ESPN – Braves vs. Blue Jays – Box Score – June 28, 2008

On paper, decent offense and bad pitching. It wasn’t quite that, though I guess at the end it turned out that way. But through seven innings, the Braves had scored just one run. Through five, Tim Hudson had given up two. But it’s really hard to pitch when it looks like one more run can end your chances of winning, and Hudson tried to be too fine. Hudson gave up a homer leading off the sixth to make it 3-1, then started nibbling and loaded the bases on two walks and a hit. Bobby brought in Bennett, who got one guy then pulled off a Triple Grybo, letting all three runners score 6-1, game over, right?

But the Braves rallied in the eighth. Brandon Jones doubled, and Blanco followed with a triple. With one out, KJ hit a little flare single to make it 6-3, and then Teixeira hit an opposite-field homer (righthanded) to cut it to 6-5.

So Bobby, for some reason, brought in Acosta, who simply can’t pitch in close games. So it was 9-5 by the end of the inning, and when the Braves got two runners on in the ninth, it didn’t matter much, and instead of using Chipper (who can hit but can’t run) to pinch-hit for Gotay, he stood on deck while Gotay grounded out to end it.

Francoeur sucks and was 0-4.