Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets – Box Score – May 13, 2009 – ESPN

A win’s a win, I guess. This one probably should have counted for two.

First off, Jo-Jo Reyes by all rights should have pitched himself off the major league roster. Given a 2-0 lead after the top of the first, he immediately gave up a double and a triple and walk, followed by a GIDP (one of four the Braves turned today) to tie it. In the third, the Braves gave him a 4-2 lead, which he managed to hold all the way to the bottom of the fourth before loading the bases on a walk and two singles. Bobby came in with Carlyle, which was a mistake, and Buddy immediately gave up a grand slam to make it 6-4 Mets.

The Braves cut it to 6-5 in the fifth with a sac fly from Chipper, and tied it in the seventh with another sac fly, this one from ACHE. In the eighth, they got the lead, with KJ hitting a pinch-hit double to score Prado. Bobby then let Moylan hit for himself, with McCann on the bench, even though he was going to pull Moylan anyway. So much for getting another run. And Soriano, of all people, the team’s most reliable reliever, gave up a homer to Gary Sheffield, of all people, the Mets’ corpse of a once-great player. 7-7.

Escobar doubled to lead off the ninth, but after the inevitable walk to Chipper got himself thrown out at third trying to advance on a flyout. He takes way too many chances out there. Klinger gave up a leadoff single in the ninth, but got out of it. The Braves got a runner in the tenth, but couldn’t do anything; Bennett got out of a jam in the bottom of the inning with a double play. Nothing much in the eleventh. Then, with one out in the twelfth, Martin Prado hit a homer to make it 8-7. It obviously couldn’t be that easy. With everyone else used up, Gonzalez pitched the bottom of the inning, and not quite immediately (it was a long at-bat) gave up a double to Reyes. Castillo bunted him over, but then Gonzalez struck out Beltran and Sheffield to end it.

Escobar had two hits and three walks; Chipper two and two, and two RBI. ACHE had three hits and drove in three, and KJ was 2-3 off the bench. The Braves had thirteen hits and six walks; the Mets twelve and five. The Braves struck out eleven times, the Mets ten. Pretty much everybody on each side played, except starting pitchers, and even Kawakami got into the game as a pinch-hitter (he struck out). Francoeur sucks.