Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets – Box Score – September 23, 2009 – ESPN

I’ve been there so often — particularly last year — that I have to feel sorry for Mets fans, even if they are, for the most part, the scum of the Earth. (They aren’t really, I just feel the need to spread a little bile around from time to time. They aren’t Phillies fans or something.) The Mets had 11 hits and four walks — the same as the Braves — and only scored two runs, and one of them on an error. The Mets were 2-18 with runners in scoring position, and hit into three double plays.

The Braves took the lead in the second inning as LaRoche doubled in ACHE, Yunel scored on a KJ sac fly, and after Hudson reached on an error McLouth singled in LaRoche. Adam came up again in the third and made it 4-0 with a single to score McCann.

Hudson really wasn’t very effective, allowing nine hits and two walks in six innings. However, he got out of several jams. (I’m not particularly confident he could do that against another team.) He allowed a single to score a run in the third, and the Mets cut it 4-2 when KJ made an error on a potential inning-ending DP. (His brain gets ahead of his body sometimes in the field.) KJ drove in a run in the seventh to make up for it, an infield single to score Yunel.

Moylan and O’Flaherty combined to pitch the seventh. Gonzalez pitched the eighth, giving up a leadoff double to Jeffy (seriously?) but got out of that, and Soriano walked the leadoff man but rallied to get the next three, picking up his 26th save. The Mets got the leadoff man on in each of the last seven innings, but only scored twice. Sad, really.

UPDATE: I should add this, though everybody knows already:

Atlanta Braves’ Bobby Cox to retire as manager after 2010 – ESPN