  91. OK, Dan’s barehand on that play looked a lot like his swing from the first half of the season.

  92. I’ll sacrifice Ughla’s defense if it means we get to keep Uggla’s offense.

  93. Attaboy, Jonny.

    He hasn’t given up a run this month. Neither has Kimbrel, who hasn’t been scored upon since June 11. Gotta love a lockdown bullpen.

  94. I say Angelos, because at least Snyder legitimately wants to win. It seems like a lot of Angelos’ decisions are made for one of two reasons: 1. I really like that guy, so you can’t trade him; or 2. $$$$. Snyder, I think, really cares about whether the ‘Skins win or lose. He just goes about it badly.

  95. @167

    Who else is in on Bourn at this point? Maybe Wren is holding off to see if he can wait Wade out until tomorrow? Hopefully?

  96. With salary cap Snyder hurts teams by overpaying for “names” who do not produce. Baltimore use to be exciting city to see games.

  97. Uggla, with his home run tonight, finally has his slugging percentage above .400.

    Unban the Dan.

  98. In regard to nicknames for Constanza – is it a little too early for Jose Can’t-stand-ya?

  99. So im down at destin and wr have the marlin sportssouth rather than the braves, and the marlin broadcast has been slobbering all over the braves all nite! Man its crazy. The marlins live poll question is “which player is the Braves mvp; the first guy interviewed on marlins live was freddy freeman,; and tb
    he onair team made verbal love to venters and kimbrel whrn they were in. Weird.

  100. Uggla since July 5: .342/.419/.684 … 1.103 OPS. This Freeman/Uggla combo in the lineup ain’t bad.

  101. #189

    The Marlins broadcasters commented more than once on how uneven the infield is at Turner Field. Lots of bad hops, etc. Anyone heard anything similar? What’s the field’s reputation around the league?

  102. @193

    I know the grounds looked awful on Thursday night. I noticed it from my seat, and DOB tweeted about it later in the game. I don’t know if it’s theres any correlation between the extended amount of time games have been played over the past week or what, but it looked pretty AAA.

  103. Apparently Wren in refusing to put Arodys and Delgado in a deal for Bourn. This is insane, i would have thought those two would be part of a pence trade. Is Wade playing favorites?

    Per ESPN

  104. At least these rumors are pointing in the right direction. If it ends up being Bethancourt and either Delgado or Vizcaino, I’m okay with that.

  105. @197

    I agree. Its kinda annoying. The package they got for pence had highly touted prospects who are still pretty far away from the majors. And yet, they still want 2 guys who are much closer to contributing to the majors for Bourn. Am i seeing things or did the Phillies get a deal, relativity speaking (considering everyone seems to value Pence more).

    It might be time to move onto someone/something else. RH bench bat and RHP would do.

  106. I agree. Its kinda annoying. The package they got for pence had highly touted prospects who are still pretty far away from the majors. And yet, they still want 2 guys who are much closer to contributing to the majors for Bourn. Am i seeing things or did the Phillies get a deal, relativity speaking

    Maybe Ed Wade is colluding with his former team? Why else do the Astros keep shipping all their good players to Philadelphia for garbage?

  107. It’s pretty unsettling to me that Houston had no immediate need to move Pence and that they said they’d need to be overwhelmed to deal him, and then they deal him for what most experts consider to be a pretty underwhelming haul.

  108. @201, what experts? Every analysis I’ve read not by Astros fans labels the haul of two high-ceiling prospects pretty good. The Pence trade looks even-ish. If anything, the Astros came out a little ahead, if you believe prospect rankings.

  109. They got the Phillies two top prospects. That doesn’t seem underwhelming to me.

  110. @202 – Keith Law, for one. According to him, the Phillies clearly got the better of the deal. I think Wade’s absolutely trying to hold the Braves up, while it seemed like he was sure okay giving Pence away.

    What sucks about it is it seems like he took a lesser offer from Philly to trade Pence to them. Apparently the Braves were willing to put Minor in the deal. That alone made their offer better than the Phillies’.

  111. Considering that they were expected to be asking for a Teixera haul and are asking for our #2 and #3 prospects for a much lesser player in Bourn, I’d say that it’s a bit underwhelming. Especially when you note that Cosart’s stock seems to have dropped since the pre season rankings.

  112. Keith Law, for one. According to him, the Phillies clearly got the better of the deal.

    This is not remotely true. He said he thought there was some risk for the Astros, because the good prospects are still so far away — but these are two prospects ranked in Law’s very own top 25.

  113. @207– Well, the subject line in his analysis earlier was that the Phillies won the trade (it’s off the main MLB page now). And he also said that both prospects “carry substantial risk of not just failing to reach their ceilings, but failing to contribute in a significant way in the majors.”

    Again, my point is just that an offer from the Braves that included Minor was already better than the Phillies’. I also agree that the Phillies still overpaid, but it seems like Wade’s asking more from Atlanta than he did from Philly.

  114. Mac wanted me to pass along to everyone that his Internet is out, so I will hopefully do up a quick game thread in morning.

  115. @209, only if it’s left over from the Oswalt trade. This one doesn’t look bad at all.

  116. Wade probably thought that the Phillies weren’t in for Bourn, so he’d deal Pence for their best prospects and then still have the Braves in on Bourn.

  117. all the “experts” keep saying Upton will take less of a package than Bourn, so what the hell is Wren waiting for?

  118. #216: I agree. That said, we may very well be trading for Upton as I write, but one thing which makes it less likely is that the Braves would be dealing with an organization which is already very deep in pitching prospects. The old adage about never having enough pitching applies, but I am guessing that Wren might find it much easier to trade with teams which need pitching more than the Rays.

    We will find out soon enough…..

  119. DOB says Upoton is still an option


    #Marlins’ Infante, who played a little in CF in past, has worn down from daily play in ’11. Seems last-resort type #Braves option today

  120. More DOB:

    Regarding Upton’s “baggage”, #Braves’ Fredi G made it clear he wouldn’t care about adding player with “baggage,” said he’s seen in past when players with questions about attitude or whatever have fit in great in Braves clubhouse, and cited Sheffield as example

  121. Infante has worn down from everyday play and is still a bench player on any contender. Replacing Lugo with Infante is an upgrade, but a negligible one.

  122. I agree Dan. I wonder if the mindset is, “We are confident in our playoff spot. We will take our chances that Schafer gets hot in October”

  123. The narrative developing here that the Astros took a lesser package from the Phillies for Pence is ridiculous. The Braves, if you recall, refused to top it–and for good reason. The Astros made a fantastic deal.

    Also, the Astros wanted lower level prospects in that deal. The younger age of a player doesn’t make him a lesser prospect.

  124. #222–I agree, though it may well be remembered as a good deal for both clubs. The Astros did very well and Pence may well put up good numbers in Philadelphia.

    The age of the players can matter, but really counts for many clubs is how close a player is to being able to contribute at the major league level. Lower level prospects, no matter how talented, are both a higher risk and a longer wait….

  125. Rosenthal on twiter…

    Source: #Braves on verge of acquiring #Astros’ Bourn for four minor leaguers.

  126. If it’s 4, they can’t be THAT highly thought of, can they? Oberholtzer, Bethancourt +2?

  127. #227–Yes, that is the question.

    Not that anybody here was waiting for a trade….

  128. Wow…been waiting for something for a week and glad we plugged an actual hole. Now a Ludwick or Willingham acquisition wouldn’t be awful as a bit piece now instead of the “big” splash

  129. OK, obviously it matters who we gave up, but Bourn was THE guy we needed to get, so this is fantastic news. Apologies to Jerk Store, natch….


    Nah just kidding. Time to refresh MLBTR like a mad man.

  131. Per mlbtr… Hou gets J Schafer, lhp Brett Oberholtzer, rhp Paul Clemens & rhp Juan Abreu.


  132. Jayson Stark says: “Hou gets J Schafer, lhp Brett Oberholtzer, rhp Paul Clemens & rhp Juan Abreu. “

  133. Jayson Stark:

    #Braves agree on deal w #Astros for Michael Bourn. Hou gets J Schafer, lhp Brett Oberholtzer, rhp Paul Clemens & rhp Juan Abreu. #trades

  134. “Houston gets Schafer, lhp Brett Oberholtzer, rhp Paul Clemens & rhp Juan Abreu. #trades”

  135. Well Done! Jordan Schafer, Brett Oberholtzer, Paul Clemens, Juan Abreu–I hate to lose Oberholtzer, but Wren has improved our team, without losing any of our elite prospects….

  136. Great deal. I’m pretty stoked. Oberholtzer and Clemens are supposed to be pretty good, but, I mean, it can’t be a 20 man rotation, so they weren’t gonna fit here.

  137. Man, I’m going to sleep well tonight.

    I hope Wren doesn’t trade Delgado for Infante or something.

  138. Wow – nothing of real value!

    Schafer, Abreu Oberholzer and Clemens.

    How You Like Me Now, Wren?

  139. “The #Braves will be receiving money from the #Astros in the Michael Bourn trade.”

  140. sweet, that is the kind of trade that made JS brilliant, no loss of immediate talent and an obvious upgrade to the major league club.

  141. The Worldwide Leader hasn’t posted anything on their site yet. Doesn’t Stark work for them?

  142. Wow…that is some fantastic news to wake up to. I’d been hoping for Upton, but getting Bourn without using any of our top prospects is awesome. And unexpected.

  143. So, the Braves got arguably the best player available at the team’s biggest position of need and didn’t give up any of the 6 or 7 “untouchable” players.

    Some of you owe Frank Wren an apology. He absolutely killed it.

  144. We shouldn’t act like those AA pitching prospects were chopped liver, but none of those guys have the upside of even Minor or Delgado.

    Fantastic trade. I’m ecstatic. Having a producing ML player in CF will improve an already-improving lineup. When McCann gets back, they’re going to look fierce.


    That my friends is solid.

    Just imagine if Heyward remembers how to hit.

  145. It’ll probably continue for at least one more game, right? Bourne won’t make it in for this afternoon will he?

  146. Both DOB and Peanut have confirmed, in case someone was worried this wasn’t actually happening.

    This is a really great deal for the Braves, needless to say. I love how so many people, me included (though I made a concerted effort not to), was preemptively whining about Frank Wren not doing anything or valuing prospects over the season. He’s certainly earned us never doing that again (at least until after the deadline has passed) with this deal. And it’s still possible he could add a bench bat or a middle reliever. The day is young.

  147. And lets be honest. Outside of Rasmum, whom the Braves wanted no part of due to “makeup” and “parental issues” (not to say I wouldn’t have liked him), Bourne is clearly the best fit for this team. I much prefer him to Pence, and the cost was dramatically lower. I think Wren did a great job. I’m not even concerned about getting another RHP for the ‘pen since Vizcaino will probably be called up this September and be effective enough to pitch in the 7th for the playoffs.

  148. 271—Yup, Oberholtzer and Clemens are really good. That’s the beauty of having such a deep farm system; our second tier is comparable to a lot of teams’ top tier, and we don’t have to trade our best prospects away to get real value in return.

    Still, I can’t believe we got Bourn without giving up at least one from our top tier.

  149. I’d be interested in bringing Infante back for the bench, and/or especially bringing in a right-handed reliever.

    If I had to guess, though, the Braves will depend upon Moylan and possibly Vizcaino down the stretch. Hopefully they won’t depend upon Lugo, though.

  150. Just hope the fap sounds from Simpson and Caray aren’t audible when Bourn starts stealing bases.

  151. The ceilings for Oberholtzer and Clemens did not exceed mid-rotation starter. In all likelihood they’re back-end guys, innings eaters. They’re valuable but certainly expendable, especially with the depth in this system. The Braves still have Gilmartin, Hoover, Perez, and Spruill behind their top four guys–they still have a remarkably, fantastically strong system of pitchers in the minors.

  152. By the way, Schafer being on the DL could delay the trade a bit. MLB has to approve it now.

    The bench, once McLouth and McCann get back: Ross, Hinske, McLouth, Conrad, Lugo. They could still use a right-handed bat, but a reliever is more pressing.

  153. One would assume that’s just a formality, or they wouldn’t have announced a deal, surely?

  154. awesome. this is probably the most positive thread ever on the board. props to Wren; despite mcclouth and uggla’s early struggles as braves, he has pulled off some really smooth deals in his tenure. this could be one of the best. on paper, bourn improves our offense more than pence improves the phillies, and we got away with keeping all four pitchers, whilst philly is getting phrases like ‘giving up the future’ with all their massive clean-house trades. love it!! go bravos.

  155. It is, I think, but formalities can still slow down the process a little. He probably won’t play today is all.

  156. What is thought of the idea of batting Bad Henry County eighth? It would be better for L/R/L/R construction, it would spread out the OBP suckhole of AAG/pitcher, and Heyward would actually take the walks being offered to the 8-hole hitter.

  157. @288

    That’s what I was thinking. Heyward eighth makes more sense than AAG.

    Of course Fredi isn’t that smart, and if he does it it will be by accident.

  158. Well, look at that. Wren acquired a player for basically nothing and it actually fills a huge hole in CF. Im very happy with this deal. If he could somehow acquire Willingham/Infante/and Heath Bell it would be incredible.

    Dont stop now Wren.

  159. 91 – I was kinda close !!

    Seriously, excellent trade for FW. I like Oberholzer and Clemens more than most, but I don’t see either as better than #3 starters in a best case scenario going forward, and I for damn sure would rather give them up than Minor or Delgado.

    Lefty masher bench type, please.

    All in all, this trade was a definite ‘f’in success.’

  160. I would like to thank McLouth and Schafer for both getting hurt right before the deadline. May have been the best thing they’ve done all year.

  161. Schedule is very favorable in August – away series w/ Nats, Mets, FLA, and Cubs, home against Giants, Dbacks, Nats, and Cubs. If Uggla keeps going and Bourn can contribute right away, things are looking good.

  162. You know, they’d never do it, but I’d love to see him go get Upton for LF and let Prado cover third for the many days Chipper will be out and be a platoon/ super utility player.

  163. Yeah, this is a great move by Wren. The best part for us fans, aside from finally having a real leadoff hitter and CF is that we still have the chips to make another move or two before 4 PM. If we stand pat from here on out, I won’t be disappointed. But I think Wren is in a good position to really put us over the top.

  164. First CF we’ve had since we lost Andruw, first professional leadoff hitter since Furcal.

  165. I was a big advocate of bringing Hairston in for that role this offseason. He has a career .351 wOBA/116 wRC against lefties in 698 PAs. He’s also been a solid, if unspectacular, defensive outfielder.

  166. What’s a “professional leadoff hitter”? Someone that steals bases and/or lacks ability to hit home runs?

  167. Well, I’d say a player who manages to be a positive offensive player despite his single best tool being his speed.

  168. If we could get Infante to replace Lugo for some random minor leaguer that would be good.

  169. Just saw the details of the trade. Nice work from Wren, and I forgive Wade for giving Pence away. =)

    Seriously, on the comparison between the two deals, I’d say the Braves did far better. They gave up nobody on the Top 100 list for a really valuable CF. Nicely done.

  170. So, if we manage to pick up a RH corner outfielder, does McLouth’s “lower abdominal strain” tragically morph into a season-ending injury?

  171. The Peanut/DOB vibe seems very upbeat on Moylan; it wouldn’t surprise me it they don’t trade for a reliever.

    I’m late, but very nice trade by The Big Bird.

    Didn’t we pick up Juan Abreu off waivers from the Royals?

  172. MLBTR says a Todd Coffey trade is imminent, but doesn’t say to whom. I wonder if that’s our RH reliever deal.

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