196 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving open thread”

  1. Happy turkey day to all. Today, in braves world, I am thankful for Brian snitker. Why? I have no idea.

    Now my Christmas wish list: please, frank wren, find a way to dump lowe and trade for swisher.

  2. I have about an hour left for Thanksgiving, but I think I can knock this out before then.

    I’m thankful for a ton of things, but those relevant to this site (in no particular order):

    Mac, for running this blog and for being awesome.
    The Atlanta Braves, for the good and bad. I’m thankful that it’s mostly been good (lately, anyway).
    Stu, for hooking me up with the Vandy dates. Sadly, I wasn’t able to make any of them, but I appreciate you looking out for me.
    Ububba, for cool music tips.
    Alex R. & Alex R., for being blog twins and cool posters.
    P.W. Hjort, for having an awesome name. Okay, your cool posts, too, but the name has to take precedence.
    Jon K., the Keystone Kid. Thanks, bro. You’re amusing.
    All other posters not specifically singled out, because many of you would’ve been if I weren’t well into the beer.

    Specific Braves thanks:

    Chipper. Thanks for everything.
    Bobby. Sometimes you make me scratch my head, but I’ve always been thankful for what you’ve done in Atlanta.
    Gonzo & Soriano. You guys were awesome. I wish you’d both be in Braves unis next year, but failing that, I hope you strike it rich and have great success (except against the Braves).
    Heap (can’t call you, Mac, man). Screw that Mauer guy.
    Roach. I’m glad you came back, even if it was just for the 2nd half.
    Yunel. I like your style, man.
    Diaz. I like yours, too.
    Prado. I like that you wear my (old) number. And play better than I ever did.
    JJ/Tommy/Javy/Timmeh/Kawakami-san/Lowe/Medlen/Moylan. Thanks for pitching like Braves are supposed to pitch.

    Crap, I’m not going to go down the whole roster. If you didn’t get named, I’m sure I’m thankful for you, too.

    Special bonus thanks to Frenchy for getting traded. And Wren for getting Church for him.

  3. Mac,

    I also tried to post that under another name (I’m on a new computer, sorry). If that shows up for moderation, you can delete it.


  4. From Jim Callis’s chat yesterday:

    Ryan (Indy)

    Jordan Schafer: future star or bust?

    Jim Callis (2:52 PM)

    Can I split the difference and hold out hope for him becoming a future solid regular?

    J.B. (Dunmore, PA)

    Jason Heyward: Sooner or later?

    Jim Callis (2:53 PM)

    If I’m running the Braves, the answer would be “now.”

  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We have a traditional Southern dinner on hand.
    cornbread stuffing
    turnip greans
    a couple of vegetable casseroles
    giblet gravey
    sweet ice tea
    and of course a turkey


  6. The Hawks look about done in this game.

    This is a situation which should have favored a win over the Magic. Orlando certainly appears to be the better team.

  7. I’m thankful I survived a black friday walmart trip. My mom, my wife, and I tag teamed waiting in line for the $198 laptop (for the big kid) and all of us managed to survive (though they sent in me, the 6’2″ 235lb guy, for the last leg of the wait so we were less likely to be victimized by a rowdy crowd of 75 people waiting for 23 laptops).

    What was I thankful for on thanksgiving? Oh Pie, Pie is my thankful thing. Many wonderful Pies.

  8. Hey Mac,

    My Magic beat the Hawks….however, I did earn a ton of respect for them after watching that game. The southeast division is going to be tough this year.

    Belated Happy Turkey Day to everyone, spent the day with Red Sox and Mets Fans….bleh

  9. I don’t get the “tribute to Les Miles” thing. I have to give Auburn credit in every way. The coaches had a great game plan and they took it to Bama the whole game. McElroy played an awesome game with very few mistakes – he was the difference imo, although Todd played well also.

    Looking back on it, I heard a few Bama players make comments before the game that were concerning. They basically said they needed to go about their business and not play with too much emotion, because that leads to mistakes. Not playing with enough emotion (which is what they did for much of the game) can lead to disaster in a game like this.

  10. sorry – cannot edit from my Blackberry…

    If you haven’t seen the movie, there are a lot of SEC coach cameos in it (surprisngly no Vanderbilt). I have to say Saban comes off looking the best.

    I have not read the book, but I have heard that the coaches do not come off looking so clean in it.

  11. Parish,

    I saw Blind Side the other night and liked it. I thought it would be cheesy, but it was really good. I though Lou Holtz was the best. However, all the coaches were pretty good. The only thing missing was Fulmer saying, “We are going to work like heck to get Michael to come to Tennessee.”

  12. Agreed, Smitty. It was surprisingly good.

    Fulmer got a lot of respect in the film too. Looked like the other recruiters were ready to give up when he showed up.

  13. Auburn’s clock management and play calls on the last drive were pretty bad. I was just shocked that they played that well

  14. @34

    Looks like my ‘cocks did the f*cking today, and made the Clemson Tigers their bitches. Please don’t begrudge us our one victory every decade or so.

  15. well, it looks like it’s the time of year that i become the biggest “Bama fan around……..there’s just no words to describe how much i hate those goddam gators

  16. Welcome aboard, Barry.

    The last POTUS (no politics!) is going to angle for the Commissioner job, but I’m guessing he won’t actively campaign for it. If not him, they might go within the sport.

  17. Is it true that at the end of this game, The Tebow will be assumed directly into Heaven? Because that’s the impression I get from the coverage. Frankly, it would be a big help if he was.

  18. Vern Lundquist is going to have to get his stomach pumped after today.

    Mac, on behalf of the Tennessee Volunteers; ROLL TIDE ROLL!

  19. You can tell that Smitty’s a young UT fan. No old UT fan would ever side with Bama against anybody, even Florida.

  20. It helps that UGA intentionally rolled Josh Nesbitt’s leg. Sort of what you expect from them, really.

  21. Again, it’s just some guy, and he was talking six days ago, and nothing has been announced. It’s a non-story.

    If you’ve missed ESPN over the last 48 hours, I think that what happened is that Allen Iverson hit Tiger Woods with a golf club, but Tebow healed him and everything is okay.

  22. You know what this is?

    It’s the world’s smallest violin playing just for the Humble Bumbles.

    We don’t have AJ Green either, so tuff titty.

  23. Mike Gonzalez is 5th and Rafael Soriano 7th in the Elias rankings, separated by John Lackey. The guys above are Hooliday, Valverde, Bay and Damon, so as long as whoever signs Gonzo and Soriano doesn’t sign one of the others, we’ll get a 1st round pick.

  24. @60, hilarious

    After all the upsets today, which SEC team is going to which Bowl after Alabama & Florida? I mean, it’s a mess. A team could almost go from Shreveport to the Capital One and vice versa.

  25. Sam,
    The reason you’re losing is because you haven’t forced a punt all game. Whine all you want, but you gotta stop the run at some point.

  26. To be clear, UGA won this game because they intentionally rolled Josh Nesbitt’s knee in the first quarter, and the SEC field refs let it go without a peep.

  27. braves14’s SEC bowl projections:

    MNC Game: Florida 13-0
    Sugar: Alabama 12-1
    Capital One: LSU 9-3
    Cotton: Ole Miss 8-4
    Outback: Tennessee 7-5
    Chic-Fil-A: Georgia 7-5
    Music City: South Carolina 7-5
    Liberty: Auburn 7-5
    Independence: Arkansas 7-5
    Papa John’s: Kentucky 7-5

  28. They’re still a bunch of bought and paid semi-pro goons masquerading as college students. Next question?

  29. “Sore loser” is being redefined before my eyes. I was pulling for Tech, but Sam’s reaction here makes me really glad UGA won.

  30. 72 — UGA won this game because they have the superior SEC athletes.

    And that Nesbitt injury was obviously unintentional. And he was fine.

  31. Oh, Stu. I have yet begun to pout. I can spin this thing so much deeper than this. You’d be shocked, really.

    And that Nesbitt injury was clearly intentional. The defender held his knee while the other guy rolled him back even after the whistle.

  32. UGA is one of the most penalized teams in the country, and I don’t think they played a different game this time… they just didn’t get penalized. But Stu’s right, sore losers blame the refs. Tech didn’t come out and play the way they could, and with the game on the line they blew it. Even putting the dropped pass aside, there was no reason for Tech to run 4 straight pass plays. You’re an option team with time on the clock and timeouts, why don’t you run the option?

  33. You guys seem to think that “sore loser” thing is going to make me feel bad. Of course I’m a sore loser. Losing sucks. Only idiots – Cubs fans for instance – like to lose. And “sore” or not, the fact remains that the refs on the field were SEC and they let UGA get away with holding all night long, ignored an obvious personal foul on a clothesline on a kick off return, and looked the other way when Willie Martinez implemented his “we can win if we get to Jaybo Shaw” strategy.

    With that said, I too was confused by the pass happy last series, but Bebe dropped a ball he catches 99% of the time. If he doesn’t, we still win and the date rapes are just angrier.

  34. Just got back from the game, really disappointed right now. Not as much as I thought I would be, we do still have a shot at the Orange Bowl, after all. But still, never feels good to lose to them.

    Could not believe how horrible we were against the run. Unbelievable.

    I hate bringing in the refs in losses but they did miss a few calls against UGA. At least one of those throws at the end had pass interference on it.

    All in all, pretty crappy day. Not the end of the world though, still got the ACC Championship next week. Go Jackets and THWG!

  35. Sore loser is one thing. Losing with no class is another. There is no way the Nesbitt knee injury was intentional.

  36. “I’m sure there will be many a date rape in Athens tonight.”

    Actually us Georgia boys find that women are willing to have relations with us by their own choice. I realize that may be a difficult concept for a Techie to grasp.

  37. Soooo….. BYU won in OT!

    Great end to a disastrous season. And Max Hall can apparently go a game without throwing an interception. Who would have thunk?

  38. I’m well aware of the SEC officiating all season long. They clearly went into the season with instructions to not let UF lose, but outside of that they’re clearly on the take for their own conference in other games.

    @85 Pig-fucking doesn’t count, mouthbreather.

  39. And for the record, while I respect GT for being an actual institution of higher learning, I wouldn’t personally have low-browed it at a public school.

  40. @86, saw this posted elsewhere.. awesome

    “I don’t like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, their fans. I hate everything,” BYU QB Max Hall said. “It felt really good to send those guys home.”

    Hall’s blunt remarks will probably get a reprimand from the Mountain West Conference, but he didn’t seem too concerned. The Cougars (10-2, 7-1) beat the Utes (9-3, 6-2) for the third time in four years, and it was the last regular-season game of the senior’s career.

    “I think the whole university and their fans and the organization is classless,” Hall said. “They threw beer on my family and stuff last year and did a whole bunch of nasty things. I don’t respect them and they deserved to lose.”

  41. Wow, get ’em Max. Of course, if the Utes’ fans were throwing beer on me, I’d be pissed. I don’t care who their last coach was. :)

  42. Cary,

    Thanks for showing me that. Wow. I didn’t think Utah fans to be that bad… most Cougars here in Provo hate Utah, but in this day in age, we cheer for anybody in the Mountain West, as long as they are not playing us. On Max… good for him. I’m glad that he had the balls to go out and say that, knowing that Bronco Mendenhall would lose a lot of respect for him if he stooped to that level. But as Rob said, that’s his family, and he should care. Do you have the original link? I’d really appreciate that.

  43. What an odd year. There are three major conference unbeatens (four if you count Cincinnati) and no major conference one-loss teams. There are three two-loss teams in the Big 10 and only two in the rest of the country (three if you count Pittsburgh). Half of the teams in the SEC finished the regular season 7-5.

  44. Derek Lowe. No question. Lowe is overpaid in his third and fourth year, probably, but Juan Pierre is Jeff Francoeur making $18 million per year.

  45. Sam’s decency wilted even more quickly than Georgia Tech’s rush defense did. What a freaking meltdown!

    There’s no way Wren is considering a Lowe-for-Pierre deal.

  46. Sam,

    Juan Pierre is not analogous to Jeff Francoeur. Pierre’s arm is around Johnny Damon room and he has no business in center and little in left because of that.

    Juan Pierre is Gregor Blanco with a worse throwing arm and better on base skills.

    Taking on Milton Bradley’s contract is a better idea. Taking on Pierre might be a better idea than taking on Gary Matthews, Jr. and is definitely a better idea than taking on Vernon Wells.

  47. I understand why some people can’t stand listening to CBS’ broadcasts. I love Tim Tebow about as much as any Gator fan, but, even for me, I got really old with all the Lundquist love on Tebow. There were 23 other seniors celebrating their last game, including perhaps the best defensive player in the SEC, and all they talked about was Tebow.

    And I understand that it’s “SEC on CBS”, but Mickey Andrews didn’t get any love for it being his last regular season game. I felt like they could have done a better job of balancing all of the things to celebrate in yesterday’s game.

    With that said, I thought we had a “no religion” policy here on Braves Journal. I get that you don’t like Tebow, and I get that they talk about his morals a lot, which can be annoying, but the “Tebow of Nazareth”, “Timmy Christ”, “Tim Tebow walks on water”, and Tebow being “assumed directly into Heaven” is pretty disrespect, and I thought those comments weren’t allowed here. Whatever.

    Saw the Blind Side last night, and I agree that Fulmer got A LOT of respect in that movie. I also didn’t realize how small Nick Saban was standing next to Oher. But that was a great movie, and really puts in perspective how blessed we are. Great movie to watch in light of the Thanksgiving holiday.

  48. Tim Tebow wears his fundie foolishness on his face every damned game. As such, his Christ complex is fair game.

  49. Jake Delhomme just threw his helmet into his locker, but it was intercepted. But the Panthers are married to him, so it’s okay.

  50. You know you have a terrible field goal kicker when you’re glad you’re down by four in the last two minutes, so you know they’ll try for the touchdown.

  51. when you’ve got Steve Smith on your team and he only gets 1 catch for 5 yds, you deserve to lose. You also deserve to lose when you continue to start Delhomme, is there no one else? Hell, call Marino and see if he’d like to come throw some passes

  52. UGA won because inferior admissions and academic requirements combined with a bigger athletic budget allowed them to recruit much bigger, faster, and more athletic players. Good game. UGA played well.

    I don’t think the officials had much to do with it.

    It ain’t because the ACC sucks, either. Georiga actually played a disciplined, good game. They’d have beat any SEC team not named Alabama of Flordia the way they played last night. I guess the ACC sucks when compared to Alabama and Florida, but by the same token, so does the rest of the SEC and every other conference.

  53. It ain’t because the ACC sucks, either.

    The SEC went 3-0 against the ACC yesterday, and it wasn’t just Florida. The 2 ACC co-champions lost to middle of the road SEC teams.

  54. 111—Tech’s asmissions standards for athletes are no more stringent than UGA’s. They’re both at the NCAA minimum level, just like the vast majority of schools.

  55. 113,
    You have to take 4 years of math just to be considered for admission to Georgia Tech, this is a hard and fast rule and an exception isn’t made for Athletes. It’s much more of a recruiting road-block than you’d think, too.

    The Phillies lost 3 in a row to Baltimore last year. Does that mean the NL sucks?

  56. It’s cute that you pretend UGA actually lives up to admission standards with its football players, Stu. Cute, but silly.

  57. The Phillies lost 3 in a row to Baltimore last year. Does that mean the NL sucks?

    Sample size doesn’t work the same way in football as in baseball. You know better.

  58. Tim Tebow wears his fundie foolishness on his face every damned game. As such, his Christ complex is fair game.

    What does that even mean? We turn our noses at the stupid athletes who hoot and holler like jerks and start fights during the game and then commit a crime or do something stupid after the game. Then a guy actually plays with class, does good things off the field, and people ridicule him too.

    Can someone name a player that should be respected as much as he is? Seriously… name one…

  59. Rob, I don’t have to respect Ray Lewis to recognize the self-righteous asshattery that is the entirity of Tim Tebow. Dude spent the summer mutilating African kids’ genitalia. I’m hesitant to call that “good things off the field.”

  60. Rob,

    Count me in as one of many who don’t respect Tim Tebow.

    Who should be respected more?

    How about Mcelroy, McCoy, Ponder, even Manuel? I know there are many others that are more classy than Tim Tebow. He has this vibe where, I suppose if you are Gator fan you are blinded by it.

    You can play football and not act like an ass. Sometimes I wonder if he stands in front of a mirror and rehearses his fake emotion.

  61. Sam, chill out. You lost because you were completely gashed by a team that averages about 130 yards a game and didn’t have their best player. Don’t worry, you have a chance to win the ACC (we had a chance to beat 6-5 Georgia and got crushed by 6-5 South Carolina) title game.

    For what it’s worth, if you had any knowledge of sports this year, you would know the referees don’t favor Georgia.

  62. I for one, like Tiger, but dont care what happens in his personal life. If he doesnt want to talk about what occured, I can respect that

  63. @124 You do realize that UGA can get the short end of calls against other SEC teams and then still get the benefit of calls from SEC refs against an ACC team, right? You’re smart enough to see that, right?

    As for Tebow, dude spent the summer slicing up the penises of small African boys. That’s just wrong on a thousand different levels

  64. As for Tebow, dude spent the summer slicing up the penises of small African boys. That’s just wrong on a thousand different levels

    In studies it has been shown that circumcisions dramatically reduce chances of acquiring HIV. That’s a pretty big epidemic in Africa.

  65. cant believe this…FLA has only played 1 top 25 team all year?


    Bonus statistic: According to the NCAA, Mississippi State has played toughest schedule in the nation this season, with its 12 opponents winning 68.5 percent of their games. Six SEC teams were among the top 25 in toughest schedules, with 1. Mississippi State, 3. Arkansas, 5. Georgia, 16. South Carolina, 19. Alabama, and 25. Auburn. Alabama played the other five SEC teams on that list and was 4-0 against teams ranked in the top 25. Florida has played one ranked team this season, LSU.

  66. I didn’t think Utah fans to be that bad…

    You’re obviously not very familiar with this rivalry. Jamie Whittingham, the wife of Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham, was allegedly punched in the face by a BYU fan after the game.

    The hatred in the Utah-BYU rivalry is one of the fiercest in the nation.

  67. “as for Tebow, dude spent the summer slicing up the penises of small African boys. That’s just wrong on a thousand different levels”

    Sam, thats a ridiculous comment. Its okay if you dont like the guy, but dont make these type of false claims. Circumcisions and “mutilating African kids’ genitalia” as you call it are totally different. One is a common medical practice and the other would get him life in prison

  68. I see the meltdown continued…

    P.W., I went to high school with some GA Tech football players and saw the “math classes” they took. Again: NCAA minimum.

  69. Cory,

    He has two different “emotions” (on the field and off the field), so you’d have to clarify which one you’re referring to. If you’re talking about his emotion on the field, then you’re just crazy. If you think his screaming, pumping his arms, etc. is fake, then I don’t know what to tell you. There’s a level of emotion necessary to get jacked up so much that you’re willing to hit one of the best defenders in the country (Eric Berry) as hard as you can to get one extra yard. You just can’t fake that.

    As for the off the field emotion, like during his interviews or whatever, I don’t understand how you can know that. He has done nothing but speak humbly and defer credit to his coaches and teammates when asked to comment about his success (which perhaps no one else has reached). There’s no evidence to support that he’s fake. In fact, I have friends who both know him and his family very personally and friends who have casually spoken with him and seen him at parties, both Christian and non-Christian, who haven’t had anything negative to say about him. I’ve heard him speak about the Christian life to hundreds of teenagers, and the guy’s legit. Colt McCoy seems like a really good guy, and I know there are other great guys in college football, but not many people are spending their offseason time doing humanitarian work in third-world countries.

    Sounds like you’re just jealous, dude…

  70. Sam’s gonna get the Coach and Gadfly “page down” treatment if he keeps throwing out irrational stuff like that.

    Georgia probably got the biggest screw job during the LSU game with that bogus celebration penalty that Green got. I’m not sure there’s been a worse call all year.

  71. I have to agree with you on the page down treatment Rob. I get it that Sam’s mad about GT losing, but it sounds like he’s mad at just about anything he doesn’t agree with. That’s a sad way to live.

    As for the Fla and Bama game, I bet the line will come down to 4 or below. A few weeks ago given the way both teams were playing I would have said Bama would win for sure. However, Fla and Bama seem to be going in opposite directions over the past 3 or 4 weeks and it doesn’t bode well for the Tide. I’m hoping Bama will return to form. I still think with Arenas, Jones, Ingram, Richardson, and McElRoy (he did great against Auburn), Alabama has a few more offensive weapons than Florida. Florida’s O-line is probably better and of course Tebow (no matter what you think of him personally) is about as good as it gets in big games.

  72. 133,
    You still have to take 4 years of math for your application to be considered for admission.

    EDIT: If anyone wants a google wave invitation, email me. phjort at gatech dot edu.

  73. Jeremy,

    I actually attend BYU. But I guess my friends are more apathetic towards the whole thing, which means I’ve just seen a different side of the rivalry. But I would definitely say that it is not as intense as the SEC rivalries. That being said, I drove up from Nevada back to BYU today, meeting lots of cars with Ute apparel in some form or the other. Pulling out my Cougar hat while passing them and watching their expressions was priceless.


    Thanks for the link!

  74. I thought you had to take 4 years of math to graduate high school. You do in my state (South Carolina — 49th in education!), anyway.

  75. That Tiger-Ain’t it like a golfer to hit a tree and blame the Caddie!

    Starting early-Roll Tide!

  76. First, the linkage between circumcision and HIV transmission hasn’t been shown to exist outside of one very small subset of adult African men. Outside of that very small sample, it’s a myth.

    Tebow spent his summer performing medical operations on the genitalia of children, without their consent. If he had done as much to female children we would call it genital mutilation. The fact that he did it to little boys doesn’t change that calculus as far as I’m concerned. In what rank, irrational crazy person world is it okay for an untrained teenager to fly overseas and slice the foreskins off of little boys’ penises, all in the name of “doing the Lord’s work?” That’s completely fricking insane.

    As for the “page down” treatment, you’ll note, perhaps, that I haven’t brought up the football game since Saturday night. I’m still correct about the intentional injury to Nesbitt, but I’ve let that entire conversation go. Would everyone else do the same it would probably be over by now.

    To reiterate about Tebow – dude’s clearly a crazy bible thumper. He spent the summer cutting up the privates of small boys because God told him to. In any other context we’d all be aghast at such an act, but call it “circumcision” and bake in the glorious glow of Lord Tebow’s halo and it becomes perfectly fine? Nope. Not at all.

  77. “Tebow spent his summer performing medical operations on the genitalia of children, without their consent.”

    another false claim. Yes, Sam…Tebow and the doctors he was with traveled around at night and just started slicing up kids while they slept. Call him a Boble thumper or whatever, but he’s someone that I respect. It would be fine if there were more people like him

  78. Any reasonable person without an axe to grind would see Tebow’s work as a good thing. You sound like an absolute fool, Sam.

  79. Sam, no offense, bro, but I think you’d be better off going back to the Nesbitt injury.

    Just saying.

  80. @146 When, exactly, did they get consent from infants? Just out of curiosity, how do you imagine that happened? Did Tim use his super “talk to babies” powers? How on earth can you justify that? Untrained teenagers whacking up the wees of small children ’cause Baby Jesus don’t like foreskin and we’re okay with that?

    No. I’ll move on the Nesbitt injury – which I won’t do, for the record – before I move on this. Just because it was evangelical Christians slicing up little boys rather than fanatical Muslims slicing up little girls doesn’t make it any less batshit insane.

  81. Sam – Please move on to something else. There is no place for your garbage on this site. Mac should ban you, but he’s got a lot of other things to worry about at this time. I honestly hope you can learn to let go of your hostility – it does nothing but harm you and those around you.

  82. Sam, please read very closely and come back and explain again your false claims.


    “On the Friday of a weeklong trip to the orphanage his father’s ministry runs in Southeast Asia, Tebow assisted with the care of locals who had walked miles to the temporary clinic that the ministry helped organize. More than 250 people underwent medical and dental procedures, some of them from “Dr. Tebow,” who has no formal surgical training.”

    Sam, these people walked miles to come have their operations and your acting as if it was done against their will. Go read all the articles on the situation and what was done for these kids. Once again, its okay if you dont like the man, but dont make your false accusations. He was there preaching to these kids and the three Philipino doctors asked for his assistance. You act as if he went overseas to play with small boys

    Sam, not that you care, but I try to respect all people on here. You’re losing my respect, and probably others, very quickly

  83. I think the assertions about Nesbitt’s injury are much. much crazier than any misgivings about Tebow’s sudden status as a surgeon.

    But because it may be considered an, ahem, extension of Tebow’s religious life, I’ll leave it alone.

  84. This will be my final statement on the issue.

    No infant “walked miles” to the clinic. Their parents might have, but they did not. With that, I’ll return the floor to debate about sport.

  85. @154 I have no dog in this fight, but you left out the previous sentence in the article, csg – “During spring break, Tebow added a new facet to his fame. In an impoverished village outside General Santos City in the Philippines, Tebow helped circumcise impoverished children.” What you think of the morality of all this is up to you, but Sam is factually correct in any event.

    edit – “I have no dog in this fight” – at least none I care to discuss here.

  86. Let’s just drop it and move on – thanks Sam for acknowledging the need to do this. Whatever the case, we have a lot to be thankful for – I’m still in the Thanksgiving spirit.

    This weekend’s game should be a good one.

  87. Nesbitt injury- I was at the game and they don’t show replays there for an injury. I haven’t seen a replay of it yet, but from most accounts from friends (both Tech and non-Tech fans), Nesbitt’s injury didn’t seem 100% an accident. Also, the way Anthony Allen reacted and started throwing UGA players off the pile makes me think that someone did something to him while on the ground.

    Again, I didn’t see a replay then, and I haven’t seen a replay since, but I’m just going by what friends are saying and the reactions I saw at the game.

  88. If you find a replay, make sure it goes all the way through the play. Most of the replays shown by the broadcast cut the video right where the foul occurs. Nesbitt is taken down in the pile. A lineman or linebacker rolls his leg/ankle. Up through there, it’s pretty innocuous. But at that point a second defender begins pulling Nesbitt backwards, into the bend of his pinned ankle, well after the whistle. Nesbitt is clearly in pain and the defenders are doing everything they can to extend that pain.

    That’s the point where Allen started pulling people off of the pile.

    Absolutely, without a doubt, intentional. And it worked. If UGA hadn’t been given the quarter and a half of Jaybo Shaw Tech would have been ahead at the half and won going away.

  89. The following link gives a good rundown of the Alabama/Fla common opponents (7 in all).

    I have to say that I like Georgia, but the penalties (especially unsportsman-like conduct variety) are ridiculous and Richt shouldn’t tolerate it – even though I don’t think the Nesbitt injury was intentionally inflicted. I also have respect for Georgia Tech – especially Paul Johnson. He was rumored to be on Bama’s short list a few times – they wouldn’t have gone wrong with him.

  90. From the link above, the statistics for the common opponents is a little surprising to me – especially comparing McElroy to Tebow – both are right at a 63% completion percentage.

    Tebow vs. McElroy, passing totals
    Tebow: 90-143-4, 1,148 yards, 7 TDs
    McElroy: 110-175-3, 1,360 yards, 10 TDs

    Tebow vs. ingram, rushing totals
    Tebow: 129 carries, 492 yards, 5 TDs
    Ingram: 133 carries, 844 yards, 7 TDs

  91. I think Florida wins, but it should be a good game.

    FWIW, the point spread has been bumped up to 6 at most of the offshore books and Vegas is adjusting the number as well. What that tells you is the sharp bettors are on Florida. That could be the result of Bama’s performance vs a mediocre Auburn team, a game in which they gave up 4.8 yards per rush.

  92. Here’s a quote from a late, great SEC coach, a guy who had to wear a helmet onto the field when his team would play Tech in Atlanta. Why? Because their classy fans would throw bottles at him:

    “The same things win today that have always won, and they will win years from now. The only difference is the losers have a whole new bunch of excuses why they don’t win or can’t win.”

  93. What that tells you is the sharp bettors are on Florida.

    No, just that the early money is on Fla. The line change has nothing to do anything other than attracting more Alabama bets. This could be (and probably is) the result of frontrunners betting a favorite as much as some international cartel of crafty gamblers making a move.

  94. When lines are moved across the board like this — in Vegas and offshore — it’s the result of a sharp bet. Could be a single max bet, who knows.

    Books aren’t going to move a line a point and a half within a few hours of opening based on squares betting the favorite (which they do anyway). You simply don’t understand the industry if you think that’s how it works.

  95. all experienced gamblers know that Vegas odds are always high on the favorites late in the seasons. Its pretty much always a good bet to take the dog and the pts late in the year

    or you could use a stupid but pretty effective formula. If you think you know of a lock, take the opposite of that bet. The odds makers know something that you dont

  96. It’s in Bryant’s autobiography & the point was that they threw bottles at him.

    But what would I know? I cheer for guys who are bad at math, but only recently good at drive blocking.

  97. #174

    In college football, sharps get the best of the books, which is why you see lines moving 2-3 points sometimes within minutes of opening. They take 2-3 bets from guys they respect and quickly adjust. Most Vegas books minimize the damage by A) waiting to see what’s happening offshore before releasing a line and B) restricting the limits of sharps. They are cowards like that.

    Oddsmakers are unbeatable in NFL and NBA. The sharpest of the sharps are lucky to hit 53% in those sports. Squares have zero chance of even sniffing 50%.

  98. In college football, sharps get the best of the books

    Do you have any way at all of validating this assertion?

  99. Do you have any way at all of validating this assertion?

    Well, outside of personal experience, no. I’ve spent about ten years following the industry. College football lines are softer than any other sport and are quite often exposed by betting syndicates and wise guys. I recommend reading Michael Konik’s Smart Money if you’re looking for more info on the subject. The best and biggest betting syndicates easily have seven figure profits on CFB.

  100. common rules while betting on college football, Ive learned these over the years

    late in the season, favorites are always too high, take the points. Esp looking for home teams in big games that are getting pts (aka..auburn, a&m, miss st this past week)

    if you see o/u that are low (less than 40) take the under, high (over 65-70) take the over

    pay attention to the trends that teams have home and away, look for injured players, pay close attention to the weather. Safest bet, dont gamble and dont make stupid late minute bets trying to get back to even

  101. TUSCALOOSA — Tailback Mark Ingram is expected to play in Saturday’s SEC title game against Florida despite suffering a hip pointer during the fourth quarter of Alabama’s win against Auburn.

    “I think he’ll be fine,” Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said Sunday. “We don’t think he has a significant problem.”

  102. FSU announcement tomorrow. Heard on the radio that Bowden may be back for one more year, but with much diminished responsibilities.

    Heard a Notre Dame beat reporter (from Chicago Tribune) today on the radio. His take: ND’ll offer the job to Bob Stoops and then possibly Cincy’s Brian Kelly.

    However, he says that not everyone at ND is as crazy about Kelly as has been speculated, that there may be some character issues that could give ND cold feet.

    For one, Kelly apparently makes Charlie Weis look like Mr. Warmth. Also, while Kelly was at Central Michigan, two of his players were sentenced to jail in connection with a beating death of a man outside a bar. Though they weren’t his recruits, FWIW, ND may not want to have to revisit that story.

  103. #184 – he never was, always been a cubbie

    FSU fans Im sorry, Either Bowden or Fisher next year just cant get anyone excited. If Fisher wasnt there, he wouldnt even be on the radar. Exactly why you dont have coaches in waiting at big schools and another reason not to put buy out clauses in assistants contracts. Id buy both out and go after Kelly

  104. I’d like to see Stoops take the ND job. As a college football fan, it would be interesting to see how he would do there.

    dont gamble and dont make stupid late minute bets trying to get back to even

    Agreed. Money management is nearly as important as what games you are betting. Most squares don’t understand that, which is why they always lose.

  105. @186

    Thank you! I asked an FSU alum yesterday why they don’t just buy Bowden and Fischer out and go get Stoops, Kelly, Peterson, etc. If anything, cut your losses with Fischer, buy him out, and let Bobby ride out another year, then go get the next best thing next year.

    As much as I would LOVE to have Bobby Bowden there indefinitely (another W you can put on Florida’s schedule), they are making way too big of a deal out of a guy with NO head coaching experience. Fischer was a freaking O coordinator, and he’s forcing one of the top football programs and their Hall of Fame coach to their knees. Brilliant, I tell ya. So why him? Why not let him walk, punt on next season (which you probably need to anyway), and go get the next Urban Meyer who’s waiting in the WAC somewhere. I bet you Chris Peterson can do just as good of a job as Jimbo Fischer.

    Shoot, swallow your racist pill and go get Charlie Strong. He’d easily be the best coach in the ACC already…

  106. From everything I’ve ever read and heard, Charlie Strong is an absolutely awful interview, and that’s why he hasn’t yet landed a head coaching job, despite being a “hot” commodity for over a decade.

  107. Just because Boise has had some success doesn’t mean Chris Peterson is the next Urban Meyer. Dan Hawkins built the Boise program and has failed miserably at Colorado.

  108. A buddy just sent me the Chip Caray announcement in the NY Times… I checked over here to see if it had played yet. It has. Oh glorious start to the offseason!

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