Rangers 5, Braves 4 (10 innings)

Well, I wasn’t able to watch this one, but it appears that the Braves lost again. They fell behind early, then there was a fairly lengthy rain delay, then they rallied to tie, then they lost in extra innings. They’re awfully frustrating, right now.

On the bright side, Vanderbilt whipped UNC in Game 1 of the College World Series.

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  1. As much as I appreciate Mac’s detailed write-ups, you’re doing a fine job of encapsulating the travails of a team for which every game is SSDD. Keep it up, Stu.

  2. Just checking in. It’s about 30 percent I get out today, 60 percent tomorrow, 10 percent later. I actually feel quite good, except when I thnk about Scott Proctor, History’s Greatest Monster. One way or another I will try to be in contact tomorrow, though it’s possible that will be via text message to Stu or Alex.

  3. Mather DFAd for McLouth. That really says something that they cut him before Wilkin, maybe they’re finally learning not to give their pet projects infinite chances. Hopefully Proctor is next.

  4. Even before last night, the team was on pace to beat the all-time record for extra inning games in a season. This is getting silly.

  5. Yesterday’s starting lineup, including Lowe, had 5 guys with OBPs below .300, and another two – Schafer and Heyward – who were hovering just above it. With Chipper out, McCann is the only above average hitter on the team.

    To win, the Braves usually cannot afford to give up more than 2 runs.

  6. Second worst team OPB in the league. This recent bad stretch has been with our mostly-AAA lineup so there’s reason to think that it’s only temporary. However Freeman and Heyward aren’t getting it done and we won’t contend if they both perform like this.

    Uggla hit the ball hard yesterday. That double off the top of the wall and the last ball he hit to Beltre were completely smoked.

  7. I thought DOB might have been telegraphing the Mather move the other day when he said the team would have to really ponder its options once McLouth returned. That said to me they might do something other than the last arrived being the first to leave. Might as well see what they have in Wilkin.

  8. given the circumstances, this is probably the best the lineup can get…
    1. Schafer cf, 2. Uggla 2b, 3. Heywrd rf, 4. McCann c, 5. Freeman 1b, 6. Gnzalez ss, 7. McLouth lf, 8. Hrnandz 3b, 9. Jurrjens

    Doing some quick research, the following team are well below .500 and could be selling soon: Orioles, Royals, Twins, A’s, Marlins, Cubs, Astros, Dodgers, Padres.

    I know we probably won’t be upgrading SS, but I’m going to include some SS and OF from these teams plus their current salaries for team upgrading purposes…

    JJ Hardy- 5.85 million and 1.4 WAR
    Adam Jones- 3.25 million and 1.4 WAR
    Luke Scott-6.4 million and 0.5 WAR
    Nick Markakis- 10.6 million and 0.4 WAR

    Alex Gordon- 1.4 million and 2.0 WAR
    (I refuse to use Jeffy or Melky in any trade scenarios)

    Coco Crisp- 5.75 million and 1.0 WAR
    Conor Jackson- 3.2 million and 0.8 WAR
    Josh Willingham- 6 million and 0.2 WAR

    Denard Span-1 million and 2.8 WAR
    Michael Cuddyer- 10.5 million and 1.3 WAR
    Jason Kubel- 5.2 million and 1.1 WAR

    Marlins (neither of the following has a good WAR, but we know what they’re capable of…)
    Omar Infante
    Hanley Ramirez

    Marlon Byrd- 5.5 million and 1.4 WAR
    (no one else looks to be either acquirable or tradeable)

    Hunter Pence- 6.9 million and 2.3 WAR
    Michael Bourn- 4.4 million and 2.1 WAR

    Matt Kemp- 7.1 million and 3.8 WAR
    Andre Eithier- 9.5 million and 2.1 WAR

    Cameron Maybin- 429k and 1.9 WAR
    Ryan Ludwick- 6.78 million and 1.3 WAR

    Who of these guys do you think could be had for a pitching prospect?

  9. My short answer to #11 is that nobody trades a productive major league regular for a single pitching prospect. Also, I think we would probably be looking for a CF in particular. We have starting LF and RFs that we probably don’t want to shift to CF. So any trade would likely include McLouth and a healthy portion of his salary (and at least one additional prospect).

  10. @13- I would agree, but add that if the CF in question is under team control for multiple years, Schafer could be part of the deal instead of McLouth.

    Pence still seems ideal to me, if the Braves think he can fake CF aswell as Mather could, or Wilkin Ramirez can.

  11. Marlins’ manager “steps down”.
    Yunel signs a 2/10 million dollar extension with Jays with club options for 5 million for the ’13 and ’14 seasons. WOW!

  12. If you have to give up the farm, get the most bang for the buck you can and get Kemp, if the dodgers will deal.

    I think he or Either may be more ‘gettable’ than people think. The dodgers are broke, and maybe it won’t take quite as much as it would in other years. It all depends on how money the braves are willing to take.

    Whatever they do, if you give a Teheran type prospect as the centerpiece in a trade two things are vital, 1. the guy you get back has to be an impact guy 2. that guy is on the roster for the next few years.

  13. @19- The price is dictated by who wants them, and what they’re willing to offer, not by how badly the Dodgers need to move them.

    And Teheran doesn’t get that deal done. I think that deal requires Hanson or Jurrjens.

  14. @18- Yes he is. But I wasn’t saying we’d be making a trade this afternoon.

    Somewhat related, the Astros actually sent Pence home from a roadtrip to get an MRI on a sore elbow. He hurt his elbow swinging in BP, they diagnosed it as hyperextended. And they sent him home from LA to get an MRI.

    It might be that the situation is worse than they are saying, and they are genuinely concerned. Or, it could be a move to ease the concerns of a potential suitor.. “See! Just sore. Nothing wrong with him! Good as new! Two pitching prospects please!”

  15. Obviously Kemp would be big. But of the other potential names listed in that earlier post, I think Adam Jones would look good in our lineup (even though I think he’s left-handed). But a true CF who can also hit. Not sure when he starts to get more expensive though.

  16. Despite the fact that many here have seemingly made their peace with the Yunel trade, it’s one we’re going to rue for a long time. What an amazing extension for the Jays.

  17. Braves gameplan:

    1) Allow three baserunners every inning.
    2) Do not allow them to score.
    3) Shutout victory!

  18. What are opposing pitchers batting against Atlanta this year? I would not be surprised if it was over .300

  19. I can’t see the Braves getting Kemp because it seems to be against team policy to trade for anyone well known enough to be talked about on ESPN.

  20. @31, that’s a nicer way of saying that the team has a hard on for crappy “character” players for god knows what reason.

    Unrelated, but know who would help right now and be cheap? Barry Bonds.

  21. Maybe Dan Uggla just needs 3 days to adjust to whatever town he’s in before he can play baseball well?

  22. Note to announcers: The total number of errors in a season do not usually come down as the season progresses.

  23. Three things have happened this inning that have not happened near enough this season.

    1. Uggla got a hit

    2. Heyward got a hit

    3. The braves had the other team commit an error

    Nice inning

  24. Here comes the Proctologist for the 4th day in a row, no doubt to blow the game.

  25. Proctor vs. the top of the Rangers’ order again. Obviously Fredi learned nothing from last night.

  26. Hurry back, Peter. Save us from more appointments with the Proctologist.

  27. Chip: “I don’t know what Jordan’s pitch per at bat is, but I bet it’s pretty high…”

    Easily accessible on–wait for it–espn.com: Schafer’s pitch per plate appearance (3.84).

  28. I think it’s all on McCann here. I don’t have confidence in Freddie to hit a LOOGY.

    Well, hopefully I’m wrong.

  29. That was some bad defense in LF by Murphy, so I can’t quibble with Heyward being sent back to 3rd.

  30. Freddie strikes out 16 times in 25 at-bats and made adjustments that are paying off today. Meanwhile, I’m really tired of hearing stories about Uggla knowing what adjustments he needs to make but having a hard time implementing them.

  31. @31, 49 –

    Strangely enough, everytime we trade for someone you’ve heard of, that gets complained about too.

    Drew, Teixeira, McLouth, Uggla..

    Only Derreck Lee and Adam Laroche weren’t derided.. Maybe Mike Gonzalez escaped criticism. We bitched when we traded FOR Vasquez, and pitched MORE when we traded him away.

  32. If I was a major league pitcher, there are few hitters I’d rather face right now than Alex Gonzalez.

  33. I find it harder and harder to forgive AAG his complete incompetence at the plate.

    (Edit: That was just another taylor-made DP ball off his bat. There was nobody on first and there were two outs, but nevertheless. He reaches Andruw/Frenchy territory where I’m HOPING for a K when he comes to bat).

  34. Well, if you try to pull the ball and can’t lay off pitches that are two feet off the plate, then you’re gonna make horrible contact. The bigger mystery for me is why he ever gets a pitch to hit.

  35. Hernandez can’t field, but at least he can’t hit.

    Fortunately, Venters and Kimbrel keep the ball out of play. Bring on the Canucks!

  36. I will eventually have a recap for you fine folks, but for now, here is the verbatim text I just received from Mac:

    Hi, can you let everybody know that I am doing GREAT and feel the best I have in MONTHS but must stay one more night, which is a Phil Collins song, but what can you do? Go Braves & Dores.

    Emphasis mine.

  37. It’s not an easy thing to admit that a particular moment has been best evoked by Phil Collins, and I thus applaud Mac’s bravery.

  38. I got a Braves yearbook at the game Wednesday. Roger McDowell listed Phil Collins as his favorite musician.

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