Brad Komminsk vs. Dave Gallagher. Also, game thread, Marlins at Braves.

Brad Komminsk Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 1983-1987
Notable Stats: .217 BA, .319 SLG
Notable Achievements: The greatest failed prospect of all time.


Dave Gallagher Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 1994
Notable Stats: .224 BA, .296 SLG
Notable Achievements: Used to platoon with Ryan Klesko despite there being no evidence that Klesko needed to be platooned.

102 thoughts on “Brad Komminsk vs. Dave Gallagher. Also, game thread, Marlins at Braves.”

  1. An interesting fact (to no one but me): In the past 10 games between the two teams, Ole Miss has scored 253 total points, and Vanderbilt has scored 248 total points, for an average point differential of 0.5 over the past decade.

  2. I mean absolutely no disrespect to P. W. Hjort, who is deserving of recognition for a great and informative site, but how in the world is Capitol Avenue Club linked at Neyer’s blog while this place is not?

  3. You enjoy my misery to much Stu. I just have to keep reminding myself. “But even State beat them.”

  4. You enjoy my misery to much Stu. I just have to keep reminding myself, “But even State beat them.”

  5. I don’t know how I posted that twice. I guess its because my hands are shaky due to the fear of losing to Vandy for the third straight year.

  6. As someone on the VU message board I frequent said earlier, in response to my recitation of this fact:

    And the good news is we have held them to only 17 points a game the last three years.
    The bad news is that’s 13 points more than they will likely need to win the game

  7. Mark Richt’s Dawgs vs LSU: 3-2

    1-0 in Athens
    1-1 in Baton Rouge
    1-1 in Atlanta

    Let’s stay ahead of the curve, fellas, and hang onto the ball for one day.

  8. Stu @2:

    Well, while this is easily my first and only Braves site for the fan interaction and Mac’s writeups are wonderful, PWHjort offers some great analysis and a great deal of statistical info. A link referencing our 64 worsy Braves should be in order, though.

    Just want to be clear, I love both and I spend most of my time here, but the posts at Capital Avenue Club do seem more “link-worthy.”

  9. I know CAC’s posts are link-worthy; I just dispute the notion that Mac’s contributions aren’t. Yeah, there are a lot of recaps, but even those—most of them, anyway—display Mac’s insight and analytical chops.

    I’m sure it doesn’t bother Mac at all, and I know Neyer knows and likes Mac, anyway, but it bothers me.

  10. I never expected much from Gallagher when he came over but Komminsk was supposed to be the second coming of our savior. I voted for Komminsk because of the disappointment!

  11. Stu,

    I think we agree, I was just saying you’ll probably never see Neyer link to a recap no matter how well they are written (and Mac’s are by far the best on the web).

    And everyone should check out CAC if you haven’t, it’s linked on the right.

  12. I didn’t realize he was still playing in the minors in 97! He had an 18 year career in baseball while never being more than a good AAA player, amazing!

  13. I read Posnanski’s article which is excellent.

    Chipper Jones rank among the top five switch hitters in ML history. In no particular order:

    Mickey Mantle, Eddie Murray, Frankie Frisch, Chipper Jones and Pete Rose. Of course, there is some dude playing in Houston right now who is also in the top ten (Lance Berkman).

    Komminsk was a massive bust, arguably the biggest tank job of them all. But he is working his way back to the majors as a manager in the minors.

    Hey MAC , I owe you an apology. Last week when that post of mine disappeared for a few hours I was pissed and mistakenly took it out on you. I was wrong to do so and I’m very sorry. Hope you don’t hold it against me as I really appreciate your blog :)

  14. The Posnanski article is great — thanks for the link. This nugget captures for me exactly my take on Chipper, although I could have never found these words on my own:

    “He is like a superstar from a different age, Musial in a minor key.”

  15. from the last thread, regarding “power bat” and the thought of acquiring holliday:

    “Holliday is primed to be way overpaid in two years. If the market for him is reasonable, take a shot. But if he’s in the 5/60 range pass and call Bobby Abreu.”

    do you guys realize we have our own matt holliday in left field already? matt diaz is one hell of a ballplayer and has put up eerily similar stats to holliday this season.

    look at this. if matt diaz would have kept the same production that he has put up this year in the same amount of bats as holliday, here’s how the 2 would compare:

    matty d: 21 hr 94 rbi .315 .392 .884 ops 19sb
    holliday: 24 hr 105 rbi .313 .391 .910 ops 14sb

    when playing strictly left field, diaz is a better defender. there’s no need to spend 12 mil per year on holliday. we have him already and will only be a fourth of the cost.

  16. Komminsk, This guy just never ever looked good. I mean, not even one game did he look good. I just hated that chop-down swing of his. Komminsk just might go all the way in this poll.

  17. Sorry. Gallagher took at bats away from Klesko. Never loathed a player more than him. Cox’s fault; but it hurt Klesko in the long run.

  18. The main thing about Komminsk is that ATL got Dion James for him, who was actually quite serviceable as a brave.

  19. Win the next 5. At worst you’ve won 91 games which is insane considering where the team was at the end of June. And just maybe it’ll be enough to force a playoff on Monday.

  20. If the difficulty of finding 3 tickets to tomorrow night’s game is any indication, it should be pretty full. Only seats available for 3 people are the dugout, terrace, or Hank Aaron seats, which are all at least 36 dollars, a bit too much for me and my friends. As far as I know, can’t get 3 tickets together anywhere else.

  21. @28

    But what you fail to understand is that if the manager wasn’t senile and suffering from Alzeihmer’s this team could have won 120 games! All they needed was some guy from the internet who could Google up VORP rankings on demand!

  22. Ross Gload again. This team is loaded with annoying guys.

    I’ll give this to the Marlins—they’ve played end-of-the-year spoiler 3 consecutive seasons. Just ask the Mets.

  23. We have no answer for Ryan Howard, we have no answer for Dan Uggla, and we have no answer for…Ross Gload?!?!?!

  24. Well, as well as the Braves have played, they did benefit from playing the Nats and Mets a lot. They didn’t do so well against the Phillies (later in the year) and now the Marlins, whom they have struggled with all year.

  25. 28, glass half full kind of guy are you?

    Word to the wise, the glass should be full and running over.

  26. It’s nice to see that Medlen is out of the doghouse. At least until Bobby uses him 4 days in a row with predictable results.

  27. The truth of it is that we were not supposed to really compete this year. No one thought we had a WS winner on our hands at season’s start, and most of us just hoped we’d see some growth from the past few years of “malaise”, some sense of a real rebuilt team – and we have. The realistic goal at this point of the season has to be those 90 wins – who thought we had a shot at that even a month ago? (Though I agree with ububba that 91 would get us that tie and would be sweet.) I remain positive at least at the thought that these guys could get it done, but striking out 16 times in a must win game doesn’t give me much hope that this offense could go very far in a postseason anyway. I’d love to see what this pitching staff could do in October, as great as it has been this year, but at this point any “hope” is for gravy, really. It’s been a good year!

  28. PWHjort thanks for the link to the Posnanski article. Great stuff about Chipper but also kudos to the Braves way. Much like the great 49er teams in football the Braves weren’t afraid to turn the team over. Teams built around a core of great players usually complemented with good ones. Not all the acquisitions or trades worked out but the plan worked for 14 years.

    I lived in Findlay just north of Lima OH for 5 years. Komminsk was still a legend there. But I remember watching him play. His bat was slow and Randy you are right but to me the swing looked like it had an extreme upper cut to it. I remember Joe Morgan commenting on the holes in Komminsk’s swing when doing color commentary on a game. Joe Torre caught hell for ‘ruining’ Brad Komminsk.

  29. Here’s what I think: 1)sign a power RF bat. 2)call up Heyward and Freeman. If we do those things, we have a playoff team in 2010.
    LF Heyward
    CF McClouth
    RF Power Bat
    1B Freeman/The Roach
    2B Prado/Pardo
    SS Escobar
    3B Chipper/Infante
    C McCann/Ross
    PH Diaz

    SP’s: Hanson, Hudson (maybe), Vazquez, Jair, and Lowe.
    Long Relief: Kamikaze or Merlin (Medlen) if we don’t sign huddy.
    Relief: Gonzo, Soriano, Moylan, etc. This is a playoff team.
    The problem with this year is we didn’t get the right players on the field until after the all star break. we have it now.

    This is my first post ever, but have been a big fan of this site for a long time now. Mac: you rock! But you have never pointed out two important things. 1)Ubaldo Jiminez is actually Obama twenty years ago. 2)If they ever decided to make a documentary about Vicente Padilla, they would paint Chris Kattan and tell him to eat Ryan Howard (not only to gain the wait, but also so that Howard won’t do any more of those subway commercials.)

  30. Weldon is my first name. It’s also my mother’s maiden name, but I did not graduate from a private school.

  31. I was born in the Indian desert (Punjab) and lived in the (well, I’m actually not sure what it is called) desert in Mesquite, NV for my high school years. Incidentally, I really don’t like the desert.

  32. Coz is short for Cosby, as in the great Bill Cosby and also an especially great N64 player back in the day. It’s a normal handle of mine.

    Go Braves! (See…I can’t help it.)

  33. This is slow torture…just don’t make an out, Martin. They practically handed us this game on a platter, now make them pay for it!

  34. What happened is there was a wild pitch that got away from Paulino but not too far away — Matt Diaz came about halfway down the third base line but then thought better of it, and Paulino found the ball in time to throw Matt out at third.

    It may have been the first time a player actually Snitkered himself.

  35. Wow, what Miserable Braves Loss Type is THIS ****? One thing you can’t accuse this team of is lack of creativity.

  36. It wasn’t Snitker, I don’t think. Prado seemed to be calling him home, didn’t he?

    You would think there was nothing that could make this loss worse, but then they cued up the damn “Looooad up the baysez” promo. Shit.

    Mac, well, it’s not a bad thing. It’s just a percentages thing.

  37. I’m gonna go kill the fat lady now, she’s singing way too loud for my taste.

  38. The braves spazz out worse than my cat when there is anything to play for.

    They were rocking along until they got within shouting distance then they started playing tight. The second the ‘believe’ signs came out they Braves spinkters got tight enough to turn coal into diamonds. They were squeezing the saw dust out of the bats.

    The braves have to do something before next year. Matt Diaz/Adam LaRoche are having career years, but neither are long term answers. The bullpen has to be rebuilt, only having 3 or 4 guys who throw strikes consistently is not enough.

    Gonna be tough to get better with 30mil sunk into Chipper and Lowe for the next 3 years.

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