209 thoughts on “Game thread of Strasburgitude: June 28, Nats at Braves”

  1. to justhank from previous thread:

    Matt Kemp is good but not THAT good.
    .258 .316 .455 .771 – currently
    .292 .341 .476 .817 – career
    I get it. He is a CF – but who do you trade for him? Jurrjens? Medlen? because thats what it would take. I wouldn’t.

    Don’t get yourself in a lather about Kemp anyway. Its just Rosenthal making shit up.

  2. JC’ed –

    Rosenthal floated that Kemp to the Braves idea, and while it will never happen, it’s a fascinating mental challenge trade. Kemp won’t be traded because LA really doesn’t have a good centerfield option, and there is a huge potential to trade away a future star at the bottom of his value. It makes Reed Johnson your starting CFer for LA, and it makes Nate or Matt redundant here in ATL.

    Having said that I think one of JJ or Medlen plus Melky is a not unreasonable offer.

  3. great stats per DOB…

    Then again, the Braves are only 2-4 with a .218 batting average in their past six, albeit three against the sizzling White Sox. 2 hours ago

    The Nationals are 2-10 with a .213 batting average and an average of fewer than 3 runs in past 12 games. 2 hours ago

  4. Someone please catch me up. Is the Univ of Mississippi changing it’s mascot? Becuase Rebel is offensive? Or something?

  5. per DOB: “Initial report on Heyward MRI is a strained ligament where it attaches to the bone. No surgery required, can play when tolerable for him, but problem could linger until he gets extended rest in offseason.

    This from a person familiar with the situation who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly until after Braves make an announcement later.”

  6. @1 – 817 OPS tranlates to 115 OPS+. The list of 25 year olds that have hit that well over 2000+ PA is quite thin, and even thinner when you limit it to CF’s. I would seriously consider trading any non-Hansen/Heyward Brave.

  7. NATIONALS (33-43)
    CF Nyjer Morgan
    C Ivan Rodriguez
    3B Ryan Zimmerman
    1B Adam Dunn
    LF Josh Willingham
    RF Roger Bernadina
    SS Ian Desmond
    2B Alberto Gonzalez
    P Stephen Strasburg

    BRAVES (44-32)
    2B Martin Prado
    RF Melky Cabrera
    3B Chipper Jones
    C Brian McCann
    1B Troy Glaus
    LF Eric Hinske
    SS Yunel Escobar
    CF Gregor Blanco
    P Tim Hudson

  8. 15—Probably not. Interesting question, though.

    13—I’d say any non-Hanson/Heyward/McCann Brave, but I basically agree with you. And I agree that Jurrjens + Melky for Kemp is not an unreasonable offer, in a vacuum.

  9. Bethany,

    Depends on how much it hurts him. May not be a terrible idea. Depends on how far out Diaz is.

  10. The 15-day DL for Heyward was a conversation I was having this weekend.

    I mean, it’s not like he’s helping when he’s hurt.

    Of course, I don’t know how much better that thumb’s gonna be after just 15 days either.

  11. When Diaz comes back, you’ll have to either DL Heyward or send Blanco down. So do you match up better with:

    Diaz, Hinske, Melky and Blanco, where Hinske and Diaz are platooned, Melky, a switch hitter, plays right, and Blanco, a lefty, and your best defensive CF, plays CF everyday. This means everyday you have a platoon advantage in both corners, and your only mismatch is in CF when against a LHP.


    Diaz, Hinske, Melky, injured Heyward, where I don’t know how you match up lefty/righty, and how you work in rest for Heyward. Do you play Hinske everyday and expose him to lefties, and platoon Diaz and Heyward, to give Heyward rest? Do Melky and Diaz play everyday, and you just decide which of Heyward or Hinske plays based on how Heyward feels?

    If Heyward is hurt, I D/L him, go with some stability in my OF, and get him back healthy after the All-Star Break.

    I'll take the first option

  12. Does the DL by any chance count against service time?

    In other words, if we DL him for 15 days do we get our year back?

    Zambrano? And people thought I was crazy …

  13. if its true that St Louis is a potential suitor for Lee, there top 3 would be brutal to face


  14. cant you just send him down for two weeks and tell him not to play or would the players union be all over that?

  15. I would DL Heyward because the last thing you need is a 20 year old developing bad habits–if he hasn’t already–because of an injury. If he was a more veteran player–or, to be honest, a less hot prospect–I might say play him if he can contribute at all since the alternatives are not that good. This guy is the future of the franchise; as Chipper has shown in the past, a hitter simply cannot hit if his hands are injured.

  16. The union would file a grievance, and it would win. The player himself would be pissed off, and it would spoil the relationship. The commissioner’s office would also be pissed if a team tried a stunt like that, and might not even allow the transaction. Also, it’s mean.

  17. BTW, I got a Kindle for my birthday and just saw that Braves Journal is on it. It’s 99 cents/month for a Kindle subscription; do you get any of that?

    Also, there are two customer reviews about the blog; one is from a Alexander F. Remington, of Washington, DC. He says your rules are strict but fair. I think we might hear more from this guy some time. :)

  18. @34, it would depend I think. If you sent Heyward down to play DH once every 2-3 days to try and rest and get his swing back, and claimed you couldn’t do it at the ML level because you couldn’t afford a bench spot on a part time player, I think that passes the smell test. A week or two would not alter his service time in any meaningful way, so there would really be nothing to grieve

  19. while i understand the reasoning, is there anyone else amazed that jermaine dye and gary sheffield are still jobless?

  20. Good Lord, calm the hell down about the guy with two career wins. The hype is unbearable.

  21. Gotta like the cuts we’re getting. Our hitters definitely came into this one with a plan to look oppo.

  22. How deep was Chipper’s fly out? (I ask because game tracker had it pretty deep.) Could Melky have advanced to third?

  23. #62, very deep. Sadly Melky thought he couldn’t score from second on a double if Willingham missed it so stood halfway between 2nd and 3rd before retreating.

  24. Geez…McCann is a terrible defensive catcher. An extra pitch Hudson did not have to throw.

  25. I think Melky has to go half way on the ball Chipper hit. It was one hell of a throw by Willingham to get him.

  26. It was a good throw but Melky looked slower than molasses coming around 3rd. No jump off of second. My opinion he couldn’t have advanced on Chipper’s fly.

  27. IMHO everyone should be having Mike Leake fever. Rookie right out of college having a great year for the Reds in a bandbox stadium.

  28. Shame we haven’t been able to get a run in, but I’m glad we’ve gotten some good hits off him.

  29. It was an over the shoulder catch going the wrong way on Chipper’s fly. That’s why I thought he could have at least tried to get to third at the time.

    But after seeing him round around third, yeah, it’s pretty obvious why it would have been a bad idea.

  30. The problem is that Huddy’s got 72 pitches through 4 innings. Don’t see him getting through the 6th.

  31. Wat a way to swing at 3 balls Brian….I guess the Braves want Strasburg to go 9. Marlins 5, the other team in NY 1.

  32. In Huddy’s defense (no pun intended), Escobar has caused him to throw many more pitches.

  33. Nice camera work tonight. I love how Pudge looks up at the batter before he calls the sign. You could almost see the wheels turning in his mind when Esco was at the plate.

  34. Wow Bob Carpenter just made Derrick Lowe sound like Cy Young. That last pitch was ball…good grief.

  35. Zambrano said he was trying to light a fire under his teammates and that Derrek Lee took it personally which escalated it into a face-to-face confrontation. For some reason, I tend to agree. Opinions?

  36. ESPN’s blacked out here… I’d rather sit here in the quiet on mute than listen to Rob Dibble.

  37. Joinging in the middle of game.
    There are two reliable and hard -working pitchers ever I have known on my list. One is Mike Mussina and the other is Tim Hudson. Their pitching is steady no matter how they win or lose. Both of them are very smart. I know Hudson is highly competetitive and he hates to lose. I’m happy with him as a brave.

  38. For all the years he pitched in that bandbox during the steroid era, Mike Mussina is a hall of famer IMO.

  39. That was curious – Hudson is tiring, game tied late – how can you not go for the win there and PH for Strasburg?

  40. Strasburg kind of reminds me of AJ Burnett if Burnett’s was IQ was 100 instead of 65…

  41. billy-jay, Chipper did a good job shielding the ground ball from the shortstop.

    Lots of good stuff!

  42. sad thing is, this kid might be the a top 3-5 pitcher in baseball already. Sorry, you’re a nat



    Aaron Boone’s analysis of this inning: This rally was started by Chipper’s energy which fed the crowd and revitalized the Braves hitters.

  44. Ive enjoyed Gregor’s time here, Im guessing he’s gone in a few days with Diaz coming back though

  45. If you think this is bad, you should have seen them in the series with the Orioles.

  46. The introduction of M. Prior to the Cubs was a sensation. A guy from Chicago talked about him everyday at that time. I don’t know where he is now!

    Well done Strasburg, but the Braves teach him a lesson. Hahahaha.

  47. @152 Score should be 0-0 and Strasburg still pitching in all honesty. His defense let him down (again) tonight. I am more than happy to take it mind you.

  48. *Cue circus music*

    I honestly expected to see a little clown car zoom out onto the field during that last play.

  49. @22″ Rob’s prediction:
    5.2 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 7 K, ND

    Actual line:
    6.1 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 7 K, L (?)

  50. @156, The Prior experience (heh) is a large part of why the Nats are handling Strasburg the way they are.

  51. 161 — As long as we’re winning by 6 runs it can go at a Trachsel pace for all I care!

  52. Apparently, all four of those runs are being scored earned. I have no idea how.

    Can’t assume the double play?

  53. an error that occured with no outs, 3 singles a walk and two sac flies have followed. No way they are all unearned

  54. Glaus reached on an error, he at least has to be charged unearned. Also, for the life of me I can’t figure out how the clown car play at third could be scored a hit, but apparently it was.

  55. If Zimmerman, the best 3rd baseman in the NL can’t get to it, I guess it has to be a hit.

  56. Apropos of nothing, I was listening on the radio Saturday when Moylan came in and they were playing “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” – does he always use this? So awesome – my favorite player music match I’ve heard in years.

  57. so would you offer Teheran and Delgado for Strasburg? who here would throw in Vizcaino too?

  58. Strasburg – 6.1 IP, 7K, 2BB, 0HR
    Hudson – 7 IP, 6K, 3BB, 0HR

    Fewer strikeouts and more walks. We lucked out. I’ll take it.

  59. If I were the running the Nats, I would work it to where Strasburg only pitched at home.

  60. If I were running the Nats, I’d bring in 7 starting right fielders. And a bunch of former Braves.

  61. UCLA has had their starter throw 127 pitches even though he allowed 6 runs and is losing 6-0.

  62. Let’s hope that next Saturday Strasburg will be looking to strike down the Mets with great vengeance and furious anger.

  63. Dan Haren hit a homer to break a 2-2 tie in the seventh, that’s knowing how to win.

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