Boxscore: Panama vs. Atlanta – March 3, 2009 | News

The Braves jumped all over Panama, not that it matters. Also, Bruce Chen was their starting pitcher, so what do you expect? Tommy Hanson struck out the side (including Jose Castillo) in the first, gave up one “unearned” run in the third. Norton had two hits including a double. Francoeur was 1-2 then left to “take back the canal while they’re distracted”; Heyward took his place and hit a homer. The legendary Reid Gorecki also homered (for the Braves, in case you’re wondering). KJ had a hit and two walks, Diory Hernandez, backing up Slugging Third Baseman Martin Prado while Chipper is playing for Team USA, had two hits. Manny Acosta pitched for the Braves, even though he’s also on Team Panama. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.