322 thoughts on “Joyful McLouth reunion game thread: June 8, Pirates at Braves”

  1. After reading about the candle light thing. I wonder if the Pirates will bring gifts tonight, or wear a patch on their arms?

  2. Actually, I think “great” is the wrong word. I have some alternate suggestions from its thesaurus antonyms:

    infamous, insignificant, powerless, uncelebrated, undignified, unimportant, unknown, weak


  3. Continuing from the previous thread…Maddux and his $*#@)# after he missed a pitch was classic. Come to find out from a Cubs broadcast last week, the reason why he was so pissed is b/c when he missed a pitch, it messed up his sequence of pitches.

  4. Do y’all realize the Rockies have a better record than the Braves?

    Is it too much to ask for a 10-game winning streak? Five? Three?

  5. Tony at 7,

    Much in the spirit of Einstein disputing quantum mechanics because God didn’t play dice or Koeppler fighting to make the universe orderly with ellipses, rather than pure circles.

    Is not good to mess with little Jobu.

  6. The Pirates and the candlelight vigil kind of reminds me of the guys sitting in front of the computer wearing bras on their heads in Weird Science. I guess because when I think of their vigil I think “Weird.”

  7. A candlelight vigil? Really? Did he die? Did his plane go down behind enemy lines? I mean, for the love of God! Get a grip, Pirates! Is it just possible that someone in the organization might think they’re better with McCutchen than McLouth? I think it’s possible, and I do not follow the Pirates in the least. Sheesh!

  8. 4 — Law basically said what we know… even with McLouth, the OF gives too little production.

  9. What do you guys think we could possibly get to help outfield?

    Willingham, Ross, Spillborghs (although I don’t think I want him) Maybe an Indian (Choo would be good). Who else? One of the Duncan boys? Ankiel?

    What is doable for us to give up? Medlen? Obviously Jo Jo. Who else?

  10. I still think the Red Sox could make a move for Barbaro, but we need to let him get some ML at bats first.

    But, I don’t think they have outfielders to give. (Somebody on here identified one at AAA that had pretty good numbers that the Sox didn’t seem so high on).

  11. @13

    Put me strongly down as against trading Medlen. Starting pitching depth is essential, and with the Glavine release and the Morton trade, we’ve lost a lot of it.

    You never know when injuries’ll happen and Medlen is an invaluable security blanket against that.

    As far as a trade goes, I’d be down with maybe JoJo and Acosta for Willingham, trading Frenchy for a bucket of baseballs, and then standing pat.

    Either that’ll make the team good enough to compete, or the simple fact is that we probably won’t be until Heyward/Freeman/Schafer 2.0 arrives. In any case, I don’t really see the team making another move outside the Willingham type

  12. Oh yes….I bet loads of people will be lining up around the block to get their hands on Manny Acosta. I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be able to give up the two most useless non-Francoeur players on our team and get Josh Willingham.

  13. I really wish we could draft Ackley. He sounds like just what this team needs. Otherwise, we just need to pile up some position prospects without totally ignoring pitching.

  14. Wow… Did anyone notice the following surprising fact about Kenshin:

    Kawakami has not given up more than three earned runs in six straight starts.

  15. @16

    What did the Yankees give up for Nick Swisher?

    What did Washington give up to get Willingham in the first place?

    There is always value in young lefty starters who consistently throw in the 90’s (regardless of their initial struggles) especially for a cheaply acquired, oft injured, superfluous part in an already overcrowded outfield.

    I have no idea if JoJo and Acosta would be enough to get a deal done, but I would not at all be surprised if that was all it took.

  16. The Braves had an MiLB minor league player of the week. A POSITION player at GWINETT.

  17. The Braves had an MiLB minor league player of the week. A POSITION player at GWINNETT.

    Not only that, it was WES TIMMONS. I haven’t heard anything good about him in 3 years.

    (sorry, I thought I was editing the first post)

  18. Really, what we should be rooting for is 1) Schafer getting it together in AAA and coming back to post a league-average line for a CF (eg, maybe cut his K-rate to like 30%; I’m not asking too much here), GA hitting .300 the rest of the way with a modicum of power and patience (so a line like .300/.320/.420), and 3) Frenchy to leave so that McLouth can take over in RF.

    If all of those things happen, it’ll still be a weak unit, but it won’t be so bad as to overwhelm the good work being done by the pitchers and the infield. Really, replacement-level production for 2/3 of the OF and above-average production from the other spot would be a major upgrade.

  19. I can pretty much guarantee you that the Red Sox arent going to have interest in Canizares. They have an unlimited payroll and they will get a top tier player if they make a move.

  20. #8
    Although they just swept 4 from the Cards in St. Louis, the Rockies have only zoomed to 25-32.

    The Braves keep splashing around .500—we’re 27-28.

  21. csg,

    The Red Sox don’t wnat to pull the plug on Papi yet. They don’t have an unlimited payroll.

    Canizares has no major league service time and 3 option years. He is 30 or so. Even if he is great he can’t cost them more than about 30 million over 6 2/3 years. If he isn’t great, they can cut him. It isn’t crazy.

    Barbaro is on the League Notebook on the IL at MiLB.com. I thought he had been platooned against righthanders a good bit, but that isn’t so. He is second in the league in hits. he is at .390 obp and .600 slg. That is a middle of the order HOSS.

  22. Latest update from the All Star Balloting, McCann moving up, hes second in voting for catcher behind Yadier Molina. Chipper behind Wright and Zimmerman. And Jimmy Rollins is leading all shortstops…

  23. 1. McLouth
    2. Escobar
    3. Chipper
    4. McCann
    5. Anderson
    6. Francoeur
    7. Prado, 1B
    8. Johnson
    9. Kawakami

    more Frenchy and no Diaz, unreal

  24. I’m done talking about Fr*nc***r. It is starting to feel like an eternal curse on the Braves from some divine force to even out the goodness of the run of division titles….or McCann. The Braves haven’t won squat since Fr*nc***r became the everyday right fielder for a full season in 2006.

  25. #28 – even more unreal is Frenchy hitting 6th. Wake up, Bobby! It’s not 2006 anymore!

  26. Ron Gant still looks like he might could play…maybe a comeback bid?

    He could meet Frenchy’s production with one arm tied behind his back…we’d just have to keep him off dirtbikes.

  27. Has Zach Duke switched to pitching right handed?

    Why else would Anderson start over Diaz?

  28. b/c Cox is senile–he’s been doing this cr@p all season even though Diaz is the one decent OF on the team

    Chipper on fire again!

    edit–powell’s wrong about the last three pa being homers–the last pa yesterday was an intentional walk

  29. My guess is that Diaz is benched because he went 0-4 or 1-9 against Duke in his career.


    Nope. 5-13, albeit without power or any walks. Weird.

  30. Diaz is out because he got hit on the hand yesterday and it is bugging him a bit.

  31. Today I wrote today a sentence that said something like this for the book I’m writing on player valuation.

    “The Braves use of Francoeur over Diaz in 2007 cost the Braves nearly $2 million in performance value.”

  32. mlbtraderumors has a new post up about boston looking for a new shortstop. they say there’s a “mystery shortstop” from the braves. i hope it’s diory hernandez. could we get anything for francoeur and diory?

  33. I wonder if it is Escobar or Infante when he gets back. I couldn’t imagine Hernandez would get us much.

  34. Infante is more likely than Hernandez–no way the Sox want someone with 10 games of ML experience to be thrown into their fishbowl.

    I’m also skeptical b/c the Sox don’t really match up with surplus OF.

  35. Aack! Misread the ESPN crawl. Rockies are actually worse than us – that’s a relief. What a drag it is getting old.

    Dixie Surrender Monkeys – still chuckling.

  36. And yet he’ll inevitably stay in the game, despite such feeble effort.

  37. At the ballpark they used to put the third K backwards. The first time I noticed on Sunday Hanson already had 4 Ks and they were all faced forwards. I’ll bet they still don’t show just 3, though. Probably skip from 2 to 4.

  38. From Bill James Online:

    The hottest hitters in baseball at this moment are:
    Prince Fielder 106°
    Chipper Jones 102°
    Lyle Overbay 101°
    David Wright 98°
    Ian Stewart 98°

  39. Inning recap

    Long fly out
    Sharp single
    Dribbling 9 hopper to the first base
    Long fly out

  40. Can someone please shoot Francoeur when he’s out in right… i mean come on no one would even notice

  41. Here’s a trivia question free for the Braves to use.

    Since 2006, which outfielder has made more outs than Jeff Francoeur?

    Answer: It’s a trick question! No outfielder has made more outs than Jeff Francoeur, and only a couple of middle-infielder leadoff hitters have!

  42. Has Bob Walk ever liked the Braves? He has been ripping the Braves all game. “Glavine and Maddux were helped by the wide strike zone”, “it’s very noticeable to look at the flags and see only one World Series flag”, …I know he has issues with the Braves, but let it go dude.

  43. I seem to remember attending a Braves-giants game, c.1982, when Bob Walk was significantly outpitched by something called “Fred Breining”.

  44. @68–and the 9 hop dribbler was probably on the first pitch or maybe the 2nd pitch (I didn’t see it–I was away for a phone call)

  45. Watching on Gameday right now –

    How many times in a row does this A. LaRoche guy get to bat?

  46. so…matt is ok to swing after he was hit last night and ganderson starts against a lefty? bobby is a moron.

  47. No it was a triple, sac fly, then a Garrett Anderson special….then a sac fly by Garrett Anderson’s brother from a another mother Adam Larouche.

    Nice slide Diaz….that was hilarious, hope it doesn’t cost the the Braves.

  48. #80

    I backed it up to make sure, but it was the first pitch. Change up low and off the plate. Great pitch to swing at huh, especially on the first pitch!

  49. Now that McClouth is here, and he basically the same as KJ, except he’s better. Is KJ expendable?

  50. tony…they play different positions…
    yunel’s iq has got to be in the teens.
    it sure is refreshing to see stolen bases again.

  51. This team’s margin for error is too narrow to continue to do the little things wrong and be able to succeed.

    With that said, Cox ought to cancel batting practice tomorrow and spend the time on remedial baserunning. Go the Casey Stengel route and explain where the bases are. That would be less embarrassing than tonight’s basepath display.

  52. By the way, for those not watching the game, Sciambi said McLouth was 180 for 181 in stolen bases in high school, and has only been caught stealing by a catcher once in his major league career.

  53. How many times can Yunel run into an idiotic out on the basepaths and not get punished for it. I mean it, bench the guy (and I know it will kill our offense). But really, he needs to know that he can’t do that crap.

  54. When I become a coach, I’m going to use half of my yearly budget to pay Nate McLouth to come and do a clinic on playing the outfield and stealing bases for my team. That guy will be worth every freakin’ penny.

  55. Maybe the translator is too soft on Escobar. They a need Eddie Perez or a Ozzie Guillen type to really lay into his azz.

  56. That would have been a season-long highlight catch by Prado. Except he didn’t make it. So never mind.

  57. K2 ought to choke Moylan in the dugout. And because Diaz overslid and Yunel was caught off the bag, we lost our chance for the insurance runs that were desperately needed. Can’t do the little things wrong, guys. You’re not good enough to get away with it.

  58. nice angle on that fly ball tardface… do they keep francoeur in there to just make our lives miserable? he’s totally worthless as a player

  59. Haha, I change the channel to watch Texas-TCU for like 5 minutes, come back and its tied. What the hell.

  60. I don’t know why with a bunch of lefties due Bobby sent Moylan out instead of O’Flaherty. I certainly would have brought him in once it got to second and third.

  61. What the hell, i turned away for a couple minutes.
    Moylan should be in AAA with Frenchy and KJ.

  62. McLouth on second, Yunel singles to center, the throw from CF gets cut off and Yunel is predictably caught off first base.

    Well, this has degenerated quickly.

  63. As much as I want to blame Francouer, Moylan threw softball pitches up there…he maybe done. I like this McClutheon kid.

  64. One day, I will discover why people keep wanting to put an “L” in the middle of “McCutcheon”, and “McCutchen”.

    — McCutcheon A. Thomason

  65. Moylan looked good in the last few outings. And frankly, that first “hit” should’ve been an E5.

  66. moylan has looked pretty good lately. in all fairness, the play that was deemed a “hit” to chipper should have been a routine play. chipper threw sidearm and falling, on a ball he could have easily planted and thrown the catcher out by 2 steps. that changes the whole inning.

  67. “One day, I will discover why people keep wanting to put an “L” in the middle of “McCutcheon”, and “McCutchen”.

    – McCutcheon A. Thomason


    B/c McCutheon was McClutheon

  68. But it makes no logical sense to bring in a sidearming right-hander to pitch to left-handers.

  69. You are right Ryan, I actually turned to start watching wrestling, forgot about the Chipper error. But when I did turned back to the game, I saw two softball tosses to Hinske and the Irishman.

  70. Bobby’s treating Medlen like James Parr. Real useful for a guy you’d like to develop into a starter.

  71. I guess Chipper can’t get a hit every time he comes to bat, but that is pretty much what we need.

  72. I just really hope Cox leaves Bennett out there to face a few batters (assuming his spot doesn’t come up in the lineup). We’re already used 3 guys, and we don’t need to stretch it too far given the tie game.

  73. francoeur had 5 pitches thrown at him, none of which were strikes. seriously frank…bobby…js…who the hell ever, get him off the field.

  74. Frenchy saw 4 pitches in that at bat.

    Gadfly, can we consider this a conclusive improvement to his 2008 level?

  75. Well, Moylan did give up a double to Wilson and a triple to McCutchen — both are right-handed. So let’s not blame this all on Bobby. Moylan was pretty awful.

  76. He’s saving Medlen for a possible multi-inning stint in extra innings. Duh. Boy, when some of y’all get a meme going….

  77. Gonzalez vs the Yankees, Red Sox or even the Orioles just doesn’t put my stomach at ease.

  78. As someone who is slow and old, I take offense and think your comment should be deleted.

  79. It’s okay, Tony. I am putting it on my resume:

    Slow and old – could play for the Braves!

  80. Ryan when you say Diaz isn’t slow at all, you make it seems like he’s fast. Which he isn’t. He may be Braves fast, but in reality he really isn’t.

    C’mon Joe and John? How could you not know about Adam Jones of the Orioles?

  81. I seriously would consider pitching around Chipper, McCann and Ganderson here and just going after Janis Francoeur.

  82. @159
    still, it’s a weird comparison. and i would be willing to bet that diaz is the 5th or 6th fastest player on the team, including medlen and jurrjens.

  83. Our best chance to win probably just died at the warning track.

  84. We’re letting our ol’ friend Rochy steal bases. Sweet merciful crap.

  85. You know you’re slow to the plate when Adam LaRoche steals a bag standing up.

  86. If LaRoche steals a base in the top of an inning and Frenchy walks in the bottom, I’ll know the world is ending.

  87. Heh. Guess Soriano just figured he wasn’t going to let another ball in play, so it didn’t matter. :-)

  88. Oh well, I guess we could get another chance to score if we can last a couple more innings.

  89. 175–you won’t get any takers unless you make it more specific–strikeout or dribbler to the pitcher or dp grounder etc.

  90. prediction: john francoeur will add to his 12 runners stranded in the month of june.

  91. Do you get credit for a runner stranded if you erase them in a double play

    That’s one possible strategy for Francoeur here.

  92. Joe and Boog are talking about how all we’ve seen tonight is LH pitchers, and I’m sitting here thinking, “And all Matt Diaz has gotten is one PH at-bat.”

  93. How’d we get a guy on? MLB.tv never came back after the double switch

    Nevermind. it just came back with That Guy getting walked.

  94. I didn’t think it possible, but this pitcher appears to be even more of a basket case than Francoeur.

  95. Well that takes the double play out of the equation for out machine so he probably won’t make more than 1 out.

  96. don’t tell me a little part of you didn’t think francoeur was going to try and poke ball 4 of the ibb kelly leak style….

  97. mraver,
    Someone on AJC pointed out that the reason Diaz may be sitting is because he got hit on the hand the other day. I don’t know. I really HOPE that’s Bobby’s reason.

  98. well, that would have never been predicted…the pirates must have lost their booty.

  99. Intentionally walking Francoeur (maybe, but only maybe, with the exception of his hitting in front of the pitcher) should be grounds for immediate termination of a manager. It is incontrovertable evidence that the manager is a complete moron.

    edit–How many innings does this game have to go before we see Medlen? Just asking–I think Acosta makes more sense than Medlen at the moment.

  100. True or false, Craig Monroe would be the second best outfielder on the Braves ?

  101. I’m on radio not tv, but I guarantee that the run scores if ACHE is still in LF.

  102. thank god ganderson got a hit last inning or the pirates would have the lead right now.

  103. Mac, I was trying to make a point that just about any other outfielder in the league would immediately become the second best outfielder on the Braves.

  104. Wouldn’t it be better to have like Medlen hit here and then stay in to pitch?

  105. I’m really starting to sour on KJ. His “hot streak” lasted about 3 days and now he’s right back in a funk. And there, he took the two hitable pitches and flailed at the one too far outside. Weaksauce.

  106. In Acosta, I think that we’ve found the one person who looks worse at the plate than Frenchy.

  107. I wonder if KJ (or TP) has tried to change his approach and it just isn’t working. Seems like he had said something earlier about not taking as many strike threes.

  108. I am just getting up and now joining the game….I wonder if we will finally get to see Medlen….

  109. i dont like medlen coming in so late in a game after not pitching in a while. it seems so joey devine-ish.

  110. And that’s why he’s behind Yadier Molina in the All-star voting…

    Could have hit one out (and the ESPN brief mention), but settles for the single.

  111. Not to get too Terrence Moore, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an all black outfield like Pittsburg has now.

    Can anyone?

  112. Do we really need to take Mac out of the game so someone else can stand on base while Blanco pops out?

    I mean, I guess you kinda have to. But still, I hate to see Mac leave the game.

  113. This is one of the few things I will agree with LaRussa on, just about every catcher he has ever had can play first base. Friday I saw Yadi Molina play first base. It would be nice to keep Mac’s bat in the lineup and have him play first right now if Ross is going to catch.

  114. GJ, Medlen. Now can we please get a run? ‘Cause I really don’t want to see McCutchen hit for the cycle.

  115. Two walks tonight. With that, we’re stuck with Frenchy another two weeks.

  116. It’s extra innings, but that’s TWO walk in one game for the out machine in right.

  117. Congrats to Jeff on the first 2 walk game of his career. I won’t look it up; it has to be true.

  118. Frenchy’s internal monologue: “What’s the point of walking? No one can move me around. I might as well swing away!”

  119. The thing I always used to like about Kelly was that even when he got two strikes on him, he wouldn’t offer on pitches outside the zone. But he’s doing that more and more now it seems….

  120. Batting Average
    Frenchy .244
    Kelly J .241

    The OBP is not that much better for KJ.

    The lack of offense is not all Jeff’s fault, even though he shares much, much blame.

    I think the note above proves that this offesne is woefully short at at least 3 positions (4 if you count 1b, which I do).

  121. As others have pointed out, Andrew McCutchen is going to be a stud. That guy is going to be fun to watch for Pirates fans.

  122. Yunel, yu-idiot. Get out of the freaking way when the left fielder’s coming in.

  123. I really cannot figure out what the hell happened to Kelly Johnson. He was so good in 2007 and 2008, and I thought this would be his year coming into the season, but he looks like Fr*nc***r aside from the short hot stretches.

  124. At least we won’t have the pitcher’s spot up in the bottom half of the inning….

  125. Next five Braves batters are a combined 3-for-17 tonight. Uh … they’re due?

  126. Medlen is at 40 pitches through 3 innings. I’d say you could at least get him through 2 more innings before you bring in Vasquez.

    Would be nice to get him his first win tonight though.

  127. @290: I think it was in response to SportSouth showing the team mobbing Tex after the game-ending RBI in the 18-inning win over Houston last July.

    Out Machine can’t even bunt right.

  128. Add another thing to the list of things that Jeffy can’t do; sac bunt. You suck Jeff.

  129. Francouer finally hits the ball hard for once, but its when he’s trying to sacrifice.

  130. Desert,

    They just did a flashback of the 17 inning Houston game last year where Texeira hit the walkoff.

    This is some legit hibernation mode.

  131. does this game being in the 15th inning prove that the braves are pretty much equal to the pirates this year? when do we start selling?

  132. If Prado gets pulled ’cause of the knee, do you move Chipper to 1st and Diory to 3B? Or KJ to 1st and Diory to 2B?

  133. john francoeur tried to lose the game.did anyone see him looking back at that ball? he truly is a dumb ballplayer. please, someone go back and look at that play and tell me how ludicrous that is….he could have been out, but he should have scored easily. how dumb can one person be?

  134. Oh I’ll take the win, too, no doubt. I was just struck by how how fitting it was to win that ballgame in that way.

    I mean, think: Blanco is in for defense (and went out and promptly made an error) gets on base with the only thing he brings to the table: his ability to take a walk. Jeff, stupidly, bunts. Also, he bunts stupidly. So his futility put the slower man on base.

    Then he scores on an infield hit by the one guy I thought we could count on to hit a fly ball. He would have been out, Blanco would have been safe easily, and he only was called safe because the catcher couldn’t QUITE keep his foot on the plate.

    Just.. eesh.

  135. Medlen is growing by leaps and bounds with each appearance. If Hanson is the same way, look out.

  136. Right on about Medlen.

    Honestly, what are the odds of that happening.. But I guess now we know the reason Medlen’s still up and not starting in Gwinnett. Specifically because both Campillo and Carlyle are hurt, but maybe more importantly, because he’s better than them.

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